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The ‘Weaponized’ Smollett Hoax Crashes and Burns. What Was it All About?

SOURCE: The Federalist

Hollywood actor Jussie Smollett’s fake lynching hoax, like many other fake “hate crimes,” was apparent from the start. It’s rather astonishing that of the hundreds of hoaxes perpetrated in the last decade, the cover is blown on this particular one. Was Smollett some kind of lone wolf going off of a Crime Syndicate script? Why is the Lugenpresse exposing this particular hoax and psyop? Could this be a white hat reverse psyop to set up and entrap the Lugenpresse and anti-white politicos? Or is it just more divide-and-conquer chicanery?

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It would appear from this most interesting 2016 tweet about lying and treachery that the homosexual, black and Jewish Smollett was already well versed in the discordian world view. Yes, #thoughts indeed.

Yes, Jussie, we have some thoughts, too. The key to a good “victim” hoax is starting small. Write something racist on your restaurant receipt. Draw a swastika on your house. You gotta crawl before you can walk. Oh, and go to the Lugenpresse before you go to the police. The media will believe anything in the victim genre.

CNN: Deceive, deny, delay, deflect

Smollett, 36, went all in with a scam to be the mega hero, carrying the “Look at me!” rainbow banner. He told police that two masked men shouted racial and homophobic slurs before attacking him and putting a rope around his neck while he was walking outside around 2 a.m. on Jan. 29.

In addition to the bogus lynching simulation perped by two Nigerian black men, Smollett received an envelope a week before the “attack” with white powder that said “die black fag” and was signed “MAGA.” CBS News in Chicago reported police took as evidence a magazine with cut-out letters from the actor’s own apartment.

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According to CBS Chicago, the two Nigerian brothers who were arrested, questioned and then released, “Abel” and “Ola,” told detectives that they did a practice run a few days before the “attack.”

This photo from 2015 has emerged, showing Empire creator Lee Daniels (center) posing with one of the “potential persons of interest” (right), who was in police custody for questioning.

The two Chicago-Nigerian brothers attended Lakeview High School. They were detained as “potential persons of interest” in the purported hate crime attack against Smollett in Streeterville in the wee hours on Tuesday, Jan. 29. The two were then detained by Chicago police at O’Hare Airport the following evening as they returned from a trip from an overnight trip to Nigeria, police department “sources” told the media.

The Chicago Tribune reported that one brother was charged with attempted murder in Cook County in 2011 but later pleaded guilty to aggravated battery.

At least one of the men has appeared as an extra on Smollett’s show, “Empire,” which airs on Fox. The men shared a residence in Lakeview, about three blocks from Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s home, as recently as one year ago.

In the height of cartoon-world black-magik hoax, Smollett said in an interview on “Good Morning America” that he believed the two indistinguishable “persons of interest” seen in surveillance images were the persons who attacked him.

“I don’t have any doubt in my mind that that’s them. Never did,” he said.

In an 4-D chess attempt to distance his involvement in a plot, he continued to call it a hate crime.

Curiously, there is no CCTV of Smollett’s purchase of the sandwich in Subway just before the supposed attack?

Chicago PD cross-referenced Smollett’s phone records and found the hardware store where the rope for the noose were bought.

Crafty Beaver Home Center is where the paid assailants bought the ‘noose’ rope that Jussie Smollett was wearing when he arrived home after staging the hoax attack.

One of the fools who fell for Jussie’s hate crime hoax was Kamala Harris, who responded with “anti-lynching” Federal legislation. Curious indeed given that lynching is already illegal and last occurred in the U.S. in 1968. Irregardless, the Kamala Harris Anti-Lynching Bill just passed.

And here illuminist discordians double down with more victim-hood propaganda replete with emotional piano music.

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More examples below of how quickly this skulduggery is promoted by discordian politicos. Before deleting, Pelosi had over 100,000 “likes” and 21,000 retweets.

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  1. Strategy of tension, agitprop, all needed if they are to turn me against you, so divided we’ll turn to them.

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