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Horseman of the Apocalypse: Fentanyl

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Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid that’s similar to morphine but is 50 to 100 times more potent. Similar to other neuro-toxins we have been covering in our Drugged America series, fentanyl blocks the pain receptors in the brain and increases the production of dopamine, the body’s happiness-inducing chemical. This makes the drug highly addictive.

In a medical setting, it’s most often prescribed to patients who are dealing with extreme pain, often from severe cancer and its treatments, or massive physical trauma. In theory, it should be a last resort to alleviate the suffering of a painful death. Yet, fentanyl is highly overused by medical quackery. It’s the 218th most-prescribed drug in the U.S., which equates to more than 2 million prescriptions annually.

As a neurotoxin, it exposes patients to side effects that include but are not limited to:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Fever
  • Sweating
  • Muscle spasms and twitching
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Visual and auditory hallucinations
  • Blue lips, fingernails or skin

Because if its relative cheapness and a stronger high compared to heroin, a nasty and evil breed of drug dealers have made it a popular heroin kicker. This is exposing more users to the effects of synthetic fentanyl without their knowledge and getting them addicted to a drug they don’t even know they’re taking.

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Even recreational cocaine users need to be on dire alert about their sources, as it is being spiked in with this drug as well. It’s even being spiked in the hyper-stimulant meth. For the Luciferian predators, it’s the magick formula to get customers severely addicted. Others use it because their tolerance to heroin no longer gets them high.

Because they are unaware of the hidden fentanyl in their drugs, attempts at sobriety — especially among heroin addicts — can become extremely dangerous. A detox from something as powerful as fentanyl is life threatening and requires strict supervision.

Secondly, it’s very easy to fatally overdose on this drug, especially if one is unaware of its use as a mix or filler. A lethal dose of fentanyl is only 3 milligrams, a tenth of a lethal dose of heroin. Florida is now charging dealers who spike using fentanyl with attempted murder and murder.

Increasingly, there are reports of people ending up hospitalized or dead from unknowingly smoking fentanyl-laced synthetic marijuana.

Consequently, overdose deaths are going parabolic. There were only about 1,600 fentanyl overdose-related deaths in 2011 and 2012. In 2017, 29,406 died of synthetic opioid overdose. Altogether that year, 72,000 Americans died from drug overdose, the CDC reports, a 10% increase over 2016.

Incredibly the criminals behind this killing have a new analog called carfentanil. It is 10,000 times as potent as morphine and used to tranquilize elephants. The CDC found that deaths associated with carfentanil jumped 94% from 421 to 815 in the 10 states studied during the 12-month period.

At this stage of the game and the way this is playing out, even if you are a lower-dose cocaine or heroin user, you might consider yourself marked to be exterminated. Social Darwinism time is at hand to get clean before you come across your demise.

The drug is now an equal opportunity killer. While the opioid crisis has traditionally been viewed as affecting primarily low-income white people, “a wider range of populations are now being affected, with the spread of the epidemic from rural to urban areas and considerable increases in opioid-related mortality observed in the black population,” the CDC reports. The black population in Washington, D.C. in particular are in the kill zone.

The majority of fentanyl flows from China and secondarily from Mexico. At the G-20 Summit in Buenos Aires in December we heard Beijing’s promise to cooperate with law enforcement in combating fentanyl, including listing all fentanyl-like drugs as controlled substances within China.

But The Washington Post (aka Washington HeapPost) recently published an article by reporter and China expert John Pomfret, explaining why the Chinese government has not stopped the fentanyl flow and is unlikely to do so despite its promise. The HeapPost story resembles a PR puff piece put out by Beijing.

Chinese authorities claim they can’t locate the illegal drug producers. This is highly improbable given that the CCP is creating a surveillance state far beyond what Orwell ever imagined. Deface a poster of President Xi and see how long it takes to be arrested and imprisoned or placed inside a mental hospital.

