Super Tuesday Election Fraud Delivers for Corrupto Biden and Democrat Establishment

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We have no interest in the presidential candidacy of socialist-Jewish Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. In fact, it’s poor commentary that the man is even a front runner.

We did have some interest in the presidential candidacy of Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, but she couldn’t raise money, was smeared by the Lugenpresse and kept off the debate stage. Incredibly, voters are so brain dead that they couldn’t see past the skulduggery and gave her an average of only 1% give or take a few ticks in all of the Super Tuesday states. But I’m not so sure I even believe those counts.

Here’s a clip of CNN/CIA anchor Anderson Pooper Scooper pretending to be witty rather than just the empty suit that he is. They mocked Gabbard some more after successfully cheating her out of any chance for a candidacy.

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The only reason we’re even bothering to offer a post about Zooper-Tuesday is to restate our long-held view that the faux democracy of U.S. politics is a complete clown-world shit show. We’re only observers of the process. Corruption and rigging are the only things “they” seem to be consistently good at.

Even though we rail about it, we also believe this charade is ultimately deliberate and by design to finish the remnants of voting and electoral democracy in the U.S.

Meanwhile, we’re astonished just how many pajama people don’t want to admit that their Hegelian politics hobby that they pour so much time and energy into is a fake sham designed to lead people to believe they don’t live in a New Underworld Order plutocracy.

Apparently the Zooper Tuesday outcome was the result of fake cutout CIA Pete dropping out and endorsing Biden, and ALL those votes going to Biden.

Then supposedly the black vote turned out super strong for Biden — except these are low black-population states. To believe this you would think blacks are so racist that they support Biden because he is Obama’s bro. No, not buying that either.

The explanation of “electability fears” is nonsensical as neither of these clowns has broad appeal.

Meanwhile, the voters, who have the attention span of turtles, reacted to some of the most blatant neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) imaginable. We should all be disgusted, not just Sanders supporters.

And a large swath of the American public is brain dead enough to swallow this sort of feeble NLP. In a recent survey, 38% said they “would not, under any circumstances” buy Corona beer as a result of the deadly coronavirus spreading, KRON/CNN reports.

There’s no way I want such a demographic having any kind of leadership role in the world.

77-year-old Biden and 73-year-old Trump are both terminally corrupt. Biden is suffering from increasingly severe dementia. Has he had a mini-stroke?

Zombie Biden, as is his wont, confused his wife with his sister after the Tuesday votes were “tallied.” This is what happens to us as we get old, including, there by the grace of God go I at 77. But I’m not running for POTUS. It’s only going to get worse as time passes.

We smell intrigue. Is Biden serving as a surrogate who will be replaced before the election? By Michael Obama perhaps? Or is he a William Henry Harrison to be replaced with his vice president, the 74 year old corrupto Hillary Clinton in early 2021? What’s the game plan for carrying out this charade as Biden dwindles? Roll out a doppelganger?

For further reading:

Biden won decisively in Massachusetts, which is Elizabeth Warren’s home state, as well as Virginia and Maine, where he spent no resources. Biden was never able to fill small rooms anywhere in the lead up to Super Tuesday.

Biden did not campaign in Massachusetts, have any organizing in the state or air any television ads in the state. In fact, a WBUR poll last Friday showed him polling at 9%, in fifth place.

The last six polls in Massachusetts showed Biden losing to both Sanders and Warren and sometimes big bucks oligarch Bloomberg and CIA Buttigieg. And yet, here are Tuesday’s results.

Minnesota — the land of “progressives” — somehow chose Biden over Sanders. This is a state with few ads or dollars spent by Biden. It was a Bernie Sanders win in 2016 where he beat Hillary Clinton by 22 percentage points in the 2016 primary just four years ago. Biden won decisively. Not credible without voter fraud.

In Oklahoma, Sanders destroyed Clinton in 2016, by 11 percentage points, and was destroyed by fakery in kind in 2020. Further proof it’s all WWE theatrics. Sanders had 174,228 votes in this state in ’16. Where’d they go?

For all of his talk about the abuses of the elite, Sanders sure appears to enjoy being abused by the elite. Surrogate Joe Biden is just going to openly steal the nomination.

