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Scottish ‘friend of Israel’ faked anti-Semitism for years

By Asa Winstanley | 18 August 2020

THE ELECTRONIC INTIFADA — A pro-Israel lobbyist in Scotland may lose his teaching job over a series of anti-Semitic posts he has admitted making.

Edward Sutherland is being investigated by the Scottish teaching regulator, The Daily Record reported on Sunday.

Sutherland is head of religious and moral education at the Belmont Academy in Ayr.

A leading figure in the Confederation of Friends of Israel, Sutherland created a fake Facebook profile and used it to post anti-Semitism online. […]

12 Comments on Scottish ‘friend of Israel’ faked anti-Semitism for years

  1. That’s a big favorite , false ” anti-semitic ” events …

    Like when jewish cemetaries are desecrated , 9 times out of 10 , it’s a jew that did it …

    Or ” Neo-nazi ” groups led by … jews ( like the one that was dismantled in Canada not
    so long ago ) …

    Theodor Hertzl said it himself , ” anti-semitism ” is a key ingredient in their program …

  2. That is so interesting, because it reminds me of an article I read years ago, describing the youth camps set up in Israel to train Jews to infiltrate patriotic nationalist groups in the West, and give Nazi salutes at just the right time in front of news cameras, in order to discredit the patriots. They also practiced setting up their own Fake Nazi groups, complete with protest marches using Nazi flags made in Israel, and shouting Nazi slogans.

    You can always tell whenever people start waking up, because the media suddenly trot out yet another “Nazi Concentration Camp Guard” in a wheelchair, or a “Holocaust Survivor”, of which there seems to be an endless supply.

  3. linklmao, was gonna ask if it’s real, but of course it is

    Refers to:

    Twitter/SouthernNat1Catholic? I just see members of the tribe advocating for more immigration to weaken the country.

    Apparently, many lawyers employed by (?) an organization called Catholic Legal Immigration Network Inc are Jews — you can find all the names here: Staff — there are many more faces, not all of them Jews of course — nonetheless it’s interesting.

  4. Many of the major land owners are jews. Descendents of the jews cromwell distributed land to after the Glorius Revolution (funded by Jews). The major players that made abortion legal in Ireland, and Mass immigration green lighted in Ireland are… well… every.single.time.

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