Image result for san francisco subway drugs
San Francisco metro stations have become drug dens

Meanwhile, the carnage is spreading throughout all parts of American society, because the drug is slipped into other recreational drugs — even those bought and sold in “good” neighborhoods. About half of the deaths attributed to fentanyl are young people of military age. As one former government official notes, this is the equivalent of removing two or three divisions of Army or Marines off the rolls every year.

This could very well be fourth-generation warfare of the type perped by the West going back to China’s opium wars.[ Precursor To The Global Crime Syndicate: The 19th-Century Opium Trade] This warfare takes the form of a direct attack on the enemy’s culture, including genocidal acts against civilians. In China’s case, just letting it happen would be a payback. It could be conducted surreptitiously with non-state actors, such as drug cartels. This is a real terror threat, not the fake misdirection type espoused by the Lugenpresse.

According to the Council for Foreign Relations (CFR), the nature of smuggling has shifted away from large cartels, as the bulk carried is quite small. An increasing amount of the fentanyl coming via Mexico, for example, is camouflaged as oxycodone and other prescription pills, since the sellers do not want the users to know they are selling the deadliest drug on the market.

Sinaloa Cartel and the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) are still an element behind the surge in fentanyl. But a deeper look reveals a wide variety of American, Chinese, Dominican, Indian and Mexican groups supplying the U.S. market. Some  conduct almost all of their business online in the deep web from within the United States. 

In a recent drug bust on the southern border, enough fentanyl was apprehended to kill 100 million people. That was just one bust. Fentanyl is lethal enough that it can kill from rubbing your eyes or nose after picking it up in a public space or bathroom, off of a wash basin, a door handle, table or chair, etc.

Image result for san francisco subway fentanyl
Iowa police officer hospitalized after being exposed to fentanyl during a traffic stop.

Winter Watch Takeaway

Winning at the Game of 2019 Social Darwinism and 4th Generation Warfare

There are more hidden and not-so-hidden traps than ever. Winter Watch’s theme now and going forward will be promoting the go-dry, broad-scope, #teetotaling lifestyle concerning all substances, including most (p)harmaceuticals. Even marijuana and alcohol leaves one’s brain clouded into the next day. Sobriety combined with brain enhancing vitamins and foods actually feels pretty good when you try it for awhile. No need to judge others on this one, if they wish to play the odds on 2019 Social Darwinism. But in my view, it’s time to consider that the party is over, folks.

3 Comments on Horseman of the Apocalypse: Fentanyl

  1. Why not just end the drug war like Portugal did? The federal government has no authority over what a (so called) free individual can ingest into their own body. Then again self ownership is now a foreign concept so I guess we are all slaves now. Yes, the families of the overdose victims need to blame their “precious little angels” for the addiction and not just the drug which is inanimate object and did not force itself into the hands of the victim. It was THEIR choice.

    What pisses me off is the families clamoring for more reductions in rights instead of going after prohibition. The drug war is false being that our own government facilitates the importation of drugs to finance their black wars. Let’s end this falsehood so we can focus on harm reduction strategies and let the state’s decide if they wish to continue prohibition policies. This places the power back into the people’s hands, police state be damned.

    That’s my opinion, but I could be wrong. I choose freedom over tyranny any day until my last dying breath (which may not be too long if the commies gain power again).

  2. Your website is usually so blackpilling. Finally some good news for a change.

    My neighbor is a heroin addict. She runs up and down the street begging for money. A couple months ago she stabbed her mom — her own mother! — with a knife. She is already out of jail.

    She says she is getting counseling for her addiction. I told her she does not need counseling — she needs to stop shooting heroin. So now I am the bad guy. Nothing is ever her fault. She is the victim always.

    I watched the video. What it fails to mention is that drug addicts are weak, disgusting losers. I don’t care about these people. I am all compassioned out.

    I think we need more fentanyl. We need to make it free and readily available to anyone who wants it.

    Let Social Darwinism work its magic.

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