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Fight Club: Is the Black-Eye Epidemic Among Politicians, Celebs Just Some Big Coinkydink?

Hanlon’s Razor is one of the greatest mental “don’t look there” cover-up cons and scams of all time. It holds: Don’t attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity or incompetence. Complete nonsense!

In terms of the epidemic of blackened left eyes among elites and celebrities, one would have to believe these people are the epitome of clumsiness and careless behavior. One also is left to wonder why the vast majority of these bruises involve the left eye. Does the right eye have unique protection when these “accidents” happen?

The latest to join the black eye club is Mitt Romney who quipped, about his fall and black eye: “I went to CPAC. That was the problem.”

The 1879, Freeman’s Journal (out of Ireland) stated, “A black eye is said to be the devil’s mark. The bruised left eye has also been referred to as the “Illuminati shiner.” To our eyes, it looks like a very professionally done cosmetic job or an injury done in such a manner as to not cause actual eye damage. As such, black left eyes may be a ritual calling card. An alternative theory holds that this is a control mechanism delivered by handlers to keep these individuals in line.

It has been said that getting a black left eye is part of a cult/Illuminati high-level initiation ritual in which the pledge must “eat pain” in order to become more powerful. Are these are high-level cult members climbing higher in the pyramid?

Observably, there seems to be an eye-covering obsession or fad in the entertainment world. Sheer coinkydink? The left eye identifies the individual as a son of Osiris, God of the Dead.

Here are some left-eye shiners among the famous that appear professionally administered. Just conjecture?

Kayne West
Richard Branson
Ryan Gosling
Adam Shandler
Lindsay Lohan
Christie Brinkley
John Stamos
Bill Clinton
Jackie Cruz
Perez Hilton
Tom Hanks  

The Tom Hanks Coronavirus Story Has Telltale Signs of Psyop

25 Comments on Fight Club: Is the Black-Eye Epidemic Among Politicians, Celebs Just Some Big Coinkydink?

  1. Thomas, what you may have missed in your analysis is something quite profound but hidden in all of the “Moral Political” noise.

    That is:

    That the Satanist HAS TO telegraph .


    Do they have to inform us little people?

    Their ilk know who is who, it’s a small club

    There is always concealer and foundation.


    I think I Pet Goat might even have some clues.

    One thing I do know, is that Ickes and Alex Jones are frauds

      • While I appreciate the links to known players , I view this as lip service and it is what he omits in his discussions that has me worried.

        My suspicion is that since these guys are the big horsepower behind the “conspiracy theory alternative media”, and since I believe that this exercise is being driven by a type of Technocratic AI call it Q if you want or Tyler, I believe that a mass discrediting looms on the horizon via a manufactured “Second Wave”

        Ickes was quick to dismiss 5G yet I’ve been on lock-down and my “essential travels” for you know, what ever the F i want -since I’m part Italian, have revealed to me that never have I seen so many Com or Communications trucks and hardware. It is the slight of hand that is the tell.

        Ickes premise is that there is no Covid 19 because the players wouldn’t want to lose control and that a vaccine at the very least has been produced. While I believe the latter I do not believe the former. 5G is a tool for the pathogen they release to be used like a rheostat .They have complete control over zapping people , its just a matter of how, when, and who. This is where I believe Chemtrails also fit in and I see Dane Wiggington as a fraud in his silence.

        I believe the vaccine and accompanied ID2020 can not stand up to scrutiny with such a low death rate. A second wave on the other hand , and outside of flu season could be enough to discredit these guys fully.

        Ickes says the London Real episode was blacked out NOT because of the 5G but topic but because of Vaccine topic-Yet it was the immediate torching of 5G Towers that followed which illicit such a reaction to the general public more so than the vaccine.

