2 Comments on ‘Deconstructing the Myth Of AIDS’ by Gary Null, Ph.D. (2001)

  1. “Link Below”: “Aids, Like CV, ‘Is A Mycoplasma,’ Not A Virus”: “The United States Army Holds The Patent”: US Army Mycoplasma Fermentans Incognitus Patent – Read It And Weep: Take a good look…read what your tax dollars have patented. YOU own this. Imagine it being used on the American public or any people on the planet as a weapon of mass illness and death. Imagine…
    United States Patent 5,242,820 Lo September 7, 1993——–Pathogenic mycoplasma

    • Trust the science my butt…how angry this makes me is beyond compare! Years and years of lies about everything! Even my doctor agrees. They give you medicine and fed you toxic food to keep you sick or dead while they get richer…I can not imagine the lonelyness, and loss of hope so many must have felt bc like cv 19 they tried to frieghten people into staying away from each other

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