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One of Many? ICE Agent Arrested as Serial Killer


By Gordon Duff | 18 September 2018

VETERANS TODAY — With 12,000 kids in Trump detention centers run by unvetted human trash, finding one of many Border Patrol and ICE “problem personnel,” this one a serial killer, certainly not the only one, hit the news today.

This time it was Laredo, but the power mad, ICE, Border Patrol, and in particular, DHS (that’s “Homeland Security,” a Nazi sounding name for a reason, have long flocked to the “authority job” banner.

The name is Juan David Ortiz, always 3 names for some reason, ten years on the job and only his last two weeks have come into focus.  4 killings.

Ten years, how many weeks, 500?  A thousand dead?  Were the last 4 weeks slow for Ortiz or above average?  Did he do this alone?  How many of him are out there? […]

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  1. It’s amazing since DJT has become dictator in chief we no longer here about the child molestering and sodomizing stazi at the airports.

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