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Frenetically Paced TV Shows Like ‘Sponge Bob’ Destroy Children’s Attention Span

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Clues as to why there is a population of young zombies is offered within research published by the journal Pediatrics that indicates that watching fast-paced cartoons like “Sponge Bob Square Pants” even for just a few minutes hinders abstract thinking, short-term memory and impulse control in preschoolers.

The research focused on 4-year-old children. One group watched Jewish owned and run Viacom’s Nickelodeon Channel “Sponge Bob Square Pants.” The cartoon was chosen for its frenetic, chaotic pace. It switches scenes every 11 seconds on average. Afterward, the preschoolers were asked to do four different “executive-function” tasks that test cognitive capability and impulse control, such as counting backward, solving puzzles and delaying gratification by waiting to eat a tasty snack until told to do so.

Compared with those who were drawing and those watching PBS (scenes switch every 30 seconds), the “Sponge Bob” kids performed significantly worse on the tasks. Researchers hypothesized that the cause was the fantastical events combined with the rapid pacing of the show. By contrast, the PBS show was slower and exhibited real-life events about a preschool-age boy.

“Sponge Bob” isn’t unique, however. All fast-paced, fantastical kids’ shows are called into question. In addition, the tendency to multi-task on electronic devices reinforces this brain rot as the child gets older.

The average kid is plugged into some kind of media — be it the Internet, smart phone, video games or TV — for up to eight hours a day. Many pediatricians and psychologists fear that the rapid oscillating between different stimuli make kids unable to focus, especially when they start juggling listening to music, playing a video game and texting on their cellphone at the tender age of five.

This fits perfectly into the prevailing and widespread cartoon-world mindset and worldview that Winter Watch often references as infecting the population, especially of Americans. This is also the active driving force of what we call “black magic.” The impacted population only uses their lower-reptilian brain and can’t effectively tell the difference between real and surreal fantasy. It also makes them easy to control and to game.

Dr. Dimitri Christakis, director of the center for Child Health, Behavior and Development at Seattle Children’s Hospital said:

“From what we know about children’s neurodevelopment, the early years are truly formative. The concern is that TV is unnatural; it happens at a speed that’s unachievable in the real world. Our brains didn’t evolve to process things that happen at this surreal speed, so it becomes exhausting to kids’ brains.”

Sponge Bob is an absorbent sponge living in the Bikini Bottom. There are seven characters in all who represent the seven deadly sins.

If you’ve never seen “Sponge Bob” — and why would you if you are over the age of 12 — here is a sampling. The program is quite annoying, if you aren’t conditioned to it. There is also a huge amount of subliminal messaging, including sexual innuendos and generally deviant behaviors.

And what’s a little Sponge Bob without throwing in the standard Muslim demonization, Allahu Akbar traumatizing psyops.

There is an antidote for this mind poisoning. Researchers suggested parents “look for other opportunities to exercise kids synapses” via engaging activities, like reading, playing outside and interacting with others. What a novel concept!

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  1. [Frenetically Paced TV Shows Like ‘Sponge Bob’ Destroy Children’s Attention Span]

    This is a good article and *extremely relevant* — I don’t see how anyone can doubt the reality of this phenomenon; it certainly matches well with my experience, as well as what my common sense tells me.

    I think this has been going on for several generations — I have definitely noticed many young(er) people, even college grads, have poor writing skills (i.e. they cannot present facts and ideas in an effective, organized way), as well as a limited vocabulary — when they notice that I write well, and ask where I learned to write, I tell them I learned to write in part by reading books, LOTS of books, and looking up and writing down the words I didn’t know — most then confess that they do not read very much; of course reading requires discipline and time commitment, i.e. a ‘long’ attention span.

    Even engineering grads often have what I consider poor analytical ability.

    Modern smartphones have made all of this worse.

    Everyone who took algebra in high school remembers word problems, and how many kids feared encountering a word problem on a test: ‘After getting her driver’s license, Jane set off in the family car to visit her grandmother, who lives 180 miles away — if Jane drove on the highway @ 55mph for 45 minutes, then exited the highway and averaged 45mph when driving for the rest of the trip, which included a 20 minute stop for lunch, how long did it take her to get to her grandmother’s house?’

    The direction of the world is increasingly influenced by people who could not begin to solve this problem.

