STEP 1: Coronavirus Panic, STEP 2: Loss of Liberty and Depression


There is something very sketchy about the official cases of coronavirus versus the string of important people who have it.

The U.K.’s health minister caught the virus. Canada’s First Lady Tests Positive For The Coronavirus Really? What are the odds?

Conclusions: In the close contacts of COVID-19 patients, nearly half or even more of the ‘asymptomatic infected individuals’ reported in the active nucleic acid test screening might be false positives.

-And there is a severe shortage of tests. Sure makes obfuscating what’s really transpiring an easy mission.

Either the cases are already many, many multiples higher than the 1,200 in the U.S. acknowledged, or there is a big-time psychological operation in play. It’s probably both, as the game is generating panic at this point.

And what better way to trigger a full-blown panic than for Trojan Horse Trumpenstein to call the affliction “just like the regular flu” on Monday, and then Wednesday evening turn around and implement a draconian 30-day ban on all travel from Europe. Talk about suddenly yelling fire in a crowded theater.

Also throwing a match on the kindling was National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Fauci’s warning that “millions” of Americans could contract the virus if Americans are “complacent.”

Axios reports, citing two sources briefing on the meeting, that Congress’ in-house doctor told Capitol Hill staffers at a close-door meeting this week that he expects 75 million to 150 million people in the U.S. — roughly one-third of the country — will contract the coronavirus.

My Feb. 29, 2020, post on COVID-19 was spot on and in numerous respects. This should be reread, or read it now if for the first time before you continue.

One of my remarks was this: “Look for a big celebrity who’s active on Twitter to ‘come down’ sick to help trigger a panic among the plebs.”

And now, lo and behold Tom Hanks and his wife have announced they have the coronavirus. Has to be Oprah next?

Then Utah Jazz basketball player Rudy Gobert has also tested positive for coronavirus. Moments after the Gobert announcement, the NBA declared it would suspend the season until further notice. A short time later, it was announced that games would be played in empty arenas. No fans would be allowed to attendYes, now they have Joe Sixpack’s full attention.

Hanks even provided instruction on what’s next. No, you can’t make this stuff up.

Hello, folks. Rita and I are down here in Australia. We felt a bit tired, like we had colds, and some body aches. Rita had some chills that came and went. Slight fevers too. To play things right, as is needed in the world right now, we were tested for the Coronavirus, and were found to be positive.

Well, now. What to do next? The Medical Officials have protocols that must be followed. We Hanks’ will be tested, observed, and isolated for as long as public health and safety requires. Not much more to it than a one-day-at-a-time approach, no?

We’ll keep the world posted and updated.

Take care of yourselves!

Takeaway: With this as the narrative, look for medical martial law and huge curtailment of liberties to follow very soon. This will be facilitated by shortages and, I predict, food rationing. New York Gov. Cuomo called in the National Guard.

To facilitate even more social isolation and atomization schools are closing. Events are being cancelled. The CME Group today announced it will close its Chicago trading floor as of the close of business Friday, March 13, 2020, as a precaution to reduce large gatherings that can contribute to the spread of coronavirus.” The public is being told to practice social distancing.

My market Minsky Moment call in the Feb. 29 post was not really that brilliant and, in fact, should have been damn obvious to anybody living in the real world. I’m hardly a sage. I’m only awake.

During the last two weeks, we witnessed one of the biggest market draw downs in history. This rapid change from clown world complacency to sheer terror and panic will have enormous implications for setting in motion the Crime Syndicate’s plans.

From my Feb. 29, 2020, post: “As we have alluded to in our Parasite Guild posts, the Crime Syndicate runs massive bubble-based financial ramps that serve to transfer enormous wealth to their coffers. Ultimately, these ramps can’t be sustained, and they reach what’s called the Minsky Moment. Indeed, the Crime Syndicate desires such a moment, as they can position for huge profits as the bubble bursts. Many of today’s multi-billionaires — including Mike Bloomberg and Paul Singer — exploded their wealth during the last financial crash through ‘event-driven‘ investments, which is just a nicer-sounding term for bear-raid arbitrage.”

