The Mystery of the Las Vegas Shooter’s Girlfriend

Marilou Danley with her daughter and granddaughter

A Note from Russ: “I usually write the Winter Watch posts on the general topic of what we consider staged deceptions, sometimes called false flags. Torchy has done a deep dive into one of the more dicey characters of these events. What follows is the Crime Syndicate running a full court press of misdirection and confusion.

I personally consider Danley to be a cutout and her beau Stephan Paddock to be a patsy or a cutout. I lean toward cutout due to bizarre acting and behavior of Paddock’s brother Eric. [See ‘Shooter’s Brother Linked to Crisis Communications Management PR Firm and Pulse Nightclub‘] I believe the reference to killing whites in a witness statement below is just racial agitprop thrown into the mix. The multiple shooters story line that gained traction is likely more misdirection, although I wouldn’t entirely rule out some targeted individuals being hit at the venue. I have closely examined nearly all of the stunningly few videos from this so-called ‘mass casualty’ event and am hard pressed to see even a handful of people down. [See ‘Las Vegas Police Release Mandalay Rooftop Footage of Route 91 Massacre‘]”

Other than a brief stint as a “person of interest” immediately following the so called Vegas Harvest massacre, the perpetrator’s long-time live-in girlfriend, Marilou Danley, has inexplicably managed to extricate herself from the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history despite evidence and eyewitnesses’ statements that place her at the scene. How? Why?

The official narrative is that gunman Stephen Paddock put Danley on a plane to the Philippines to visit family two weeks prior to the Oct. 1 massacre, and he wired her $100,000. The FBI learned of her whereabouts the day after the shooting and arranged her return to the U.S. for questioning. But she didn’t just go to the Phillipines. She also made short trips from there to Tokyo and Hong Kong, passport records showed. Agents reportedly met her at the airport on Oct. 3 and sneaked her out the back in order to avoid the media. The following afternoon, Danley supposedly released a written statement through her attorney in which she professed her innocence and her ignorance of Paddock’s intent. Then she simply disappeared, as though she never existed — if she ever existed.

Reports of the mass shooting made international news, yet there’s not one photo of her, not one interview with her and not one sighting of her anywhere since. There’s only one, brief, grainy video clip of an unidentifiable woman with face blocked that we are told is her being escorted unrestrained in wheelchair at Los Angeles International Airport. Her escorts appear to be two local cops and one airport worker, though news reports claimed an army of law enforcement and FBI agents met her plane.

Where’s the army of FBI and law enforcement agents that reportedly met her plane?

Marilou Natividad Virata Bustos Danley

It should be noted that Danley had multiple last names, two social security numbers, two different ages, multiple nations of origin, multiple husbands. Russ note: classic footprint of a cutout. 

A Newsweek reporter did some real records digging on her right after the shooting. Then, for some reason, the magazine walked back its own report without reasonable explanation (unknown comment from unnamed source). What hasn’t been refuted: She was born in the Philippines. She moved with her mother to Australia. In 1990, she married an American man and moved to the United States. She(?) traveled around Asia from Sept. 15 to Oct. 3 using her Australian passport. So, the question is this: Could she have multiple passports (Philippines, Australia and U.S.) and have done a switch?

Image result for danley valet ticket
Media companies filed a joint suit against Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to have records unsealed.

It should also be noted that Paddock was a pilot and owned two planes. Danley reportedly met Paddock while working as a high-roller hostess at the Atlantis Resort and Casino in Reno, Nevada, in 2013.

Given details about the Vegas shooting that are now being revealed, it’s all the more strange that the FBI so quickly stated and continues to claim that she’s not an accomplice or involved in any way to the mass shooting.

Danley Placed in Vegas Days Before the Shooting

Hotel records indicate Danley checked in to the Mandalay Bay Resort hotel in Las Vegas using her ID. A valet ticket below shows Danley parked her gray Chrysler at Mandalay on Oct. 1. The official story is that Paddock checked in to the hotel using her name. Why would he do that if he was trying NOT to implicate her in his plot? He was a Platinum Club member and high roller, which means he would have special benefits (not her); so again, why use her name? It doesn’t make sense.

