Las Vegas Mandalay Shooting: Important Updates

The view from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel, in an updated photo. The concert was taking place diagonally across the street, where the stage is seen, with its green roof. PHOTO: Daily Mail/Facebook

TNN Author’s Note: The Las Vegas Mandalay shooting is as extreme and as large scale as these events come. It will take some time to analyze. Therefore, this post will be pinned first for a couple days and continually revised. ‘TNN Takeaways’ will be dynamic, not fixed.

The Setting       

TPTB are reporting at least 59 killed and 527 injured from sniper firing of “up to 300 rounds” from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Hotel Casino. The gunman’s brother said the shooter “was not an avid gun guy at all. He has no military background.

Paddock checked in at the Mandalay Bay Hotel using his girlfriend’s I.D. Really?? She had a different last name, is of a different race and was out of the country. He then hauled in 23 guns, two tripods and thousands of rounds of ammo in 10 humongous bags. All this was conducted under the watchful eyes of what experts are calling one of the most surveilled locations in the world. The New Nationalist (TNN) awaits the CCTV footage of this transport operation with baited breath. This security was so bad, we are wondering aloud about possible commercial sabotage.

The firing line and distance is said to be around 500 meters. I was looking through a few gun forums on the question of the effective range of an AR-15 (one of the guns reported as used), and in general it is 600 meters for a trained marksman using a scope. Paddock was not trained nor conditioned enough to handle an AR. The firing accuracy is reduced with the automatic fire employed. From the height of 32 floors, the “marksman” would need to make difficult range adjustments. The sniper is also firing at night at dark targets that are scattering and moving. Wind was 10 mph, also influencing the shots from an elevation high on a building.

Reports on the duration of the event are contradictory, with the MSM saying 10 minutes and various witnesses saying 30.

Stephen Paddock, 64, turned his luxury Las Vegas hotel suite into a sniper's nest on Sunday by smashing open two windows on the hotel's corner and setting up two guns on tripods before opening fire on the Route 91 Harvest music festival below

However, here is footage and audio of the first two minutes. The sniper fired three bursts at video minute 0:06-0:16, and not again until 0:52-1:02, and then at 1:20-1:30, then nothing until end of video at 2:02. I have tried to estimate and came up with about 150 rounds during 30 seconds of firing. So that would be about half of the rounds reported used.

You will notice that the crowd doesn’t react to the first burst, nor can I make out anybody being hit. When the second burst goes off, the crowd starts to scatter, although strangely many just sit down on the pavement. By the third burst many are on the move in the direction out of range of the sniper. This is more evident in the second compilation video below, as I am using this one for audio purposes of the gun bursts.

In a second clip, there was a burst lasting about 18 seconds and numerous attendees can be seen on the run. Net-net, by the third burst at video minute 1:20, there was ample time for people to scatter, if they saw others going down. However, in this dark compilation footage we could spot only one person down. And after an estimated 150 rounds with a 2-for-1 casualty-round ratio, you can see some people slip or drop and get back up, but I doubt that would be from taking a round. The video loops over and over. Incidentally, there is excellent cover offered by the stage area, and you can see people there in front of it.

The next video shows an elevated “balcony view.” Video quality is only fair because it’s dark. If there are mass casualties, they are obscured and not readily visible. However, one can get a sense of the crowd size and reaction and see many quickly hightailing it out of there.

A casualty rate of two per round on moving targets in darkness from that distance at the hands of an older man with little or no weapons experience is one for the ages and not really plausible. The question of whether he could do it with his skill set is completely separate from the question every one is asking: Why would a well-off, 64-year-old man engage in this large-scale, murderous activity?

Footage of Eyewitnesses in the Audience

In the following compilation video, panicked and terrified people can be seen and heard on site. This will give you a good sense of the scene. We are hoping good, probing interviews materialize with these folks. If so, we will report. If you spot them, please leave in comments.

Go to minute 1:33 of the following video, when an older gentleman on site calmly states: “Somebody is tapped into the sound system. There’s no hits.”

At 5:10, with rounds going off, you hear a man state: “We’ve got some fake gun shots.”

At 7:42, an eyewitness repeats several times: “It’s fireworks.” In the background, again there is pandemonium but no evidence of death and carnage. In going through photos, this one finally appears twenty four hours after the event.