    • 45mins plus 3 hrs plus 20mins plus 3.75 miles which is 8.3 minutes so 4 hours 13 minutes and 8 seconds? I hope. I’m really bad at maths because I never went to school so I have to work it out myself. I really struggle at the co-op with the different water pipes and fittings I need for for irrigation. Although I am glad her gran lives so far far far off the beaten track. However, I’m quite sure there’s very few addresses in the entire United States that would take driving for so long on a 45 mph road, so, unless our young driver got horribly lost, we know that gran lives in the Rockies or maaaaybe out in the Sierras or up north west there. But I’m sure there must be a better route ?

    • 55 mph is pretty close to 45 mph, so traveling 180 miles at 45 mph it takes 4 hours. Adding in the 20 minute stop makes it 4 hours and 20 minutes. So the answer is something less than 4 hours and 20 minutes. Getting an idea of what the approximate answer is helps you check the answer you get from more precise calculations.

      Early in my engineering school years, we had a class that asked questions such as, “How many acres of forest are required to print the Sunday NY Times?” which forced you to make estimates and approximations when exact data and specified methods were not available. Often, there were several ways of getting the answer. The more steps the problem was broken down to, the less impact an error in any one of them could affect the answer and with large numbers of steps the errors tended to cancel out.

      Students bitched about paying tuition for such silly exercises but it I used this problem solving technique far more often than Laplace transforms.

    • In school the teacher wants to see your work 1) to know you didn’t just copy the answer from someone next to you, and 2) to verify that your thinking is systematic.

      I didn’t think anyone would actually try/want to solve this dumb word problem I made up — since the two (half-) attempts here are something of a mess …

      (velocity) x (time) = distance

      How far do you travel in 45m @ 55mph? — (55) x (45/60) = 41.25 miles — how many miles are left? — (180) – (41.25) = 138.75 — how much time is needed to travel 138.75 miles @ 45mph? — (138.75) / (45) = 3.083h = 185m.

      Total time of the trip: 45m + 185m + 20m (lunch) = 250m = 4h10m.

  2. The “electronic rabbi” (tablet) is a HUGE problem for our children and it’s very difficult to police.

    It’s literally like trying to take crack away from an addict. The behavioural differences between “electronic rabbi” mind control and proper parental guidance is downright shocking. And the in between … when the child is addicted to this opium and trying to get them off it shares literal comparisons with drug addiction.

    I find the best way to combat it is not just take the tablet away or try to police it, but replace it as much as you can with specific shared activities. Hey buddy, let’s go shooting together today, hey buddy, lets go hiking and learn how to use a compass and map today, hey buddy, let’s set up a tent and fire and see if we can talk Mom into camping in the back yard today etc. etc. It really works and it’s clear to see children are craving these activities.

    It’s a choice folks. What’s more important to you ? Utilizing the electronic rabbi to babysit your child or saving your child’s mind and well being ?

    I’d say the worse program is the extremely popular jewtube children’s show FGTV. I have no idea if that guy is a jew, but he’s most certainly pushing a jewish destructive agenda. The way he acts is so aggressive and fast paced. Lots of out of control yelling, just pure childish behavioural insanity. He’s a real POS imo.

  3. The rapid scene switching in visual media is especially apparent if the sound is muted. As mentioned elsewhere, this has been going on for at least 20 years.

  4. Other than a few VHS taped kids shows (one of them being “Barney” and one or two others), our kids did not watch TV. Plus, I home schooled them….our “PE” was pretending to play baseball or basketball (a tree limb was our “hoop”) or soccer (a rock was the “goal”)…until that ball which was actually a football was kicked down into the creek once too often. Didn’t have internet until 1998 (and it was dial-up until 2007 or so)… Son has two kids and he and his wife do not allow their son to use screen devices more than once a day for usually less than an hour (and the screen has mostly audio-books or short videos…he is now 6). So that they control how often he watches TV, which isn’t much. And believe me, this kid is smart. And his mother is one helluva disciplinarian! (She mentors zoo animals, soooooo….. She knows what she’s doing!). Daughter? She mostly watched anime (and knows Japanese….ah soo desu nee!), and only for two hours at the most. Used to mentor troubled youth ’til it burned her out and then they shut down the center due to rioting…

  5. Extremely important post! – You reference a study with 4 year olds. I am aware of research that suggests that for infants, in particular, and very young children just about ANY amount of TV can be deleterious to developing brains – they simply cannot process information at that rate and, in effect, stop trying (and thus never learn) to process and focus on any information properly. Infants should be exposed to ZERO TV/Video.

    Related: Extremely wealthy parents who enroll their young children in the most exclusive private schools are, in many cases, asked to sign a contract (of sorts) in which they pledge to expose their children at home to ZERO TV and (!) computers up to the age of early teens. In the classrooms, such children see no TV/video, and do not touch computers. Reading books is emphasized; in many schools they are required to become proficient playing a musical instrument and reading music.

