Epidemic of Black-on-White Violence, Mental Illness in Schools and the Knockout Game

The Lugenpresse has engaged in an agenda of blatant malice when it comes to the dangers of black-mob violence, as well as the dindu-thug “knockout game” and other senseless black-on-white violence. At worse, certain suspect media calls the knockout game a “myth” or labels it “white hysteria.”

Do a Google search for black-on-white crimes and there’s practically no mention of the raff. At best, it’s being misreported and downplayed by referring to such criminals as “students” and “teens.” There’s never a mention of the racial composition, unless it’s white-on-black crime, which is relatively rare. Failing to identify the race elements of black-on-white crime is akin to talking about the NBA in the ’90s without mentioning the Chicago Bulls.

Post summer of Floyd the disposition and coddling of these criminals has gotten far worse. And in this post we are not even addressing large scale looting.

#StruggleSessions and the Mythical Inverted Cult of St. Floyd

We use the term “dindu” or “dindu nuffin” as the descriptive for the “didn’t do nothing” crowd. It’s shorthand for the refrain, “He’s a good kid, he didn’t do nothin’,” or di’n’do not’n/dindu nuffin. The term is not intended as a slur on the whole race but instead describes unaccountable, unsupervised black youths who are caught engaged in violent, hostile behavior and deny, deny, deny. This dindu phenomenon is illustrated in the recent sucker-punch killing of a 59-year-old white man named John Weed at the Frederick, Maryland, fair. The opine of the killer’s father is typical:

“My son is not an animal. He’s never been in trouble. He made a mistake. He’s only 15. I feel for the other family. They lost a loved one. My son doesn’t deserve to spend the rest of his life in prison.”

The primary and frequently self-confessed motive is that it is a game or for fun. Rifling through the knockout victim’s pockets or purse is an afterthought. There have been fatalities.

Curiously, some combination of low intelligence, a sense of entitlement and confidence that they won’t be punished compels these criminals to frequently post their crime videos on social media for the amusement of their peer group. At one point, there were hundreds of such videos on YouTube, but they’re being scrubbed.

Read “Portland Police Are Purging Their Gang Database Because There Aren’t Enough White Gangs”

The late Colin Flaherty did the most to document  (link is good) the knockout game and other black crimes, and his channel can be found at Bitchute. Par for the course he is banned on You Tube. No wonder, as he assembled hundreds of evidence videos of these crimes.

When you watch these assaults, you will see these are rarely mano-y-mano (one-on-one) types of fights. Instead, they are deliberate mismatches of aggressive young black men, and sometimes women, with fighting skills. They target older victims, smaller people or women. If a stronger individual is marked, they use gangs and swarms. The modus operandi are sucker punches and sneak attacks.

In this gang assault watch as the last dindu nuffin, a woman, returns to spit on the victim.

Schools have become danger zones for such assaults. In the next video, a small white student is sucker punched from behind. The dindus have a knack for knockout blows, almost as if they train for them. Per usual, the school didn’t press charges.

Read “Plutocrat George Soros Backs Alinskyite Prosecutors in America’s Race to the Bottom”

There appears to be increasing reports of total chaos and violence in school classrooms. Teachers have had enough. Here an award winning teacher resigns and gives a school board an ear full. Of course by not dealing with the criminal element conditions for good kids (of any color) are dragged down or ruined.

More mental illness run amok in schools, which are starting to resemble insane asylums.

Unfortunately, Crowleyite clown-world inversion is in play, as it’s now deemed “racist” to treat disturbed dindus as a threat, to avoid them or even call them out for their behavior. The Crime Syndicate has even come up with an ironic inverted term for identifying black on white violence; “incitement to hatred.”

In this next example of a public assault in Pittsburgh, a woman is completely inert as she gets a kick-boxer warning and is then knocked out cold. I’m assuming her right of way was blocked, but she completely failed to distance or protect herself. Notice that the punch comes fast and with lethal accuracy. As the woman lays stone cold on the ground, other dindus swarm in to take selfies, snap shots and steal something from her purse.

Whole neighborhoods are being ethnically cleansed. Here an ethno-European gets beaten and stomped outside a Cincinnati library.

Next, we have a variation of black violence carried out by dindu women, who can be more overt than men. The blonde white woman shown needs to get her bearings and at least get into a more defensive posture (see last two images below). Notice at minute 00:00:16, after being smacked once, the white women turns right back into the dindu, allowing her another strike. It’s also clear that another cackling dindu woman is filming this torment for future enjoyment.