Nearly 24 hours after the event, this is one of only a few photos circulating that show blood or bodies. Four are shown here on the grass (three in the foreground, one in the distance on the left). PHOTO: Getty

At minute 9:22, we witness people being hauled around by untrained personnel on what appears to be makeshift stretchers made of railing. This may not be entirely implausible and could suggest a hybrid event with real casualties combined with deceptions. There is a glimpse of medical personnel at the end.

The Patsy and 2nd-Shooter Theory

Almost all the events TNN has covered — especially during the Obama administration — are staged deceptions and fakes. Most of them are crudely done with B-team actors. Could Las Vegas mark a horrific turn of events and be a true Gladio-style attack with real casualties?

Were there 22,000 attendees or something far less? Based on prior year’s festivals, it sounds like about 25 to 30 thousand is the total attendance of the entire three-day festival — not the number of people listening to the last song of the last concert on the last day of a weekend-long event.

Of course, we are in no way suggesting that there were 7,000 actors. But certainly an audience peppered with actors could stampede a crowd, and there is plenty of footage suggesting just that. Initial social media camera footage looks normal, not all suspiciously grainy as we usually see with these events. In the previous video, you even hear one guy standing up to film the audience, saying, “Everybody is just lying down,” as he scans the audience. I have listened to news interviews of eyewitnesses. They sound more credible, but confused as to what they witnessed.

Although we question the 600-casualty count as exaggerated, we would say this may be an actual Gladio event, a theory worth pursing. The following video gives indications of a shooter on the fourth floor. Both witnesses and the police units themselves were reporting multiple shooters.

Additional Thoughts

Early reports claimed ISIS pronounced Paddock its “soldier” and a recent convert to Islam, but the FBI refuted this report. Police say the motive is unclear. If mainstream media ends up running with the ludicrous ISIS narrative on an 64-year-old American-raised gambler, that’s all you need to know to consider the Paddock set-up contrived.

Paddock’s father, Benjamin Paddock, was a convicted bank robber and on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list after escaping from prison in 1968. He was on the run for 10 years and diagnosed as a psychopath. This would make Paddock a good patsy candidate and target for a genetic mental-health narrative. However, Paddock had no criminal record and was not a known factor to local police.

Dad: Paddock's father was a serial bank robber who was 'diagnosed as psychopathic' and spent eight years on the FBI Most Wanted list after escaping prison (Benjamin Paddock's FBI flyer above)

There are private airplane hangers adjacent to the hotel, which has direct access to runways useful for bringing assets in and out and also for staging purposes. The performance venue itself was closed off and corralled. Paddock himself was pilot and private-plane owner.

Source: Scott Creighton

Update at 8:40 a.m. EST: Crime Syndicate Leaves Its Calling Card

The following video looks like CGI. The behaviors are beyond bizarre, with people blabbing away like they are drugged, and I suppose they could be. It looks like the main crowd has cleared out, but we have a contingent lurking behind smokin’ and jokin’ for the Zombie Apocalypse after party.

Some stand around blowing smoke into the air like they are having a casual conversation. Others stroll along like they are on a romantic fall evening walk. Others are still milling out in the open at this late stage. Apparently they’re trying create a trauma-based horror effect with corpses laid out in front of the stage? The bright lights are switched on for full surreal illumination as AR rounds go off in the background.

PHOTO: Getty

Update on October 4, 2:30 a. m. EST

Apparently Las Vegas police are upset about crime scene photos that have been leaked. I can see why. The first photo below shows the patsy Paddock dead on the scene. Inquiring minds would like to know how a man can shoot himself in the face [see second photo] and end up laying under a tripod. How does that work?

Note resting place of handgun used at some distance from his bloodied face.

This is a photo of two individuals hauling an alleged injured person. On one side, she is hung by the arms. Don’t try this life-threatening method at home on a real injured person as it makes the situation even worse. These people appear to be indoors and sheltered, making the need for handling this woman in this manner not only unnecessary but highly problematic.

Updates October 4, 4:00 a.m. EST

Carnage photo emerges on Live Leaks. I will provide link as it allows enlargement. I can spot several individuals standing out on the grass field. We see a dozen or so huddled in the bleachers. Inquiring minds would like to know: In an active shooter situation, why would they turn on bright lights, illuminating the targets?

Clear and, in my opinion, realistic video has just emerged on Live Leaks of an individual performing triage on casualties. He calls for EMT at minute 2:00. He seems to have a head-mounted POV Go Pro. These casualties seem clustered together. At 2:27, we get a glimpse that they are along the fence line close to where the other photo was taken. You can see the Luxor obelisk in the background in both this and the field photo images. At 3:10, the lights are turned off, and the POV guy argues with someone that the active shooter situation is over and they need the lights for the triage effort.

