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Pornographic ‘Art’ Installations on Public Display in Valencia, Spain

One of a dozen newly erected sexually explicit displays at a waterfront park in Valencia, Spain. PHOTO:

Ancient Greece-Inspired Erotic Art Sparks Debate in Spain

19 September 2018

YAHOO (AFP) — Explicitly erotic sculptures inspired by ancient Greek ceramic art are making waves at a marina in the Spanish city of Valencia.

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Antoni Miro

By local artist Antoni Miro, the steel figures provide a foretaste of an upcoming exhibition of his at a cultural centre opening soon nearby, said a spokeswoman for the consortium that manages the space.

But for some, such explicit art should not be displayed in a place that is frequented by families with small children.

“The exhibition in the street of these figures that depict blow jobs, masturbation, exposed genitals … with highly explicit sexual content” could violate the law for the protection of minors, the conservative Family Forum association said in a statement. […]

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