Bernie and his people will do nothing. Just as Trump and his people do nothing about the fact that the entire MAGA agenda has been hijacked with its own special brand of similar inane gobbledygook.

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19 Comments on Super Tuesday Election Fraud Delivers for Corrupto Biden and Democrat Establishment

  1. The corporations own the political parties, and the political parties pick the candidates, not “we the people”. I thought for sure it was going to be “little Mikey” Bloomberg. Guess I called that one wrong
    I think you are right with a Biden/Big Mike ticket. Obama Marxist not ready to cede power yet. Trump better get to exposing these traitors or it could all be over.

    • I promise you it will be strange. When Biden dwindles or has his stroke before or at the Convention how about a Micheal Obama/Hillary ticket or vice versa. The neuro-linguistic programmed cognoscenti will be besides themselves with lizard lip licking. Couldn’t write a better script.

      • >>The neuro-linguistic programmed cognoscenti will be besides themselves with
        lizard lip licking.<< Hey, nice string of words there 🙂 But 99% of pajama people
        would be going, "Huh … WTH ?!" And only 15% of the rest of us will fully get it.
        That's why I'm TOTALLY voting Biden ! Go uncle Joe. It's time for change 🙂

  2. There seems to be genuine enthusiasm for Joe Biden in the USA black community … the below has some interesting perspectives, from a poster using a ‘Black Lives Matter’ banner

    « Black Brothers n Sisters Be Ridin’ With Joe Biden

    Americans, please support your black brothers n sisters, by supporting the man the black community knows is best for America’s future – Joltin’ Joe Biden. We Be Ridin’ wit Biden for good reason.

    Too often, liberal whites and Jews presume to speak for ‘people of color’ and the black community, but they cannot do so with authenticity.

    This is not the time for radical change in America – this is a time to evolve and grow slowly and take care of our problems we have long had.

    Donald Trump is not a bad man. He has lifted more black people out of the hell of prison than Brother Barack ever did. Leading whites like Biden and Trump, understand that very often the black man in prison is a ‘rando’ like they say, not the black man who committed the crime.

    In younger days Biden was friends with segregationists. They were not all evil people either, blacks know this. Biden understands, Biden is deep.

    Blacks are not perfect and share responsibility for the problems and crime in black society. Blacks need uplift, they are America’s special, sometimes messed-up children. And this white-bashing all the time is not good ethnic ethics. And we do not need at this time unlimited tens of millions of new people in USA, till we solve the problems with people we have.

    If you believe in justice for black brothers n sisters, support Joe Biden, he is a man for all, and give Donald John Trump honorable retirement for letting all so many black people out of jail for a fresh start. »

    Blacks ‘ridin’ with Biden’ meme image

    • Whatup black brother!

      Black brothers and sisters be abortin’ theyselves outta existence and brother Biden done support dat to the hilt. Brother Biden done preach about abortion from the rooftops. Brother Biden be lovin’ abortion more than he love fondling little girls. Yeah, that be the truth. There soon be more Mexcans in America than black brothers because of brother Biden.

      Brother Biden be proud of what he done with spreading abortion, like a good gardener be proud of spreading manure. Planned parenthood love Slippery Joe Biden more than green grass love manure.

      Brother Biden done lifted none o’ ya’ll outta prison – not one single solitary black brother did Slimy Uncle Joe release from the corrupt corporate judicial machine that puts half of black America’s youth in prison. Not one!

      You be safe now black brother, I realise there be no black man in the race, but brother Biden ain’t no brother. Stay home this election. Don’t dignify it with your presence.

      God Bless!

  3. “Hegelian politics hobby that they pour so much time and energy into is a fake sham” –

    Great line!

    and – typo alert: “Biden as is his want” – should be wont – “typical, expected behavior”

    I recall that Americans of African descent totally bought the line about Bill Clinton being “the first black president” (I think he threw a couple parties for prominent AfAmers at the White House early in 92) – and where did that get them? – “the more things change….”