And I’ve never heard of a hotel allowing someone to check in using an absent person’s ID — especially an expensive double-room suite like Paddock had. Standard policy at U.S. hotels provides that for a person to get a room key, they have to be present, show their own ID and a credit card.

Furthermore, at least two people told police they saw Danley, or someone matching her description, in the days prior to the shooting, local news channel Fox 5 in Las Vegas reports:

A waitress at Noodle Shop said she recognized Paddock and Danley from the news, but she paid more attention to Danley when she reported seeing the couple eating together on September 29th.

“I just joking around with the hostess and I tell her, ‘I bet – I bet that lady’s a Filipina,'” she said. “I don’t focus on him too much. I was lookin’ that lady. You know, women, we criticize each other sometime … from far away, uh, she looked so young but when you go close that why I recognize her in the – in the picture because, uh – uh, she got, uh, the root – the white hair.” …

Another witness, a female Uber driver, said she picked up Paddock and a woman at the airport before dropping them off at Mandalay Bay. She described the couple have blue suitcases and talking about a terrorist attack at the Mandalay Bay, but claimed that she could not remember what day or time this occurred.

Screen shot of a CCTV video of Paddock entering the Mandalay hotel with luggage at 12:30 p.m. on Oct. 1, 2017.

Multiple Mandalay Bay employees told reporter Laura Loomer than an Asian-looking woman was seen walking at night with Paddock in front of the Mandalay Bay valet center on Saturday, Sept. 30, the night before the shooting.

Various CCTV snippets and images have been released that show Paddock at various locales around the Mandalay hotel, often handling luggage. None show him with a woman. However, is it possible that Danley — a tiny, 4’11”, 111-lb. woman who claimed on Facebook that she keeps in shape by doing Zumba — stowed herself into the hotel in one of Paddock’s large suitcases?

Danley Possibly Seen the Night of the Shooting

The 2 “Mexican” women?

Adam Herberts of Fox 5 actually did some digging into the thousands of eyewitness reports that were released by Las Vegas police department via court order.

One of the reports from a security agent just hours before the shooting states she overheard two suspicious women making this damning statement. The women are described as “Mexican-looking” with straight black hair and no noticeable accent. The first woman is described as about 5’5″ 200 lbs., the other “petite” and “5’4ish” but “standing on highest pile.”

In a Sky News interview, another witness said an hour before the shooting, a crazy-acting Mexican-looking woman near the stage screamed at concert goers, “You’re all going to f***ing die.” She and her boyfriend were then escorted out of the area by security.

Eyewitnesses Recount Multiple Shooters

In May, police released about 2,000 pages related to the Oct. 1 shooting. The documents can be viewed here:

Witness statements 1
Witness statements 2
Witness statements 3
Witness statements 4
Witness statements 5
Witness statements 6
Witness statements 7
Witness statements 8
Witness statements 9
Witness statements 10

Perusing only about 30 pages quickly revealed consistent stories of multiple shooters, including at least one seen on the ground either on or near Reno street. Hmm, in what other event do we recall witnesses reporting gunfire on the ground while the official report told us to believe that there was only one lone gunman in a tower?

Evidence of Danley After the Shooting

Paddock had two adjoining rooms on the 32nd floor: room 32134 and Vista Suite 32135. Each with their own bathroom, bedroom and door to the exterior hallway, as the following diagram shows: Image result for paddock mandalay bay room diagramPolice report that when they arrived, they “breached” (broke through) the double doors of the suite, where they discovered Paddock’s body, an arsenal of weapons and a broken window. A lengthy seven minutes later, police “breached” the interior adjoining/connecting door (5) into room 32134, where they discovered more guns and another broken window. The adjoining door to the connecting room was locked from the opposite side. How? Why? Image result for paddock mandalay bay room diagram We are asked to believe that the second room was a second sniper’s nest — but then why would you lock yourself out of it? It makes no sense, unless there was a second shooter. Intellihub notes that there also appears to be a pair of women’s sandals on the floor.

