Sex offenders at Upper West Side hotel will likely extend their stay

By Derick Waller | 5 August 2020

ABC NEWS (WABC-7) — A handful of convicted “sexually violent” level 2 sex offenders who recently moved into an Upper West Side hotel that is now set up as a homeless shelter will likely stay there, over the objections of neighbors.

Neighbors like Jenna McIntyre Cohan, a mother of three children all under the age of 10, said she was concerned because the Hotel Belleclaire at 77th and Broadway is located just one block away from her children’s school, P.S. 87, at 77th and Amsterdam.

“It’s dangerous, it’s horrifying, and it’s a very real threat,” Cohan said. “If you are a registered sex offender or if you are bringing drugs into the neighborhood with children, that’s what people have a problem with.”

As of Friday afternoon, New York’s sex offender registry listed 18 sex offenders living at the hotel.

Amid the pandemic, it’s one of at least 139 city hotels converted to a shelter for social distancing. The hotel’s owner has not responded to multiple requests for comment. […]

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  1. WTF


    Hasbro was selling a doll with a secret button on the vagina that makes vaguely sexual sounds when pressed. Perfect for pedophiles who want to groom very young girls.


    Google Hasbro owner + CEO and you’ve got your answer

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