  4. Good analysis. However, I don’t trust Tulsi Gabbard. Her US military service is a big minus in my view, and she supports Israel. Just like Bernie, Tulsi is a Zionist.

    • About Tulsi–I don’t trust her either, or anyone who (even mildly) puts Israel first. Her appearance at AIPAC was maybe the only reason she was allowed to run in the first place. ALL Congress critters and Senate snakes MUST sign a loyalty oath to Israel. She is anti-war–until she isn’t.

    • I was a Tulsi support – early 2017 – even went out and bought bumper stickers – “Tulsi 2020” – (hobbies die hard!).

      Then she voted for some deep state surveillance “bill” the following year – passed 440something to 1 – and that was enough for me. (If I find the T Gabbard voting record link I will post details). George Webb (researcher who’s work is probably known to many here) was at one point a big Tulsi supporter; don’t know where he stands now.

      One contrarian point occurred to me: re: assessing cognitive status of political candidates: they are all extremely tired just about all the time; that plus their age (and whatever psychotropics they have on board) can produce symptoms of cognitive impairment which can be entirely transient.

  5. Last time I voted Democrat was in 1976 (first year I voted) for Carter. And this rigging and other nonsense happening now happened back then as well. Nixon get “elected” even while Watergate was happening by a landslide with Ford as Veep. Then he resigns, Ford comes in in 1974. Then Ford runs again in ’76 and makes absolutely the stupidest comment during a debate ever which turned the tide against him for good: “There is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe.” I’d say he was forced to say that (or he was, as with Biden, mentally incompetent) so that Carter would be “elected”…and yes, that is the reason (Ford’s gaff) I voted for Carter. Next time I voted either party was GW Bush (what a mistake that was!). Then in 2008 voted Chuck Baldwin, Constitution Party; then in 2012 wrote in Ron Paul (whose son Rand endorsed Romney!). No way am I voting in 2020–dog and pony show, or, rather, psycho-pedo vs.psycho-pedo show. And either Michelle Obama or Hillary will be the Veep candidate…IMHO. Bloomberg? Perhaps. Still think Trump wins…Israel likes him more than Biden or Bernie.

    • Actually, Spiro Agnew was Nixon’s vice president. Watergate happened after, not during the ’72 election. It was a Jewish coup, intended to overturn the result of the election of 1972. First, Agnew was accused of corruption {his accusers were solely Jewish, as were the prosecutor and the judge}. Then the same process was used to force Nixon to resign.

      • You are correct. Agnew was the VP, and Watergate did happen after Nixon’s election. Thanks. Must be getting old….

  6. Thanks for this article, Russ. Until now, none of your readers were aware there was such widespread corruption in politics.

    Honestly, I think I need a l’il Internet break. All I see on 100 different websites is nihilism, but nobody … N.O.B.O.D.Y … is leading a charge to put boots on the ground.

    If insanity is stating the same thing a thousand times and expecting to somehow craft an IRL movement outta that, then congratulations, I guess.

  7. I remain fully on board for Tulsi Gabbard, who plays a shrewd game. She was a temporary CfR member with term limits and has voted with the Zionist in order to keep them onside in the past.
    Nevertheless she is too sharp and able to destroy competitors in debates, so has been under a media quarantine COVID19 medics could only dream of, while slurs and assertions are propagated widely.
    Trump pal Bloomberg spent a tiny amount of his 50billion plus fortune to overwhelm strawman ‘socialist’ Sanders, while the DNC stood down their puppets Buttigieg and Klobochar to tighten focus on the ad spend. Bloomberg is now funding the derailing of the DNC, leading them over the cliff with a plutocratic gerontocracy two option package while erasing 38 year old Gabbard from any participation at any level.
    The result will be another four years of Trump, the only question is how complete the Zionist control of the three executive branches will be. I fear a landslide. Trump is very popular. Only Gabbard can provide alternatives that appeal across the American electorate…

  8. I doubt this carmelized fossil Joe Biden will make it to the fall when he has to debate Trump. He is going downhill fast. It is conceivable that the few remaining democrats with a semi functioning brain will be praying that Putin meddles with the elections just to make sure Biden and his Luciferian handlers don’t wind up in the White House.

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