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Joint Chiefs Chair Retires, Immediately Becomes Paid F-35 Cheerleader

Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. Joseph Dunford. PHOTO: The American Conservative/Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff/Flickr

Dunford defended the troubled plane and was rewarded with a Lockheed position within months of leaving the Pentagon.

By Jason Paladino | 6 March 2020

THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE — In 2015, things weren’t looking great for the Marine Corps’ F-35B fighter jet. Reports from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) and Department of Defense inspector general had found dozens of problems with the aircraft. Engine failures, software bugs, supply chain issues, and fundamental design flaws were making headlines. The program was becoming synonymous in the press with “boondoggle.”

Lockheed Martin, the program’s lead contractor, desperately needed a win.

Luckily for Lockheed, it had a powerful ally in the commandant of the Marine Corps, General Joseph Dunford. Five years later, Dunford would be out of the service and ready to collect his first Lockheed Martin paycheck as a member of its board of directors.

Back in 2015, the F-35 program, already years behind schedule, faced a key program milestone. The goal was to have the F-35B ready for a planned July initial operational capability (IOC) declaration, a major step for the program, greenlighting the plane to be used in combat. The declaration is a sign that the aircraft is nearly ready for full deployment, that things are going well, that the contract, awarded in 2006, was finally producing a usable product. The ultimate decision was in Dunford’s hands. […]

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