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The True Dystopic Threat to European Civilization: Sub-Saharan Africa Demographics

Europe's plans to deal with the migration crisis involves increasing the limits for legal immigration from Africa, including easier visa access for certain countries.

Steve Sailer of the Unz Review put together the most jaw-dropping demographic graphs I’ve ever seen. His charts, based on data just published in the United Nations’ “World Population Prospects 2017,” vividly illustrate the end of traditional European based civilization and an explosion in sub-Saharan-African (SSA) population.

Left unchecked, Europeans could be overwhelmed in a few decades, not by the end of the century. Even if checked, it will be a life-or-death struggle. By the end of this century, Europe’s demographics will look more like South Africa’s today, and that’s only if the last European whites are not rounded up and ethnically genocided along the way of this trajectory. There is zero chance that the ideal of Europa will ever survive if both the irresponsible growth and the sub-Saharan weaponized migration continues.

The Middle-Eastern Threat Scam

Anyone with an I.Q. above 83 can see from the chart that the real dystopic threat to Europe is sub-Saharan African, not Middle Eastern. The true issue with the Muslim Middle East are Zio-con caused wars. Barring sleep walking into a devastating Middle Eastern war with last standers in Iran, Middle East refugees are not the threat. However war with Iran, you can stick the final fork into Europe.

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This older Syrian gentleman in a Lebanon refugee camp is no threat to Europa; he simply wants to go home. PHOTO: Middle East Eye

The “Syrian refugee threat” to Europe is secondary and minor. In fact, now we learn that the moment Syrian forces under Assad re-captured key cities, such as Aleppo, refugees return. 260,000 the number of refugees who have returned to the country from 2015-2017. Another 1,140,000 returned in 2018.

Returns are happening even without good security in cities. It signals that if the criminal Zio-con war in Syria can be concluded, many — if not most — Syrians will return to their “blood and soil.” So much for the absurd notion that Syrians were fleeing Assad.

The next chart shows demographic projection for Iran, where the mullahs have taken steps to get population growth under control; versus Niger, an obscure country in the desert north of Nigeria, where the average woman has seven babies. Who is the greater dystopic demographic threat? A pan-European policy would work toward discouraging exploding birth rates and thereby stem mass migration.

Genesis of the Sub-Saharan Invasion

By way of history, Winter Watch now marks the criminal takedown of Gaddafi in Libya as the beginning of the end for European civilization. Gaddafi not only provided a wall against human trafficking from Africa, he did much to improve the way of life for African people. Gaddafi’s pan-African policies were spelled out in this article from Zambia.

In the following video, Gaddafi, in a prophetic speech to the Arab League, suggests the Zio-cons will come and hang you, too, as Assad and the rest yuck it up.

Gaddafi predicted Europe would become black, and the con artists laughed again. If there is one graph that will end all argument and derision and make you a prophet and seer like Gaddafi, it’s the eye-opening, life-or-death, final-awakening graph in the opening.

And what is being done? In the next video, the UN Migration Agency declares 244 million African migrants are on the move and propagandizes about why you’ll enjoy the coming tsunami. Notice that it’s set to emotional — and eventually to be a thing of the past — European piano music. Who is behind this?

The last video, “Requiem for a Lost People,” set to perfect music (Evenstar) counters the UN’s scheming. On a separate note, many of these types of videos are scrubbed from the Internet in Europe. I switch my VPN to the U.S. in order to see banned Europa-pride videos and am stunned by how benign most of these are. Something is sinister and amiss here, as well. Inquiring minds would like to know: Who’s behind the censorship?

For something eyeopening click all the way through and watch this video. Then ask yourself: why all the You Tube “community” warnings.

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  1. Roy Beck best illustrated the absurdity of mass immigration with his gum ball demonstrations. The Zionist led global elite know immigration will destroy the White race and any form of nationalism. Race mixing is the ends to their means of societal destruction and a dystopian new world order.

    For all who think Gaddafi was not sincere in his efforts to improve the lives of his people and those in Africa I suggest you read Gaddafi’s Green Book. It was his political philosophy. The Green Book rejects both capitalism and communism, as well as representative democracy. Instead, it proposes a type of direct democracy overseen by the General People’s Committee which allows direct political participation for all adult citizens. Although socialist in many ways, it still had many good ideas.