Besides opportunities for big shorts, the boyz in the Crime Syndicate can set up bailouts, stimulus and white elephant projects that permit unsupervised looting opportunities. We discussed this in

Emergencies and financial/economic crises open the door for full capture of the public purse or patsy institutions that can be robbed.

A devastating credit collapse is unfolding rapidly. I wrote that shale oil would be at the epicenter. I’m also making the call that at an inopportune moment, credit ratings will be cut on the United States Treasury and other targeted countries.

From Winter Watch on Feb. 20:

More than 42% of investment-grade bonds in the United States and globally by amount outstanding are rated Baa, according to Moodys. This is dramatically higher than the lead up to the 2008-’09 financial crisis. The total amount outstanding currently hovers around $5 trillion. The energy industry is front and center for a wrecking-ball downgrade to junk status. But recently, the rating agencies have been downgrading consumer companies.

Here’s an example of the shale oil credit crash. You will notice that the final plunge is just another phase that was already well underway. Choked off from capital, these zombie companies have quickly slashed capex, which will result in a rig count collapse and layoffs of good-paying jobs in the energy patch.

Also from the Feb. 20 post:

Refusing to examine the dark side of life and its dangers has become a staple of our society. Naive optimism has become a virtue. The pajama person cult encourages people to remain oblivious in the face of adversity. And the more precarious our system becomes, the more these people see unicorns and rainbows. It is truly bizarre.

Advanced forms of biological warfare that can ‘target’ specific genotypes may transform biological warfare … to a politically useful tool.” — PNAC in “Rebuilding America’s Defenses”

Also, if weaponized, don’t just assume that a state actor is behind it. The New Underworld Order Crime Syndicate can consist of non-state actors who may, for an example, be looking for mass vaccination largess combined with medical martial law, population culling and economic blow ups thrown in for good measure.

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  1. Medical doctors I know personally have friends and colleagues in Italy, who have quite verified the grim nature of the situation there with the officially 630-plus dead (friend of a friend, I know LOL)

    Tho 80% of Covid-19 infected have a severe flu-like episode that passes, it seems it is really horrid for a small, largely but not exclusively elderly, segment

    The problem is that the really bad cases tend to need the ICU ventilators, of which there are only a very small number even in the best hospitals and national health care systems … the hospitals are quickly overloaded and go into triage mode about which elderly people die

    And there are predictions that in Europe we will all largely be like Italy within a couple of weeks

    Not to deny it may well be all a manipulation and a gov-intel-cabal operation … but a certain amount of large-scale death agony seems real enough per the Italian events

    • Count me in the “brabantian” camp for now – Winterwatch has been my trusted guide to Cartoon World for some time; but I wonder if you are struggling with some “normalcy bias” here of your own – however contrarian (and accurate) the “normalcy” you track; the 20% requiring hospitalization the infectiousness of it – the asymtomatic carriers; long asymtomatic development; the persistence on inert surfaces – 9 days! … that does tend to suggest a “this is different” response. Tho, absolutely – there are plenty of “never let a crisis go to waste” schemes in play here whatever the actual viral reality.

      Count me confused and agnostic at this time – the avalanche video was a great find! – I love that kid’s voice: “doesn’t look controlled to me, Daddy!” –


      As always, thank you.

  2. Russ has absolutely nailed it again. Another great article!
    It seems as if Shooter Jennings(son of Waylon and Jessi Colter)predictions in his dystopian concept album, released in 2010, are about to be realized.

  3. Another great article! Just to put things in perspective, it’s important to remember that all the Fake Coronavirus deaths are from PNEUMONIA, and mostly elderly, just like NORMAL flu and smoking-related deaths every year. For example:

    “In 2012, of the 28,952 deaths from pneumonia in Britain,
    27,520 were aged 65 and above.” [That’s 95%]

    “In 2012, 345 people for every 100,000 had one or more episodes of pneumonia, down from 307 per 100,000 in 2004. In 2009, this rose to 409 people for every 100,000 due to a GLOBAL FLU PANDEMIC.