Was the small towel on the bed used to wipe her fingerprints from the guns? PHOTO: Intellihub/LVMPD

As previously reported — and we’re asked to dismiss — police also discovered in the room a cart with dinner service for two, Danley’s casino card and Danley’s fingerprints on the ammunition.

And Now This

Someone posted a Youtube that showed Intellius search results for one Marilou Lou Danley. The video was then quickly scrubbed, of course. Fortunately, we have a screen shot of the result. Under the “Worked At” section of the page, it shows Danley’s employment as not only Atlantis but also the FBI and British news website One News Page Ltd. Can we believe it? Well, it sure would connect a lot of dots.

19 Comments on The Mystery of the Las Vegas Shooter’s Girlfriend

  1. More than anything the LV shooting is physically impossible: the shots allegedly came from approx 500 yards away; that’s quite a distance — they came from 32 stories up; that’s pretty high — it was fully dark at the the time (after 10pm) — supposedly just over 1000 rounds were fired — reportedly there were 58 fatalities, and over 850 injured; that’s an apparent hit rate of approx 90% — does any of that really make sense?

    • >an apparent hit rate of approx 90%

      Just to correct/clarify this — here’s what Wikipedia says (I won’t bother looking elsewhere):

      [Between 10:05 and 10:15 p.m. PDT, he fired more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition from his 32nd floor suites in the Mandalay Bay Hotel, killing 60 people and wounding 411, with the ensuing panic bringing the injury total to 867.]

      Assuming the wounded excludes the dead, approx 470 people were hit by bullets — supposedly he fired approx 1000 rounds in 10m = 600s, i.e. almost 2 rounds/s (?!) over the 10m — so at such a rapid fire rate (did he aim?), roughly every other bullet hit someone — from 500 yards away and 32 stories up — at night — and if people quickly scattered (“the ensuing panic”) or took cover, that makes the number of casualties per round fired even more remarkable, since you’d expect nearly all those struck were hit in the first few minutes.

      The general story is not really believable.

    • >physically impossible

      Also, Paddock allegedly broke windows in his hotel suite — you can find info saying hotel windows in LV highrise hotels don’t open so people cannot commit suicide (e.g. due to gambling losses), so he smashed them — but the truth is, normally you cannot open windows in a highrise — I’ve never understood how he was able to break the windows, since I would expect them to be made of polycarbonate, not glass — if you’re worried about window suicides, why use glass windows which can be fairly easily broken? — not only is polycarbonate practically unbreakable, it is cheaper than glass:

      What were/are the windows in the Mandalay Bay Hotel made of?

      • My friend, this is an excellent point.

        Now I have stayed at a couple of hotels in LV back in the 1990s. As I recall only the old wing of Ceaser’s had windows you could slightly open for air. Yet that old wing was not high at all (maybe 3-4 floors; more like a motel), the tower was sealed in terms of windows. Even the Desert Inn had sealed windows and that was one of the older hotels before they destroyed it.

        So I would agree with you on this point and wonder how he destroyed the glass and then how no one heard said destruction in a big way.

        • Very interesting indeed.

          eah is quite right about sealed windows with the only exception that I can recall being the historic wing at Ceaser’s Palace, which (assuming it is still around) was no taller than your average Holiday Inn or Howard Johnson’s establishment,

          Now I am not even sure that I have ever walked into Mandalay Bay, but I would imagine it was like everywhere else. In fact as I am typing this, I am recalling that some combination of the slant of the windows and the canned air caused a buddy of mine to leave his fancy room at the pyramid for a basic room at a Marriott Court Yard (which did have a patio and sliding door at the ground level — hence fresh air that you could not get in the sealed pyramid).

          No glass…very interesting.

  2. Torchy,

    You always set a high bar with your research and writing, but this one is at the top. Having been with WW for six months, I have to say that this one and the “interview” thread are my favorites. Congratulations on such fine work.

