Police Recommend Indicting Israeli Health Czar for Aiding Accused Pedophile Evade Extradition

Litzman allegedly tried to use his standing to prevent extradition of Malka Leifer, who faces 74 counts of sexual assault and rape of her students

By Josh Breiner and Aaron Rabinowitz | 6 August 2019

HAARETZ — The Israel Police recommended Tuesday indicting Israel’s Deputy Health Minister and United Torah Judaism Chairman Yaakov Litzman for bribery, fraud, witness tampering and breach of trust.

Litzman, who is de facto the health minister, is suspected of using his clout at the Health Ministry to influence the professional opinions of his subordinates. In one case, Litzman allegedly tried to use his standing as deputy health minister to prevent Malka Leifer’s extradition to Australia, where she could face charges for 74 incidents of sexual assault and rape. His office denied any wrongdoing.

The second major focus of the investigation centered around Litzman’s alleged improper intervention on behalf of a Jerusalem restaurant owned by an associate of the deputy health minister in an effort to prevent it being shut down over serious sanitation violations that police say made a number of people ill who consumed food from the business. […]

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