  6. The truth, as I know it, I think I can lost.I run a small self-publishing business. A. Our of years ago, a guy contacted me about his novel, and I did a sample edit and got back to him with a rare, but something was weird. With a lot of people who mail me I think something is weird, but here I really felt something was really weird (probably the name and from what I remember, hideous degrading scenes with a guy and his maid in Johannesburg, Not graphically degrading, but just weird little things one felt would develop … well, your average Joburg maid might look like a female version of the president of South Africa, and they’re usually the best ones, and South Africans don’t hate our maids even if they’re very ugly. We let them work for us if they’re good workers, otherwise we fire them. That’s all.) so the creepy guys is called Alon Davidov (which is a another HuGE red flag for moi) and I found his was CEO of shaftsinkers and he’s obviously khazarian Jew “Russian” and I know there’s been a lot of creeps like this moving into SA mining, and he actually took one of our big local banks for a huge ride, unbelievable, and Ohio dan see that here:
    Then I found he wrote andoyher book and you can see about that here:

    At this point, I was quite freaked out, which isn’t completely an unusual state for me but still, and I had a road trip I needed to do so good change of scenery. I slept that night at a petrol station in my truck, which I do often on the road, and blow me down if that night (connecting with this freak as I had been… all these cartoons ran through and through my mind in the time between waking and sleep, which is my insight time. It’s all out there somewhere and yes obviously keep the kids far from it and everything will be okay. Freaky shit,oh well. Have a great evening!

    Ps not going to proof this, please excuse “grammar nazi” errors (hmmmmmmm….)

    • Hi again. apologies for the wreck of a post, but it’s uncomfortable for me to recall that experience. Suffice to say that what we call the astral world, the place of nighttime dreams and sometimes daytime visions and definitely the place in between, for those who are sensitive there, well, it’s extremely polluted with freaky cartoons of strange and unhealthy frequencies. This is my experience. I dont frame my mind so much in terms of critical thinking so much as being able to totally disidentify with it when needs be. I tend to use my mind creatively, however I do sudoku to keep that more masculine element from atrophying completely. This way you know you’re not your mind and that your mind is a tool. This happens when we observe our mind, and this ability can be strengthened. It’s the most important tool we have, since the universe IS mental, and the more closely we are we identified with your mind, the less we know what’s going on and the less effective the tool, yes to be used for discernment, discrimination, decidir, which means to “slice through” from the Latin, which allows us to critique and act in our best interests. I am of course female so my mind is skewed towards more dreamlike thinking compared to men, but this principle is the same for men and woman, though it’s harder for men because the pull of the male mind is that much stronger. That said, here is my point. Winter Watch has a fascination with the macabre, for example, serial killers. This is quite common and it doesn’t mean the people with the fascination are sick or (salient point) dirty on the astral. I had this point driven home about a decade ago when I got stuck touring with this band, called Macabre, which is the original murder metal outfit out of Chicago. My friend was managing them and I was staying with this friend and we had to go to Wisconsin and Minnesota with them. I was horrified and quite terrified back then (because of strange astral experiences I didn’t understand), but it turned out the guys were great (once you got into their dumbed down humorist game because they’re actually quite smart) and I ended up having a great time. So I read the posts of murders and catholic priests and there’s no trouble. Only one WW post has caused me any psychic disturbance and it was the one on the veep. S truly horrifying experience(but great heads up of course) Highly charged I would say, because I guess this all has to do with how charged whatever is to make the impresssions in the astral light. So I saw the actual snake and I know it’s frequency. And it’s my feeling that once veep is put forward, americans would do very well to regard that as the moment to stop fighting )unless skilled as datatcjment from one’s opposition) or paying attention to national government at all and focus on creating local structures that are going to work for you going forward. And do not let your kids even see that woman’s image on TV. Have a great day!

    • Beat me to it! – by under 10 min!

      ” Mitt Romney knocked unconscious… Black eye, multiple stitches…”

      time for a reprise of WW’s “black eye post” ?

      • I just wish I had been the one asked to give Mitt the black-eye in the first place! “Now Mitt, this is goin’ to hurt a bit buddy!’ Can’t stomach the phony and shallow man! Salt Lake City is replete with countless LDS Church created duplicates the likes of ‘Mitt Romney!’ Barrf!

        • I do hope our hosts will update and re-run that black-eye post – about 14 months ago? – I read it fairly quickly and it just didn’t sink in. I just figured Harry Reid’s handlers were unhappy with him and let him know it. As so often the case, I get a deeper insight and context here.

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