    Now on the topic:

    How depraved is our government to pull so many psyops, and how stupid is it that they are so fricken sloppy? Is this what Greece or Rome did to its citizens as historical republics? Is this what Switzerland (who in many ways sold her soul a very long time ago – hat tip to BTS) does to its citizens on a regular basis?

    As Lycurgus noted, stupid people are now running the show at all levels and in so many departments, that we now are the recipients of stupid psyops. The laziness is mind blowing and will only get worse as time progresses. America’s final death knell will look a heck of a lot like the film, Idiocracy, and boy is that pretty f’ed up.

    eah is right on in the post below. Sure I work with math all the time and I know a little bit about calibers and limitations (TPBSB is a glock man, I am more of a SIG man myself and love the old K-35 because it is “FUN”); however, eah really nailed the whole fallacy succinctly.

    Then I do hope skeptic-16 shows up here and weighs in. Yes, I am good at mathematics, but someone who is also good at models, trajectory, force, and the like…call skeptic 16!

    Basically we have a post here that has all of our names written ALL OVER IT. Certainly, I hope everyone is out and living the best lives they can; however, I am really hoping to see our community (and yes, we have a community at WW) tear event apart and ground it into the dirt.

    Although I am not a Jeff Rense fan by a long shot (wait you mean you want to lecture me about aliens with that hair — yeah, good luck — sorry if anyone likes that little fella), but he has done some really odd analysis on this event.

    By comparison, I think our (she is our friend after all and keeps this place humming — many thanks to her for all she does) Torchy has really done a nice bit of linear and logical work here.

    All my best,
    Simple Citizen

    • Thank you for the kind words, SC. Much appreciated.

      In reading truther community posts on the topic of the Vegas shooting, it appeared hardly anyone was factoring in Danley’s role, even though she may be the key to revealing the true nature of the event.

      • Torchy,

        Yes, I would agree that she is a key cutout that has faded over time and now seems to be lost in a memory hole. This is an important thread that I am glad you authored and hope is read widely.

        An aside:

        Sorry about the language on that Disney post; they just really are a very bad organization that has been putting all sorts of nasty stuff in their movies and even movie collateral (Lion King and Aladdin posters as examples) for decades, but I did have an unusual stretch of “potty mouth” on that one (it was late EST and I was tired — hence I retired right after composing it).

        As a parent you just try to find good stuff for your young one, and the entire nation has been indoctrinated to equate Disney with decent, wholesome, and family oriented entertainment.

        Then you scratch the surface because you see something (or in this case I saw something) a little off in a television show (say: Dog with a Blog). So you do a little research and you find a world of sick stuff that their organization has been pushing on kids going back (at least) to the early 1960s (before my own time). Well that might get a little under a parent’s and former child consumer’s skin once you realize you have been had.

        Either way, sincere mea culpa in hindsight. If you, as well as RW, wish to strike that post, I am fine with it. No new person should visit WW and have to walk into a parent’s rant. I was just playing a little catch-up on all of the EXCELLENT work you did in the past week.

        All my best,
        Simple Citizen

        P.S. Anyone interested can get a basic search on YouTube or any video site (maybe: Disney embedded images or Disney inappropriate images) and they will see what I mean on the basic level.

  3. Okay time for SC catch-up hour.

    Let’s talk Mr. Potato Head.

    Yes, I am on the wrong thread, on the wrong day; however, Ms. Torchy has been excellent to us this week and I think we should keep the conversation “FRESH”. If I go to the right thread, at the right time, then all of this post might get missed. My gratitude for all of Torchy’s work might also get overlooked. So here we are; time to walk forward.

    Now, I am not in Lycurgus’s generation, and I am not in JWR’s / somethingshappeninghere’s generation. I am in between, and Lycurgus…many of us could care less about Nirvana and even think they were a product, not a group. Much respect my friend, but not all of us even care about them. Our generation also had New Wave, House, Acid House, Industrial, Hardcore, Thrash Metal, and World Music (besides Punk), so there was a giant palate of music to enjoy. If you should ever want recommendations my friend, I am here for you.