There needs to be a reality check. You are at risk of being assaulted or even murdered around young dindus. Unless they are functioning blacks that you know well or have vetted; frankly, why would a white person even get on an elevator with them? You need to have your hands at the ready to block.

Plan on going to the mall for Christmas shopping? You might want to be on alert for dindu-mob robbings.

Next, an older white couple is attacked by dindus on streets of downtown Pittsburgh. They seek sanctuary in a McDonalds, where they are attacked (again) by the black employees. He is now paralyzed. The ever present evil cackling can be heard in the background.

Meanwhile, in the next video watch Lugenpresse clown-world talking heads give full credence to what turned out to be yet another sordid racial hoax.

Back in the real world, another knockout punch to a 71-year-old woman. Note that we again see poor situational awareness and no effort to protect the head as the dindu closes in for the kill. Separately, a man in a wheel chair is roughed up. Ironically, at minute 00:08:30, we see the mentally ill hostile dindu woman is wearing a “Have a Nice Day” T-shirt.

Start the next video at minute 00:02:35, when a young black psychopath makes a video bragging to his flying monkeys in Ebonics, joking and laughing about robbing and shooting a pizza delivery driver. He laughs about the sounds and groan he made when he was shot.

Future serial killer? Only saving grace is that he is too stupid to succeed in that line of criminality. We have a strong feeling a black serial killer wave is coming, if it’s not here already.

Less than 13 percent of U.S. serial killers fit the profile of a 20-something white male, according to the Serial Killer Information Center, a project at Radford University that studied more than 4,700 mass murderers. In tracking serial killers during the last three decades, the project revealed that 37 percent were white and 60 percent were black. Keep in mind that blacks make up just 13 percent of the U.S. population.

This lawless situation stems from very poor culture, widespread mental illness and discordianism combined with hyper-tolerance leading to no discipline or rules.

Read: “1980s Lone Southside LA Slayer Theory Now Shown to be at Least 7 Black Serial Killers
Chicagoland’s Black Serial Killer Problem
Samuel Little: The Most Deadly Serial Killer Known in American History

Start em out young.

This is how you defend against a one-punch knockout or bitch-slap attack.


Video defense instructions.

6 Comments on Epidemic of Black-on-White Violence, Mental Illness in Schools and the Knockout Game

  1. I’m glad to see the Anti-White Watch guy is posting OLDER videos to Twitter, some as old as 6 years old, specifically. There are actually some dimwits out there (of all races), who seem to think this phenomenon started after the George Floyd PsyOp of May 2020. That, in and of itself, is really pathetic, because even if this bizarre propaganda bit HAD been the real deal, clearly it would make absolutely no sense whatsoever for people to set about doing what was done that summer.
    Personally, I watch as little of these videos as possible and find myself quite frequently asking content creators to put warnings on their videos. In many cases, video titles provide zero indication that one will be viewing distressing footage. Am I a sissy? No, I don’t believe I am. However, I’ve always hated violence and I have no tolerance for violence being committed against our most vulnerable who in ALL CASES have done nothing to warrant what is done to them.

  2. Good article.
    But we should never let the jews hide among our White race in statistics. “In tracking serial killers during the last three decades, the project revealed that 37 percent were white and 60 percent were black.”

    We should always point out that jew serial killers are hiding in that statistic. Jack The Ripper, Ted Bundy, and many many more serial killers have been known jews, let alone the crypto-jew serial killers yet to be exposed as scum jews.

    Also, it’s important to note that the jew serial killers don’t kill jews. They kill Whites.

    The small percent of White serial killers is, actually, a shame on us. We should have MANY “serial killers” doing unto the Enemy what the Enemy has been doing unto us.

  3. The ire of black women against white women is intense. Both my ex wife and an ex gf, both attractive, the former blonde, can attest to the number of times black women attacked them only to have black men defend or rescue them from the attack! A pretty white girl, especially a clean-cut preppy one, really sets off some black women. It’s an impossible situation!

  4. I don’t really know how someone could defend themselves against a large mob like the gentleman attacked in front of the Washington Hilton in DC. I agree with Russ that making a run for it is the best option and maybe the only option. That story hit the local DC media for about a day and then disappeared. You don’t need much imagination to think how different the media coverage would have been had the victim been black and the mob white.

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