    Around 220,000 people receive a diagnosis of pneumonia EACH YEAR. Some individuals receive more than one diagnosis within a year, but we have focused on the number of individuals who received a diagnosis, rather than the number of cases.”

  4. Look at all the guilty pedophiles claiming they have corona virus (Tom Hanks et al). Shit is going on behind the scenes I tell you what…

  5. Thanks, Russ, for this warning. The so-called ‘freedom ranger’ at Natural News had an article titled “Good News!” – something to the effect that we can save ourselves if only Trump will be valiant enough to impose martial medical law. I’d give the link (if they haven’t retracted it already, having effectively planted the notion), but I don’t want to see it again, ever. The anger it evoked took about 5 years off my life, which is unseemly coming from an alleged source of health information.

    Definitely not in the Brabantian camp this time. Note that Milan, the main site of the deaths in Italy, had fairly recently deployed the 5G weapons system… er, ‘rolled out’ 5G for the masses clamoring for more bells and whistles- just like Wuhan. Plenty to see there. Better move along. Don’t go looking for 5G towers near that Seattle nursing home either, now, son.

    People might want to check out Gail Tverberg’s calls for moderation, if they can’t convince themselves that the whole thing is a media/NWO scam: Viruses constitute a huge fraction of the biome and, in fact, a huge part of every human body. They are not going away and if they did, so would we. Better to rid the world of psychopaths than of bugs.

  6. Outstanding writeup, Russ. The fact that Tom Hanks, the CIA’s favorite actor, allegedly has coronavirus is all we really need to know. As for the Russ Winter/Brabantian split, it is apparent that there are two, or possibly more different viruses.

  7. As Jon Rappoport stated in a recent article, “I see no evidence that the accuracy of the tests has been proven.”

    We have no way of verifying whether or not people are getting sick from some ‘new virus’ or whether the media is just making these claims to keep the public in perpetual fear. We are told by the media that Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have ‘tested positive’ for CV. Questions:1)How are these tests done,2)What is the methodology of these tests,3)How many are false positives,4)Where are the tests sent to,5)What is the chain of command that is followed(if followed) in order to maintain integrity of results6)Does the testing search for an actual virus or is it regularity in symptoms

    There are many who don’t even bye the ‘contagion theory’ or the phenomenon of ‘viruses’ to begin with. If that is the case, we are at another level of deception. Here:

    Also, along with Rudy Gobert, Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz is supposedly carrying the CV as well. But watch this video of Rudy Gobert during a press conference in Salt Lake just before the team flew to Oklahoma City to play the Thunder where both teams were pulled off the court due to Gobert’s test results. In the video, he is shown mockingly touching everything on the table as if to say, ‘I’m not afraid of no virus” and then coincidentally the next day he tests positive. Almost as if he was targeted to send a message!

  8. Well Russ,
    As a looting operation this “Pandemic” does give the looter quite a bit of cover…My losses are virus related…and I’m not gonna believe a virus is related unless it takes a somewhat large and morbid “bite”

  9. Dr Ron Paul
    The Corona Virus Hoax

    James Corbett
    Medical Martial Law

    Jon Rappoport:Corona Bologna Italy: The Truth begins to leak out

    The government of Italy, as everyone knows, has locked down the whole country of 60 million people. So how many Italians have died from COV? Even by the standards of the useless and misleading diagnostic tests?


    As far as the Italian Higher Institute of Health knows, at this point:

    Maybe two.


    Try to wrap your mind around that.

    Op-Ed: Does the 2019 Coronavirus Exist?

    The coronavirus panic is just that, an irrational panic, based on an unproven RNA test, that has never been connected to a virus. And which won’t be connected to a virus unless the virus is purified. Furthermore, even if the test can detect a novel virus the presence of a virus is not proof that it is the cause of the severe symptoms that some people who test positive experience (but not all who test positive). Finally, even if the test can detect a virus, and it is dangerous, we do not know what the rate of false positives is. And even a 1% false positive rate could produce 100,000 false positive results just in a city the size of Wuhan and could mean that a significant fraction of the positive test results being found are false positives.

