Pro-Pedophilia Messages Now Being Embedded in Hollywood Movies for CHILDREN


By Ethan Huff | 29 May 2018

NATURAL NEWS — The new children’s film “Show Dogs” has officially been pulled from theaters after parents everywhere sounded the alarm about its grossly pro-pedophilia plot line.

It all started when Terina Maldonado of the popular “Macaroni Kid” blog published a blog article about the movie’s shocking and highly inappropriate content.

According to Maldonado’s review of the film, which she saw with her family at an advanced screening, it basically centers around a talking police dog named Max and his human partner, Frank, who are tasked with rescuing a kidnapped baby panda from a prestigious dog show. The dog apparently uses his “street smarts” to outperform his competition, engaging in slap-stick and other comedic gags along the way. […]

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