Outbreak Fears Emerge in Nigeria as Gov’t Finds 100 People Exposed to 1st Virus Case

By Tyler Durden | 2 March 2020

ZERO HEDGE — Fears of a Covid-19 outbreak in Africa have certainly been mounting throughout February, and we noted last week: “It’s Time To Stop Pretending That In All Of Africa There’s Only 3 Covid-19 Cases.”

The African continent has been plagued with locust swarms and rampant food shortages in the last several months, along with the threat that Chinese workers on Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) projects could cause an outbreak in Ethiopia or other African countries.

Our suspicions of a virus outbreak in Africa could’ve been confirmed on Friday when Nigerian health authorities declared the first case of Covid-19. Now officials are saying they’ve reached out to nearly one hundred people who had contact with an Italian man who recently became the country’s first case. […]

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