    Back to Potato Head…

    So back in “ye olden times”, Mr. Potato Head was a solid / dense toy made in the U.S.A.. A parent or grandparent had to store the various parts in that 108 piece Tupperwear set they got sold in “marigold, aloe or sunset). They had the best intention to preserve every scrap of food that was ever made, but instead it became toy storage. How very fun and colorful!

    Somehow in the 2000s (or perhaps before), Mr. Potato Head got shipped to China for fabrication. At that time, he changed and became hollow. Storage became a part of his body for all those various modifications he came with. Now where was this storage located? Did he screw off at the head or screw in half? Nope.

    His storage was in the Potato anus, as if there was such a thing. Look at this anus replacement:

    So now they replaced this:

    With the lead singer of Queen or a member of the Village People who may have their nose, mouth or fist (recall that Mr. Potato Head always comes with a closed fist that has a hole for a flower) that will go up another Potato’s ASS!

    Always recall that we “do it for the children”.



    • Mistake: “marigold, aloe or sunset)

      Should have been: “marigold, aloe or sunset”

      Yes my WW friends, these were the colors of the 1970s or their names at least for gold, green and orange. Tupperware came in the giant sets (I think $ 9.99 toward 1979), offered in these colors and were excellent for small toy storage.

      Mr. Potato was a solid hunk of plastic with insert holes that were very tough to work with when you first got the toy. You literally needed time for the item to “break in” in order to easily switch the pieces. I do not even recall when Mrs. Potato Head was offered (maybe the 1980s?). Yet when it came time to buy one for our little lady, we were surprised about the “butt storage” and the cheapness of the overall toy.

      When I read Torchy’s piece and heard RW on the Wisdom Circle, I realized how right they could be about grooming in the context of the overall toy with the “butt storage”.

      Sorry about my typos yesterday and hope all of you are well. As I stated yesterday, everyone is in my good thoughts and prayers.

      All my best,

      P.S. That aside for Lycurgus was based on a funny thing he had said about my generation all loving Nirvana and joining cover bands. It was hilarious, and I could not even recall which thread it was in; however, I also wanted to let him know that we had other options during that time period.

      My post was probably the wrong venue, but if somehow you can read what he originally wrote, I would encourage it as the gentleman is truly a good writer with an excellent sense of humor.

  4. Okay so the Sponge Bob film is being marketed by Apple. What a tragedy, yet this company is a product of our own government. So what is new?

    F-ck Walt Disney. I shall say it again, fu-k Walt Disney!

    For decades that sh-th-le company has been embedding their movies and television shows. Although I shall mention the Rescuers Down Under as a first salvo, I will not go big on a list in this post, since I have other posts here.

    In the end, Disney has always been a b-tch a-s company that just either ripped off our bought out. I am SC and I am sticking with my summation! (meant to be funny)

    Best to all of you,
    Simple Citizen

    • “our” should be “or”

      Mea Culpa, I was working a bit fast.


      P.S. Sorry for any other mess ups tonight; I was inspired and then went a little faster than my edit range.

      Great respect to all of WW, sent from me, to all of you (yes Ed, all of you; will talk later, but may the Lord keep you my friend) without any hesitation.

      • Hi Simple Citizen, you are such a wonderful example to us all. I am stunned and shamed by your gentlemanly and dare I say chivalrous, online behaviour. WW is also very good for me because I know for sure, as well as I can know, that it is not run by government shills.

        Soon after the Vegas lock stock and no smoking barrels theatre some friends went to Vegas for the Psycho festival and I was very worried about them because I hadn’t put two and two together on this stuff. But nothing ever goes wrong with these charmed and delightful friends and they had a great time, ending up on a yacht in Sydney harbour. I’ve often toyed with thoughts on how subcultures, especially dark ones, take the real life edge off dangerous psychopaths and I would conjecture, somehow, even on the psyops. I see Vegas has a full lineup this summer now, which is depressing for me since 2020 was to be my year for seeing all the shows I’d missed out on for 20 years. Instead, I trolled down deserted streets in Nashville and had no choice but to move along. But I’m not buying this opening up of states for a second. The only politician I trust is an antivaxxer and maybe not even then. I fear for the lives of legislators passing non mandatory bills.