        A second wave will go a long way toward killing and completely dismissing a vaccine “conspiracy”

        As a person who has actually been through two boot camps or basic trainings both with the US Army (82nd Airborne 11H) and Marines (OCS) I can tell you that this social distancing coupled with mask wearing is the civilian version of a shaved head and marching drills…

        We are just leaving Act I for Act II

        Looks like high demand for proper 5G shielding: https://www.emrss.com/collections/emf-shielding-paint/products/hsf64-emf-shielding-paint

        • Just like with 9/11. The truth came to everyone, mostly a decade later yet to this day nothing is being done to the ones that created the event. Even if it was a hoax and nobody died.

          It seems the WEF, CDC, politicians and health professionals that created and went along with the Covid scam are realizing they failed. People are waking up to the lies.
          They need another event to minimize and take attention away from their failure.

          Just like with 9/11 event they needed another one soon after which was the Iraq war that started in 2003.

  2. I also think that they Luciferians, telegraph who they are to their bretheren. Just like the high end Mason’s have their hand gestures. Additionally, the character of many of those illustrated in this article defines them as to their loyalties which are not moral or decent.

  3. They have sold their souls, and as such are enemies of mankind. Make no mistake – they, and this includes every leader in most of the world, not just the western world, hate you with a pathological hatred. Why? Because the one they are sold out to hates mankind. Why? Because we are made in God’s image and destined for heaven, which he forfeited of his own choice. We carry God’s image. They have forfeited God for the image of their master the devil and wear his mark.

  4. My first comment here after being banned several times from ZH and Unz for writing about Satanists and Freemasonry….

    Don’t forget Tom Hanks.


    Tom Hanks famously caught and recovered from the “Bill Gates Plague”, as did Boris Johnson.


    The Bill Gates Plague is definitely tied to these Soul Scalping ritual and black eyes.

    • You mean Jesuits and khazarian mafia. Watch below and understand the magnitude of the enemy. Trump knows how to defeat these evil people but he needs us and time. It is the future of our children, country and the world.The video is 3 hours .Watch in parts but watch and it will be clear where we are in time and how we got here.


  5. You are most certainly correct that none of these celebrity shiners are real. None of them is accompanied by the haemorrhaging of blood in the white of the eye, a usual accompanying injury of a genuine black eye.

    • They are “real” as in there is trauma to the area around the eye, not necessarily the eye itself. The trauma is very probably delivered by some sort of “procedure” – if you mean no one punched them out, I’d agree.

  6. Tom Hanks’ blood will be used to develop coronavirus vaccine

    “Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s blood will be used by medical researchers who are developing a vaccine for coronavirus after they won their battle with the illness.

    The married couple were among the first high-profile individuals to contract COVID-19 – which infects the respiratory system and can be fatal – and they fell ill whilst in Australia where Tom Hanks was making his new movie, Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming Elvis Presley biopic.

    After going public with their diagnosis and keeping fans updated on their condition whilst in isolation Down Under, they made a full recovery and were allowed to return to their home in Los Angeles.”

  7. Pope Francis’ black eye happened in Colombia when he was charged by spectators, his head hit the bar of the Popemobile.

  8. Thing is that if the human lineages are female, which they are and only Jews are allowed to track their human lines, where are our male lineages? In truth, they are SPIRITUAL and the rainbow is the metaphor for the frequencies of our male spiritual lineages that come though archangelic principalities at the birth of the soul. This can be helpful in id contests, sometimes but not always, as in the case with Jones who is clearly a big fat overgrown regular guy meglomaniac. This is why they degrade the rainbow so.

    Also Egyptian magic. They degrade the rites of Osiris so calling it the rites of Osiris would be like calling a black mass Christian. That’s where they’re headed and the trans kids won’t know the difference so it’s very important to point out that they steal the power of God in their rituals and ape and mimic and invert, and in reality they have absolutely nothing of their own

  9. Anyone who has ever hit a guy, hurt a guy and / or killed a guy would never wish to do it again, unless pushed by the insanely stupid.

    No real fight leaves you wanting for more after about 2 hours (when adrenaline runs out). To speak about a punch is only good if you ever threw a punch. If you have not, then your post is just BS. Good luck, GOD bless.

    Please be well.


  10. Every person indicated with the black eye, are sold-out people you would expect to be connected directly or indirectly to the world wide crime syndicate.

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