Are Blacks Being Poisoned into Mental Illness and Dinduism? An Op-Ed Plan for Recovery

SOURCE: Mother Jones

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.’Marcus Garvey (1887-1940)

After yesterday’s core review of dinduism and widespread signs of mental illness and retardation in the black population, we were very curious about what other factors might be contributing to bad asocial culture. Don’t assume you know this topic without reading this linked core post.

We learned that African-American men are four times more likely to die by suicide than African-American women are. Additionally, the proportion of African Americans who need mental health treatment and get it is only half that of whites.

Of course, living in a drug-infested and violent environment greatly aggravates the issue. But is there something more fundamental causing brain damage in early childhood years? Could this cycle be slowed down with attention to basic factors and stronger fundamentals? Is there low-hanging fruit that will help with the question?

Could lead and fluoride be a primary cause for the zombies and the phenomenon of the cackling and violent dindu? Toss in fentanyl, opioids, meth, crack and benzos, and you have “Night of the Living Dead” version 2.0 and the perfect shit storm. Icing on the cake is poor prenatal care. And there will not be a single non-addled person of any race left in America after the 5G rollout.

The negative consensus on lead is well established in the medical community. The metal mimics calcium in the body and causes premature birth, reduced birth weight, seizures, behavioral disorders, brain damage and a lower I.Q. Lead is a brain-damaging neurotoxin. The American Cancer Society lists lead compounds as a probable human carcinogen linked to kidney, brain and lung cancers, among others. The damage lead causes cannot be reversed.

An estimated 18 million Americans are still at risk of lead leaching from old pipes in their homes and city water systems.

In all, nearly 3,000 cities have recently reported lead poisoning. Blood tests revealed that the residents of more than 1,100 affected communities show lead levels at least four times higher than those affected in the Flint, Michigan, emergency.

The cities most affected have large and concentrated black populations, and these cities produce the worst of the dindus and mentally ill types of behavior that we are witnessing. 

Case in point: Murder City, Chicago (aka Chiraq), an effectively bankrupt municipality. Most of the service lines are made of lead. Unlike most American cities, Chicago actually mandated the use of lead service lines until 1986, when the federal government finally banned further installation.

cost of Chicago violent crime, source:

To replace lead water pipes, homeowners are expected to pay out of their own pocket somewhere between $2,500 and $8,000. The federal government grants for this should be available to assist the poor. It’s a fraction of the cost that the private-prison industry charges for the aftershocks of warehousing the brain-damaged.

The Chicago Department of Water Management estimates the number of lead service lines in the city at 360,000 — by far the most in the country. Federal rules do not require testing for daycare centers, schools or parks, which is incredible.

Chicago was also the former home of phony activist Barrack Obama. The city’s last mayor, who was Obama’s Chief of Staff and running buddy, was hack Rahm Emanuel. He was a lead-danger denier. It’s a major tell that these Crime Syndicate operatives didn’t lift a finger to deal with toxic lead poisoning.

Emanuel maintained that Chicago didn’t have a problem with lead in its water supply. Emanuel’s city council floor leader shut down public hearings on Chicago’s lead issues, even though the city’s own data gathered from voluntary home tests showed high lead levels in the water in about a third of homes and mostly in black neighborhoods. Chicago and the state of Illinois consistently rank high in childhood lead poisoning.

Michigan passed a state law requiring all of its municipalities to come up with a slow-motion, 20-year replacement plan for all lead service lines. Meanwhile, another generation is brain damaged. Demonstrating what a third-world jurisdiction Illinois now is, a similar bill this year fizzled after getting opposition from Chicago officials and other opponents.

About 25 percent of the lead pipes in the Bergen and Hudson counties of New Jersey will be replaced this year. The cost to remove 50,000 feet of lead pipe — the equivalent of 34 Empire State buildings laid end to end — in more than a dozen towns and cities: $15 million.

Keep in mind that, by comparison, the psychopathic kakistocracy spent $225 million on that drone that was blown out of the sky by Iran earlier this year. But they won’t consider spending that on keeping lead out of the brains of young American blacks so at least they have a better chance of staying in the game.

So, once again, we see New Underworld Crime Syndicate operatives making habitually bad decisions that do harm in a major way. What a cowinkydink, or Hanlon’s razor perhaps? We think not. It’s malice for the purpose of denigrating and retarding the black population. This then sets the stage for social and racial upheaval, and a loss of trust as a consequence.

To our black readers and friends, there is a conspiracy against you, but it’s not what or who you’ve been led to think. The No. 1 priority of Black Lives Matter should be to insist on removing from the water supply the lead and fluoride cocktail supplied to your people.

