‘Chestfeeding People’ is the New Gender-Inclusive Term in UK Hospitals

By Simon Black | 19 February 2021

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Chestfeeding People” is the New Gender Inclusive Term in UK Hospitals

The Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals are part of the UK’s National Health Service network.

In a recent bulletin, the hospitals lay out their new policy on “Gender Inclusion Language Guidance in Maternity”.

“For us, a gender-additive approach means using gender-neutral language alongside the language of womanhood, in order to ensure that everyone is represented and included.”

Apparently the term ‘breastfeeding’ is now offensive according to our social warlords. And it’s even more offensive to refer to a mother who’s nursing as a “breastfeeding woman,” because that terminology is not gender-inclusive.

So the hospitals will therefore begin referring to such people as “chestfeeding people”. […]

4 Comments on ‘Chestfeeding People’ is the New Gender-Inclusive Term in UK Hospitals

  1. Yes the term “chestfeeding” is obviously offensive to intelligent people. The writer knows it, 99.99 percent of people reading the article know it. The general public are overwhelmingly appalled. So how is it these monstrous absurdities are allowed to make it out to a working hypothesis? This is only one of many.

    • A chest is a different body part than a breast. If they want to be clowns and chest feed have at it. Hopefully the baby won’t choke on hair. 🙄

  2. I suggest we start our own Wikepedia of sorts with the words and concepts (that they are trying to destroy) that keep our Human race healthy, whole, happy and clear thinking

    Also, let’s have OUR OWN REALITY DEFINING TERMINOLOGY OF THEM. I came across a great one the other day:

    “Marixst Mounds”: = Health Ministers

    Used in the sentence:

    “Let’s have a look at these gargantuan Globalists — these Marxist mounds — these corpulent commies who deign to lecture us all on “good health.”

    (I have the ref.)

    Russ, how about you kick it off?

    We can give them a war on words and reality all right!

  3. This is what happens to people who are in geostationary orbit around their rear ends …

    They sooner or later lose their marbles …

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