  2. One of the most important red-pilling sites on the internet, often linking to Steve Sailer and Unz Review, has just been censored and exterminated by WordPress – Château Heartiste

    Although half of its posts were on social realism issues, Heartiste had become the leading site of the ‘manosphere’, aiding countless young (and older) males with raw explications of the non-politically-correct truth about female psychology, the ‘female hindbrain’ as Heartiste called it

    Heartiste fully answered Freud’s conundrum about ‘What do women really want?’ … Heartiste left no doubt regarding the answer, with many males posting the proof of Heartiste’s earthy wisdom there, sometimes even the real-time chat proof

    The core of Heartiste’s ‘game’ theme, was that women really wanted something different from what they (and society) said they did … What appealed to women generally, was the guy who paid some attention etc but ultimately acted as if he ‘gzf’ – gave zero f-cks – about the women, the male successfully hiding the fact he adored them

    The trick then for men – especially for the young ‘incels’ (involuntary celibates) struggling to get a girlfriend – was to adopt the seductive attitude which could take many forms, Heartiste drilling down into the ever-so-earthy details and practical steps for a guy to take, to appear to ‘not give a f-ck’ even tho he really did

    Heartiste saved many young male lives from despair and sexlessness with its raw, blood-in-every-post exposure of what to do to win women

    ‘He loves her sight, she loves his might’, was one Heartiste slogan, underling how it is generally important for men NOT to put his object of attraction on a pedestal, but to remain the intriguing guy who seems half not to care

    Heartiste, whilst un-pc bashing ‘the poz’ and ‘globohomo’, perfectly illuminated why Western females, bored and not attracted to many Western men who had given in to ‘beta’ pro-feminist behaviour, were instead attracted to rough-edged migrants who were ‘more masculine’ – patriarchal, misogynistic, disrespectful of the laws of the countries that had received them, i.e., ‘giving zero fucks’ … Hence the endless females grinning with their ‘refugees welcome’ banners

    To its moral credit, Château Heartiste sought to move beyond mere seduction and bedding women, to what would build the society where women could be generally wives and mothers again, and much happier

    But the Heartiste community, was never able to solve the conundrum, of how in the modern Western state with its legal apparatus, the wife that you won, was often seduced by the siren song of the shrikes and divorce lawyers, recommending that the woman screw over her husband, and conduct a divorce-rape stealing of his funds, so that she could go on newer and different ‘alpha-seeking’ adventures … something at the core of the poisoning of our societies

    Heartiste along with Unz Review, have been famous for having the best comment sections on the alt-web

    Hopefully we will see Heartiste bounce back, and not go into the obscure night as other ‘alt-right’ websites have done

    But it is clear that Heartiste will not be forgotten, by the many whose lives they touched, and no doubt even saved in some cases

    Who else might soon have their day of big-time de-platforming attack as well?

  3. In the 1920s, the Comintern mandated by Lenin that the Europeans to de-colonise (obstacle to world-wide Communist Revolution) . Douglas Reed covers this in The Battle for Rhodesia. Post WWII, the Europeans obligingly abandoned their colonial possessions and the USSR and PRC (through the African National Congress) funded, trained and equipped an entire alphabet soup of ‘national’ liberation front guerrilla armies to fight each other for the European infrastructure and drive the White African poulations out. Now what they have is a continent of failed Marxist states. The basis of their economies is ‘humanitarian crisis’ attracting more loans and structural adjustment packages (STRAPs) from the IMF. Their only export is human tsunami – for the takedown of the West. The Communist Revolution now rolls back to all Western nations. This will be paid for in Zimbabwean dollars.

  4. Fact: More humans have been added to the global population since 1950, than in the previous 200,000 years since anatomically modern humans first appeared.
    There is no precedent in the geologic record for such a single-species population explosion.
    This is a planetary catastrophe that is driving climate change, environmental destruction, mass extinction and human mass migrations.

    It is also the single topic that Climate and Social Justice Warriors absolutely refuse to discuss.
    It is an iron Taboo.

  5. There is a solution: we have to stop sending them support.
    In the past they were giving birth to 10 children and 3 of them made it to survive.
    Now we send them support (medecins, vaccins, food etc) but they keep on giving birth to 10 children and all of them survive.
    Why do we keep on shooting ourselves in the foot?

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