    The use of powerful drugs because doctors are convinced that they have a particularly potent virus on their hands, especially in older people, with pre-existing health conditions, is likely to lead to many deaths. As with SARS.

    There is very little science happening. There is a rush to explain everything that is happening in a way that does not question the viral paradigm, does not question the meaningfulness of test results, and that promotes the use of untested antiviral drugs. And, given enough time there will be a vaccine developed and, for some of the traumatized countries, it may become mandatory, even if developed after the epidemic has disappeared, so that proving that it reduces the risk of developing a positive test will be impossible.

  10. Hi Amanda!

    Thanks for the greenmedinfo link!
    That really opened my mind, and finally got some loose ends connected!

    Im already very familiar with Rappoport, Duesberg, HIV/AIDS scam and vaccine fraud.

    You might appreciate this one:
    Cough 19 ~ NOT a Virus!!! Rather A 5G/GE Electronic Battle for Your Soul Forever and Ever
    Its not removed yet, but strongly suppressed by youtubes search engine.

    It doesnt mention what looks like the huge role of mass vaccines in the “Spanish flu” epidemic.
    It seems to me, that the mass vaccinations caused a “Frankenflu”, and I base this on pleomorphism, that microorganisms change shape and form, morphing from bacteria, to fungus, to virus, dependent on environment, and exchange DNA with each other.
    I knew this guy, he worked on the Cph. sewage plant, handling feces from 100.000s of people.
    He got this, as far as I know, unnamed disease, where he lost all bodily and facial hair.
    I thought that might be pleomorphism in action.

    So if we reverse cause and effect: germs/viruses cause the disease to;
    the disease causes virus and germs?
    Cough 19 says, that trying to infect people with flu vira, from sick to healthy people failed miserably.
    But people experience catching the sniffles from other people?
    Does the “disease vibe” hit them?
    How about things like measles, that boost the immune system, and is transmitable?
    How about mononucleosis, herpes zoster, Epstein Barr and other things?
    There are some missing links , in my understanding of all these things.

    Input highly appreciated, you already earned my Eternal Gratitude!


    On the Current State of Affairs here in the Rotten State of Denmark:

    After 911, we had terror act 1 rushed through, like the patriot act.
    Then act 2, and then, recently the “Influence law” (they must have been very influenced, and not just by alcohol and coke when they wrote it).
    The “influence law” can give up to 12 years in prison, if you are found guilty of acting on behalf of a foreign nation, “just like Russia influenced the USA election of Trump in 2016”
    terror act 1 and 2, mean that, you can be accused and convicted, based on “proof”, coming from the intelligence agencies, that will be withheld from you and the public for security reasons, at closed court proceedings.
    We have already had some very questionable court cases!
    We are already a de facto Police State!

    Now its the next phase, the biggest Shitstorm since 911!

    Our previous Prime Minister, Lars Løkke, a beerguzzler, who looked like a used car salesman.
    Has been replaced by Mette Frederiksen, a powdernose psychobitch from Hell!
    She campaigned on the platform “lets do something for the children”, which then looked like she was going to forcibly remove 50.000 children from their parents.

    And now this!

    Theres lockdown, schools and kindergartens closed for a week now, public work minimized, most bars and restaurants closed, or will soon be, gatherings of over 10 people discouraged/forbidden.

    The police can forcibly detain you, quarantine you, have you medicated, hospitalized, and forcibly have you vaccinated!

    No, no vaccine there yet, but Israel will have one ready soon, and it surely will be the safest and most well tested vaccine EVER!

    Millitary installations will be prepared for quarantines
    Private security companies will be hired to help enforcement.

    Oh yes, and the State has the right to confiscate the private property of citizens.
    No justifications or arguments for why have been stated!

    This Corona Coma Mindfuck is gonna make my Head Explode!

    “The Operation was a success, the Patient Died!”

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