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With Demographic Change, Comes Consequences: Non-White Legal Immigrants Turned Virginia Blue, Now Democrats Threaten Deploying National Guard on Predominately White Counties Refusing Gun Control

By Paul Kersey | 12 December 2019

THE UNZ REVIEW — Time for a quick rerun.

Well, they now openly brag about replacing white people with a more compliant population group to ensure the posterity of the Founding Fathers watch as their rights are dismantled.

The Great Replacement is real, and it is in advanced stages in the Commonwealth of Virginia. And those employed by the New York Times couldn’t be happier (remember, in 2014, 23 percent of Northern Virginia’s population was foreign born). Fairfax County in Northern Virginia had a population of 818,000 people in 1990 and was 81.3 percent white (the NRA Headquarters is in Fairfax). 

By 2019, Fairfax County had a population of 1.16 million people, of which 61 percent were white.

The Great Replacement happened even where the NRA has its national headquarters, and there were extreme consequences. […]

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