        On Ellen, I don’t watch any TV. I never bought a TV ever and definitely never had “cable”. I just don’t like sitting around watching stuff. So it was interesting to see the pink chrysanthemums and white hydrangeas on set there. Obviously the most feminine flowers out that only your gran would have really, and it’s all designed to help along the soft feelings of the ladies watching. When we wonder why “leftists” refuse to face facts, it’s because emotions (the heart) trumps fact (the mind) every time. For these people to realize how duped they have been is such a huge betrayal, really only some other kind of trauma or deep personal trigger can set that process off, which is why we say, I guess, that God calls us in his own time. But I recognize how very compelling Ellen and Rachel Maddow are. On the rare occasions I see them I marvel and think holy cow, they are GOOD. Even that health secretary manwoe, it hits the same vibe, like if you were dozing and simply tuned into the cadence and tone, you’d think your favorite person had arrived. We forget the effort that goes into creating these “brands”. If like likes of Coke uses EKG and other tech in creating ads that hit the right frequency (the ones in which it’s actually trying to get you to buy product, that is), then the same goes for TV personalities. It really scares me and I don’t like any of it. I don’t like to sit in a bar with TVs flickering, for example. Of course, some “training” I received involves remaining detached from everything on TV, that includes cheering for a side in a game and any character anywhere. When you feel yourself reacting emotionally to anything, stop, drop and roll. Deep breath and release the feeling. Catch and release. That’s huge in terms of critical thinking so now if I feel myself being drawn into something, I’m trained by habit to check first. I used to be much more of a b**** about everything and 100 percent distrustful but now I’m loosening up and becoming more pleasant again and I hope to become more so. I suppose because I know some of my messaging is weird, that also makes me nervous but I have information I want to share because people aren’t going to get it anywhere else. And my experiences have been strange. I mean the best goetian magicians have all been rescued from the dark side. These people get trapped by the guilt and it take strong spaces for them to crack open and find self healing and forgiveness. He’s one singing about the Abyss of Fire and I dare say it’s very beautiful.

        Yes, I agree, Simple, that Torchy’s razor is cracking. It’s such a privilege to find such journalism excellence, though I’m glad she’s not my editor, as her perfection is daunting and she doesn’t have a subeditor in her pocket.

        I hate checking over my writing on this little phone. I know I’m perfect if I have to be so im not insecure lol. I try to justify myself and pretend I have fantasies of being ee cummings. But I was abused by the big guns in the newsroom and I believe words are abused, too, when they are used to such ego effects. My boss once screamed at me because he said Paulo has the same same little squiggly hat (is that an ampersand? I don’t know because well I never went to school) and he stormed across the newsroom and looked in a dictionary and lo and behold. Paulo does not get the squiggly hat. He was so embarrassed, that is the real reason I was fired 6 months later. In fact, this guy left and went to the Telegraph in London to be digital jews editor and I can only imagine the tortures he suffered there. A year later he was back and nastier than ever, shoving his embarrassment and shame down everyone else’s throats. But sadly, my ace in the hole for mistakes l, the Bard of Stratford himself, has turned out to be an … aardvark. It transpires that all the mistakes written into the opus of Shakespeare are actually clues pointing to an elaborate system of ciphers, which is apparently what people used to do in those days.

        Lastly, years ago my friends’ very talented sister decided that everyone needed to dress up as Sponge Bob for a party a number of years ago. I had no idea what Sponge Bob was but we couldn’t get enough of making Sponge Bob costumes. At the end, we were 22 Sponge Bobs dancing together and I have never been so uncomfortable and miserable in my life.

        Hope you and the fam have a great weekend, SC. Take care,


        • Sammy,

          Many thanks for the wonderful response here. Also, I am sorry I did not get to it yesterday, but once I went off line in the afternoon (EST), I never turned my computer back on. Quite a fun post you have here with lots of excellent points.

