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Russ Winter Joins the ‘Wisdom Circle’ Brain Trust for Another Round

Russ and the brain trust of Chris Weinhart, Dave Scorpio and Guiseppe Vafanculo meet up to discuss the latest developments in the full-tilt Cartoon World shit show. (Topics and tone are different from Wednesday’s show with Dino Ryan.)

We explore this question: What are the Covid variants in the U.K. and Brazil all about?

The Crime Syndicate’s program of ruination of children and youth was discussed along side two recent related Winter Watch posts:

Next up was a skewering of the NY Slimes’ op-ed piece discussed in the post “The Latest Clown World BS from the New York Slimes is the Op-ed ‘Don’t Go Down the Rabbit Hole.’”

Finally, we dissected the vast gap between the distorted perception within Clown World elements versus the reality in “The Clown World Views of Liberals on Race and Policing.”

The show picks up here at minute 00:05:45, and Russ stays for about an hour.


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  1. A good podcast. Certainly a different pacing from the other two shows that WW participates in and due to the round table aspect there can be additional topics covered as each participant has a new idea.

    The main topics have been featured on WW and with regard to the Czech Republic on Dino’s show. Yet because Scorpio is also abroad (Ecuador) the perspective is a little more diverse. With regard to COVID, the current push toward vaccinations and the likelihood of “health passports”, the group was pretty much in agreement. Giuseppe’s comment of GMOs and Glysophate was timely as to another aspect of the larger push toward de-population. Further, his explanation of what effect products like Round Up might have on an individual’s critical organs was quite right.

    What I might (humbly) add is that part of the byproduct of this pesticide is oxygen deprivation and waste at the cellular level,which can also lead to a death in one’s cells. When combined with masks and other behavioral decisions (perhaps alcohol consumption and habitual smoking), the risk of cancer due to a lack of oxygen tends to increase. Yet, his point on sugar and cancer was a good one.

    The group covered additional topic including corruption in professional sports and the composition of business models at the team and league level. There was also a discussion on sports gambling that was very interesting.

    From my own reading, I would offer that sports betting has been around in one for or another for centuries; however, in the United States it has taken on a whole new dimension. What started as a sideline to the “numbers” offered by the mafia in urban populations, grew into a massive organization. Although I would state that its roots were mafia based (specifically thinking of Lansky and Costello in particular as I type), I would also suggest that the DOD and various intelligence branches (both DOD and non-DOD) became involved by the 1980s.

    Therefore, as with so many other organized crime activities (think the “numbers” again), our government has become a replacement and / or partner (think lotteries, which is truly a partnership) with the original founders of the nation’s gambling sector. This would include “sports betting:.

    Overall it was an informative podcast that I would encourage folks to give a listen to.


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