White Nationalists May Be Manipulating Google’s Search Results

PHOTO: Reuters

By Darien Cavanaugh | 5 March 2017

IQUISITR — Earlier this week, anthropologists noticed that Google’s search results for “Boasian Anthropology,” a branch of anthropology named after 2oth century German-American anthropologist Franz Boas, was returning a peculiar article as the top of the results.

“Boasian Anthropology is a pseudo-scientific Jewish assault on White European racial consciousness and identity,” read the featured snippet of the first article that appeared with the search results. “To put it simply, the Jewish Boasian school of Anthropology suggested wrongly, that ‘race was a social construct’ not rooted in biology or scientific determinism.”

Grand Valley State University anthropology professor Deana Weibel-Swanson and her colleague, Heather Van Wormer, noticed something was wrong and Weibel-Swanson posted about their suspicions on Facebook.

 Boasian Anthropology is a widely respected branch of anthropology and not in any way a “pseudo-scientific Jewish assault” on anything. The article that was popping up at the top of Google search results was from a website called Smash Cultural Marxism, which is known for espousing anti-communist and white nationalist views, in case the phrases about race being “rooted in biology or scientific determinism” rather than social constructs didn’t make the latter clear. […] 

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