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Shooter’s Brother Linked to Crisis Communications Management PR Firm and Pulse Nightclub

Shooter’s brother pictured wearing t-shirt which links to a crisis management firm PR representative, the Pulse Nightclub and more

By Shepard Ambellas | 4 October 2017

INTELLIHUB — Eric Paddock, the brother of the suspected Las Vegas shooter was pictured wearing a t-shirt which reads “Central Florida Community Arts” while holding his arms out to his sides for reporters in front of an Orange County Sheriff’s vehicle.

Interestingly enough, upon further investigation, a woman by the name of Sara Brady is listed on the Central Florida Community Arts official website as Chair of the Board.

Sara Brady Public Relations, Inc., specializes in crisis management and strategic communications. She has been named PR Professional of the Year by FPRA and one of Orlando Magazine’s 50 Most Powerful People. Sara also serves on the board for the Orlando Science Center.

Even more shocking is the fact that Sara Brady is also listed on the one PULSE Foundation’s official website as a public relations representative[…]

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