Depending on where you live, you could also be exposed to arsenic, pesticides, herbicides, radioactive contaminants, fossil-fuel byproducts, microplastics, hormones, antibiotics, contraceptives and other pharmaceutical drugs. Blacks over-consume sugar, which also leads to zombification. By the time black youths reach the age of 15, a lot of the damage has already been done, especially to the brain. White populations are being poisoned by this as well.

Why is no liberal foundation setting up a giant health-food center to dispense the right nutrients to the more at-risk black communities? No, it doesn’t really exist, does it? That’s because they are more interested in harming this population than helping.

This writer has determined and corrected my own overuse of plastic containers for microwave cooking. I drank sugar-free lemonade in plastic bottles bought at Marks and Spencer. This caused my testosterone to crash, which has all sorts of follow-on effects. Men should use stainless steel or glass for eating utensils, not plastics. This adjustment has brought me back in the game. Here are some other tips.

The 1-2 Punch: Lead Combined with Fluoride

Fluoridated water in lead pipes increases lead leaching. In other words, fluoride, that chemical that Americans put in their drinking water to protect their teeth, is not only a neurotoxin in itself, but it also increases leached lead in drinking water delivered by lead pipes.

The continued use of fluoride in drinking water illustrates just how nasty and malevolent the criminals who rule the United States are. Only 2% of Europe fluoridates its water. Fluoride is banned in China, where studies on large populations showed an I.Q. decrease with consumption. Parts of Canada have also banned it, as well as Japan and Israel.

Although some states and localities in the U.S. have chosen to stop adding fluoride to tap water, the response has been slow. Meanwhile, scientific studies showing its negative effects continue to be produced. The world’s oldest and most prestigious medical journal, “The Lancet,” classified fluoride as a neurotoxin and placed it in the same dangerous category as arsenic, lead and mercury.

Winter Watch Takeaway

A second point for Black Lives Matter: You also need to understand the drug war against you. Are you aware of Gary Webb and Maxine Waters’ exposure of who was behind the crack epidemic?

Read “CIA Drug Smuggling and Dealing: The Birth of the Dark Alliance”

Who is behind the gangster rap assault? That’s Black National Recovery 101, in your proper world view. Blacks more than anybody need to be Winter Watchers. I believe that with some basic fundamentals, blacks could curtail their decline as a people and recover from their severe mental conditioning, retardation and mental illness at a steady pace.

No, it’s not Bubba Cracker dragging you down. I actually think once blacks work on their acts and, of course, their mental health, race relations can be restored.

Turn off the agitation propaganda, and don’t be a dindu. Is tearing down monuments and shutting down universities when whites don’t leave really the most productive use of your time and energy?

And damn straight, if I was black, I would be a black nationalist — but of the right sort. Don’t let the usual suspects dissuade you with the black nationalist shadow language smear.

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6 Comments on Are Blacks Being Poisoned into Mental Illness and Dinduism? An Op-Ed Plan for Recovery

  1. Gee I hope Bob Marley gave credit to Garvey for that “Emancipate….” line in his song “Redemption Song.” 😉

  2. Totally on target as always. The black community has been sorely abused since their emancipation!!! There’s another devious move afoot with the water. In my local township in central Jersey, they’re telling us that they’ve got problems with the water treatment facility and must add ORTHOPHOSPHATE to the water to clean it up. I don’t know of any good phosphates, do you? I suspect it will also enhance lead leaching and a lot of this water is funneled to black neighborhoods because the wealthier ones have wells. The problem has only recently been identified and I’ve been living here 18 years though the development dates from the 70’s. Time to go I believe, especially in view of the looming abolition of the religious exemption for vaccines. Totalitarian tiptoe as Icke calls it.

  3. We owned a water filter company and I researched and wrote about the dangerous chemicals in our water; it’s much worse than people even realize. Some chemicals never breakdown and remain lodged in the organs. We installed a 3-stage reverse osmosis filter and I am not kidding when I say those white filters turned almost BLACK. That is what people are ingesting – and that’s only what is VISIBLE.

    They flooded our community with drugs and I can’t tell you how many young people in our town have died of a drug overdose – we just attended a funeral a few weeks ago.

    I can’t understand why God is allowing it – that’s where my struggle is at. Then on the other hand the same evil people have used the drug epidemic to withhold pain relief from older Americans with severe pain. I underwent a surgery and was given only a few weak Norco – I went out of my head in pain and came close to ending my life. I then learned that’s the new standard to abide by the beast: many doctors now prescribe TYLENOL post surgery. I belong to a pain group fighting it but many have committed suicide.

  4. Oh come on now. Take away the fluoride and lead and they still are dysfunctional.

    If Europe outlaws fluoride, why then do they have so much violent crime due to their own ‘dindus’ ?? No, many of them are established in Europe now for some time. And if they came from Afreeka, you know there is no fluoride in village well water.

    They are the biggest screw-ups that God ever put on this Earth.

    Nice try.

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