          Some of the points that I found both fun and interesting:

          1. “Vegas for the Psycho festival”:

          Just the thought of this combination hit my funny bone a bit — honestly Sammy you could take this snippet an make a wonderful story out of it (yes, I know it is real, but you could really go to tone with this idea as a basis) — you could go for humor, drama, horror and / of science fiction if the friends left the strip and decided to visit the desert…so much could be done with such a neat (smaller) idea.

          2. “But I’m not buying this opening up of states for a second.”:

          Agreed, I do not think much will happen very soon; some states will open the door a bit and may even relax on the longer term, but others I believe will relax briefly and then restrict right back up…I would opine that it is a pace they would like citizens to become very used to, like Pavlov’s dog

          (be nice, play along, and we will open a little — then we close and you have to do whatever it is we say to get us back to opening a little again).

          So I am with you on this one. Personally, I have not been to Nashville since 1998, but at the time it was ascending and people were moving in; I do not know what its current status would be like, but if you are saying it was desolate then I can believe you. There local government became kind of draconian starting last April (at least this is what I read).

          3. “I guess, that God calls us in his own time.”:

          Yes, easy to agree on this one!

          4. On the development of personalities, television shows, products, collateral, and all other forms of media, I cannot disagree. The organizations (which are fewer by the decade) that create these products want a definite ROI, and they often will do all sorts of nasty stuff to get patrons.

          Your practice is smart. Try not to watch the dumb dumb box much, if you must keep-it-simple and if you have no choice (such as a restaurant or bar) phase it out with interesting conversation or simply go somewhere else. All really smart ideas on your part.

          5. Draculea was interesting — I was unfamiliar with them prior to your link. Very epic sounding — reminded me a bit of the Sisters of Mercy. Thanks.

          6. “I hate checking over my writing on this little phone.”:

          Actually please do not worry about it, I am getting use to your pacing — the paragraph breaks are helpful on the eyes, so thanks — but other than that, I would not worry about it.

          7. ” this guy left and went to the Telegraph in London”:

          Yeah I do not have anywhere near your level of experience in editing or writing; however, even I would say that this was probably not the best job to take based on their finished product.

          8. Ironically, due to the shape, I would imagine the Sponge Bob costumes were quite freeing. Also you are all adults and are not trying to hurt the brains of minors; I would imagine it could be quite fun, a little goofy and a great memory.

          I have never actually watched Sponge Bob. I did view a documentary called “I Know That Voice” based on a recommendation of an old friend who makes a living in voice over (NYC). In the documentary, the voice of SB is featured and the guy seemed fine — yet he is not the creator, one of the writers, one of the producers and / or a network person. He is an actor who recites other folk’s work.

          When I read Torchy’s thread, not only could I imagine what the television show was doing and how it was set up, I then immediately recalled some of the really gross stuff the Mouse House has been doing to kids since the 1960s. It really got the old temper boiling for about a 15 – 20 minutes and my keyboard exploded.

          The shame of it is that even with all of the documented evidence of this type of manipulation occurring, many parents are still letting the kids have access to this very harmful stuff. To my mind, why not also give then:

          1. A fifth of vodka
          2. A pack of Pall Malls
          3. An eight ball

          And then sign them up for a forward combat unit in the French Foreign Legion? I mean if you are going to melt the kid’s brain, why not truly corrupt the rest of their life.

          Now I am being sarcastic and kidding; I certainly pray that folks consider modifying their choice of youth entertainment. A basketball and a game of “horse” can be a whole lot of fun.

          Thanks for the kind thoughts about the family. I have mentioned you to Mrs. Simple and I know we both wish you very well. As we have a future interest in an agricultural pursuit of some kind, she thinks you have a wonderfully fascinating and exciting life.

          I will be off line after this one. We have some very nice weather and wish to get out for it today. I am sure I will run into you later in the week.

          All my best,
          Simple Citizen

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