Debt, Dope and Casinos: Chicago is Circling the Drain

PHOTO: The Atlantic/The Voorhes

By Simon Black | 8 January 2018

SOVEREIGN MAN — While the federal government is slowly careening toward permanent, fiscal disaster, many state governments (which don’t have the power of the printing press) are already staring into the abyss.

Take Illinois, for example. It’s the most broke state in the US with nearly $250 billion in debt. And it only brings in enough in taxes each year to cover 92% of its expenses, so the problem is getting worse.

Good thing Rahm “you never want a serious crisis to go to waste” Emmanuel is the current Mayor of Chicago. You may remember, the above quote was from Rahm’s days as Obama’s Chief of Staff, as told to the Wall Street Journal during the depths of the Great Financial Crisis.

What followed was the greatest monetary experiment known to man. […]

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  1. There are collections of fortune 100 companies that combined don’t even have that amount of debt. Adios Illinois

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