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The True History of the Confederate Memorials: It Was a Women’s Movement

Wreath laying at Confederate Memorial Day services, Confederate Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, 1922

If we’ve learned anything in the current year, it’s that too many respond to shadow language and little else. They listen to words and phrases, not concepts. They don’t have the interpretative framework to discern false histories and contrived narratives.

For example, if you told a person brainwashed by critical theory that the Confederate statues that they want tear down were erected and funded by a diverse southern women’s movement to honor their kin, would they bat an eye? Might be worth a try. These were memorials to the dead, and this is duly noted on almost all the statues.

At the end of America’s Civil War, several hundreds of thousands of fallen Confederate (and Union) soldiers were laying around the countryside or interned in shallow graves. The war was mostly fought in the South. Tens of thousands of others were dying prematurely and often in poverty from their wounds.

The Ladies Memorial Association (LMA) was established to give these fallen American soldiers decent burials and commemoration. Alliances with northern women were formed to return fallen Union soldiers to the North. Between 1865 and 1900, these women’s associations were a formidable force in the South, establishing cemeteries and raising large monuments.

At the same time, as part of national reconciliation and reunification, soldiers from both sides held reunions and bivouacs. The flags and uniforms of the Confederacy and the Union were freely displayed and honored by all sides involved.

At one time, before the utter and complete degradation and corruption of “American” media, there were fine documentaries, such as Ken Burns’ “The Civil War.” It was first broadcast on PBS on five consecutive nights from Sept. 23 to 27, 1990. The concept of national reunification and memorialization was touchingly covered, as shown below. Approximately 40 million viewers watched it.

If this clip doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, shame on you. Unfortunately, for many under the age of 30, this classic documentary seems to have fallen into the Memory Hole, leaving them with the knowledge of a flea on the issues involved.

The removal and vandalism of these memorials are akin to desecrating cemeteries and tomb stones. It offends family members and our national honor. No Union soldier would have stood for it. One of the statues just taken down in Baltimore under the cover of night and with no public notice was the Confederate Women’s Monument dedicated in 1917.

Confederate Memorial services, Arlington, Va., 1922

Winter Watch has no problem with true diversity. But there is a mono-culture scam being pushed by globalists, or worse — Red Terrorists. If you wish diversity to exclude fallen Confederate soldiers, then how about their wives, daughters and mothers? Are you diverse enough to include them? If not, who is the true sexist?

And the reality is that the Confederate memorial removal hysteria is undemocratic. National polls reveal that even within black communities, only a minority strongly support the removal of statues of Robert E. Lee. What if the poll were rephrased to ask about removal of memorials to fallen American soldiers, because that’s what is happening.

“Free speech” should be re-branded as “diverse speech.” It’s time to take a play out of their book. The Red Terror would then have to admit they don’t really want “diversity.”

I don’t care for the right-left dialectic at all. I propose the term “populist nationalism” and drop the Alt-Right concoction and narratives of the Judas Goats. My term implies a sense of popular opposition against giant centralized powers — globalized corporations, governments, etc., which is the essence of the “red pill.” This positioning also places you on the offense against your political opponents right off the bat. If you are anti-populist, you are aligned against the will of the majority of the country.

Finally, to repeat the theme of prior articles, Winter Watch is pro-civil rights. This must be applied universally and would certainly include the civil rights of white people, which are being violated every day.

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We’ve illustrated this issue in dozens of posts and include articles from around the web and “real news” sources. Read: Festival Charges Double Ticket Price for ‘Non-People of Colour’. What’s next, white seating only in the rear?

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In summary:

  • True Diverse Speech Rights
  • Populist Nationalism
  • Civil Rights Activism for all, and that includes whites
  • Preserving history and women’s-funded war memorials is fundamental and a red line not to be crossed

5 Comments on The True History of the Confederate Memorials: It Was a Women’s Movement

  1. The United States was and is a Project. An independent South was not part of that project, and the project’s architects cared nought for the hundreds of thousands of young lives snuffed out to ensure the Project would continue into our century to bring about the Satanic world “order” that was the prime motivation behind the creation of the “land of the free (ha haaa!), home of the brave”.

    History repeats, and very few learn to recognize the deceit on which history turns. The “Civil” war was NOT fought to free slaves, the First World War was NOT fought because an Archduke was assassinated, the Second World War was NOT fought because Hitler wanted to take over the world (he wanted no such thing), the Vietnam war was NOT a response to the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the invasion of Iraq was NOT to remove Saddam’s “weapons of mass destruction”, and on, and on, and on it goes.

  2. “My term implies a sense of popular opposition against giant centralized powers — globalized corporations, governments, etc., which is the essence of the “red pill.”

    And there we have it, the whole reason for that bloody war which brought about the destruction of the American South land and her population. Post-war, the previously prosperous South became the North’s impoverished political and economic colony.The true history is out there, but will never be told in our schools, our history books, or on the tell-LIE-vision.

    Ape Lincoln is lionized when he should be chastised, the greatest tyrant and traitor to ever occupy the White House. The story of “Lincoln’s 48’ers”(Generals from the European communist Revolution of 1848, a revolution fought to destroy the individual state governments of Germany, and forcibly unite them under an all-powerful central, socialist government. Thanks to some inept leadership, part of it provided by the young Sigel, that revolution failed and Sigel, along with thousands of other “forty-eighters,” fled Europe for America, bringing their revolutionary socialist ideas with them.”

    The old saying, “truth is the first casualty of war” could not be truer.


  3. The USA is now in the grip of oligarch-fostered mass hysteria, giving a large segment of the population – its AntiFa, ‘left-libs’, poor minorities etc – a thrill of momentary power over other human beings, to substitute for what they are being denied in their lives … it is just like Mao’s 1966 ‘Cultural Revolution’, or poor Muslims led today to bray for the hanging of ‘blasphemers’ … The oligarchs play on how common people will take the ‘path of least resistance’ to what makes them feel more powerful & seems easy to hand … in the USA & the West generally, that is now the oligarch-run ‘cultural Marxism’ agenda over the alleged ‘bigots, racists’ etc … superbly distracting from how common people are being violated in a crony-corrupt economy

    As the USA now begins mass censorship parallel to the Chinese & to some degree Russian internet web forum de-platforming … I was recalling how the rock group ‘The Clash’ had it down 35 years ago, in their 1982 tune ‘Know Your Rights’ – “Know your rights … these are your rights … all 3 of ’em … You have the right not to be killed … unless it was done by a policeman, or an aristocrat … You have the right to food money … if you don’t mind a little investigation … humiliation … You have the right to free speech … so long as you’re not dumb enough to actually try it” Great version live 3m43

    • It’s notable how 1960s-1970s people, co-ordinate with their advocacy of equal civil rights for black Americans, also fondly respected the noble aspects of the old Southern heritage, & the tragedy of a civil war that was much about people resisting what they felt would become an evil empire if the right of local rebellion was not respected … Note the passion with which people sang ‘The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down’, here from ‘The Band’ in 1978, 4m15

    • I’m a fan of Spanish Bombs myself. Decent historical context regardless of the side being idolized. Another great new wave tune is Depeche Mode’s “Stripped”. Martin Gore was a great song writer and it doesn’t get better than, “…let me hear you make, decisions without your television, let me hear you speak it just for me.”

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