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A Critique of Discordianism: A Mixed Bag, But Things to be Learned

Discordianism is the modern evolution of the flower power revolution. In the 1980s, Timothy Leary reemerged as a spokesperson of the “cyberdelic” counterculture, whose adherents were self-described “cyberpunks,” with an interest in computers and psychedelics. Leary proclaimed to the bohemian-hipster crowd that “the PC is the LSD of the 1990s” and to “turn on, boot up, jack in.”

Discordians then peddled mind-control themes of transhumanism, such as navel gazing smart drugs, virtual reality, cyberpunk, interactive media, aphrodisiacs, artificial life, nanotechnology, brain implants, life extension, as well as designer aphrodisiacs, psychedelics and techno-erotic paganism.

According to Robert Anton Wilson, however, “Many people consider discordianism a complicated joke disguised as a new religion. I prefer to consider it a new religion disguised as a complicated joke.”

Discordianism comes with the hipster-trickster archetype: figures like Robert Anton Wilson, Timothy Leary, Terence McKenna, Hunter S. Thompson. See [Hunter S. Thompson: Dark Accounts and Suspicious Demise]. In my view, it’s an extension of the culture of critique, or cultural Marxism. It uses mockery to tear down the system. It also uses no rules diversion to deflect away from real problems of a Crime Syndicate-infected world.

Chaos Magic

Leary’s eight-circuit model of consciousness is prominent in chaos magic, having been detailed in “Chaotopia!” by Dave Lee, a leading member of the Illuminates of Thanateros (IOT), a secret society of chaos magic. Members included not only Timothy Leary but also Robert Anton Wilson and William S. Burroughs.

Ian Bear referred to it in the neo-pagan journal Green Egg as “divine irreverence”:

On a larger scale the chaos magician is able to work vast changes unattainable through ordinary, orderly means. Where chaotic systems exist, it is now well-known that in the right place, a small flutter can transform the entire system. This is known in chaos science as the butterfly effect. In these fast changing times, at this crossroads of history, in this time of crisis and opportunity, our entire society is a chaotic system. By observing society keenly, and choosing the appropriate moment for the golden apple to be launched, the chaos magician can work great changes in society through the social butterfly effect.

Cacophony Society

Another offshoot of discordian thinking is the Cacophony Society, sometimes dubbed the Suicide Club. In its more benign form, it’s the live-for-today worldview of the pajama people, or those who could give a shit about their future bloodline generations or of others’. In its worst form, this is worldview of Dr. George Hodel and Jimmy Savile, who we have addressed in recent posts. In all its forms, it’s ultra-rebellionism.

Some discordians do supposedly care about the environment — but more as neo-paganism and earth worship, not as stewardship to be passed on to your bloodline and mankind in general.

Novelist Chuck Palahniuk used the society as the basis for the fictional organization Project Mayhem in his novel “Fight Club.” But net-net, those “Fight Club” characters were superegos and attention seekers more caught up in their own Israel Keyes-Dr. Hodel style grandiosity and gratification- than anything constructive.

This is not just hipster talk- and for Third Position stewardship-minded people, more typical of Winter Watch readers, this is all too real. But, for us, there are some concepts we can take away and use to both protect ourselves and go more on the offensive.

Chaos magic holds that the belief itself is powerful even if the belief is incorrect. The message for us is to overcome personal indifference of the tuned-out people around us. I actually think the motif of “Fight Club” utilizing Third Position belief systems can be powerful. The other aspect of chaos magic to effect change is symbolism. We saw this in the misuse of kek and the pepe frog symbolism used in the Alt-Right Trumptard movement.

The following video is both illustrative and informative about what we are up against, as well as some tactics we can adapt for our concept of constructive change. The speaker, a hipster gal named Autumn Tyr-Salvia, well articulates the tactics and methods of discordianism. There are several good chuckles to be had as well.

Much of this, such as the no-message diversionary-protest signs, is just self-centered stupidity, but some is quite smart. There are things to learn here. One tactic is cultural jamming, or introducing noise into the system. The offshoot of this is jam-art, or the anti-message.

One cultural jamming group that was constructive were the Ad Busters, who created some classics such as Joe Chemo (see image above) and Buy Nothing Xmas- (shown at right).

3 Comments on A Critique of Discordianism: A Mixed Bag, But Things to be Learned

  1. Thank you for this article. It’s something I’ve heard about but have never delved into. Jan Irvin at LogosMedia brings it up from time to time, although I’m not sure if he’s done an in-depth show on the topic.

    On a related note, when looking into those “horrorcore” rappers I mentioned under the Israel Keyes article, I found this.

    Jewish brothers “Ill Bill” and Ron “Necro” Braunstein were in a death metal band before they became rappers and apparently made some songs dedicated to discordianism. Weird coincidence.

    Have you done any digging into death metal or the satanic and occult themes in metal music in general? I was never into that genre and always found it odd that there was such widespread promulgation of those symbols, images, etc. The appeal of hard, angry music makes sense but I never got why it had to be satanic.

  2. This is OT, but I thought I’d post a few numbers on the fires in California.

    From November 2008 to September 2015, a period of almost 7 years, there were no major wildfires. This was due to stringent rural fire code enforcement.

    In September of 2015 there were two suspicious fires in Northern California that burned almost 3,000 structures.

    In the last thirteen months there has been an all-out attack on our state. 26,400 structures have been burned. This is 65% of the total number of structures burned since 1923, when the state started keeping records. If the fires in 2015 are included, it would represent over 70% of the total number of structures burned since 1923.

    All this is in spite of great advances in firefighting, which had largely eliminated the wildfire problem prior to 2015.

  3. Excellent article, thanks Russ.

    I thought I would mention that there is a link between H.S. Thompson, John Podesta and George McGovern that relates to child molestation and child sacrifice.

    There was a video I saw of a teenager who claims to have witnessed George McGovern kill an infant in a sacrificial ritual, but I’m unable to find the link to the video yet.

    It may have been “Conspiracy of Silence”, but I’m not sure.

    Also, here’s a link to a great video about Chaos Magick and Discordianism…..

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