This scene is very different from the obvious dapper cadavers and blurry images of previous events. If fake, it marks a whole new level of production quality. Although we get a little thumb in front of camera, there is nothing here that just insults the intelligence or is blatant fakery like previous events. If this is fakery, well done Crime Syndicate, A-team work all the way. That said, this is the best evidence seen to support at least a hybrid-Gladio event.

New late-arriving eyewitness video emerging of good quality. The filmer is vocal and observant and it’s from start to finish — thus, it rates high for the historical-record purposes. You can see no hits on the crowd.

At minute 1:38-1:45, an on-the-ground eyewitness states, “You hear the sound of the pops? That means they are not real bullets.” After the stampede begins, the same guy at min. 3:35 says, “Holy shit, I think she is really hurt.” This does not preclude staging, as they could have wounded actor props lined up along the exit that real attendees would witness. At 4:50, after witnessing the critical minutes, he says, “I hope everybody is alright,” which implies he never viewed any casualties other than maybe the one at 3:35. At 4:47 his girl friend exclaims, “That’s must fucking fun we’ve had in three days”- hardly indicating she just witnessed a mass casualty event. A few seconds later they duck from gunfire- which he says, “That’s close!”. Was close from inside the festival?

Update and Takeaway on October 4 at 6:00 a.m. EST

As events go, this one has all the ingredients. It is not a closed book, but a longer-term project.

If this was a 100% staged deception, they brought in about 10 high-quality A-teams for it. The triage video that came out overnight (discussed above) is very realistic and not the buffoonery of other events. The newest on-the-ground stampede video above demonstrates real skill in crowd psychology and how they implant impressions on the real participants.

There are signs this may be a hybrid with real murderous carnage mixed in with stagecraft. I have to hand it to the Crime Syndicate (CS) on this one though, they’ve ramped up and upgraded their game in many respects. Almost like a new coach has been brought in. Ultimately however in looking at the videos available I don’t see anybody being hit in this location, or for that matter anywhere else.

The weak link for the CS: Paddock is the shooter caricature of a patsy, who would have never been able to pull this off alone. Now we will have to see if the CS’ hubris gets the better of it and it badly screws up.

Now we learn that old-man super-criminal Paddock filmed himself during his alleged rampage. Really? And here I was just hoping for simple CCTV footage of how this soft old accountant got in with 23 guns, two tripods and thousands of rounds stuffed into 10 monster-sized bags. Is this the hubris?

The following scant timeline of the event is offered by the Daily Fail:


Country music star Jason Aldean was performing on stage at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival when lone gunman Stephen Paddock, 64, opened fire on the 22,000 people gathered.

About 10 p.m.: Paddock smashes out two windows on the 32nd floor with a hammer-like implement and opens fire with his arsenal of at least 19 weapons – including fully automatic weapons.

10:08 p.m.: First phone call to police that shots had been fired at the festival outside the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

10:38 p.m.: Police in Las Vegas say that they are ‘investigating reports of an active shooter’ near to the Mandalay Bay.

11:08 p.m.: Las Vegas police confirm they have shut down a portion of The Strip.

11:20 p.m.: SWAT teams storm the 32nd floor room that Stephen Paddock was firing from. They gained entry using flashbangs designed to stun the shooter. Paddock fired through the door as SWAT teams were trying to breach the room. By the time they entered the room, he had shot himself dead. Seventy-two minutes elapsed from the first 911 call to Paddock being found dead.

38 Comments on Las Vegas Mandalay Shooting: Important Updates

    • Re motives by the establishment cabal, I also see a big opportunity to mega-demonise the ‘white guy with guns’ image, already an object of fear to the non-gun-owning element of populations

      Plus with all the ‘in your face’ dodgy false-flag elements of these events, the cabal is telling us, ‘9-11 truth has failed, you lost, we can pull off anything we want & make people suck it up’

      It is 1993’s ‘Falling Down’ with Michael Douglas in cabal LARP Live Action Role Play

  1. I do think that most of this was definitely false flag/stated, but I do know if one death that seems to be legit and I can’t imagine that the woman’s family would like about it. So I agree v that there could be some reality in the injuries or deaths. But nothing adds up, that’s for sure.

    • Sometimes i mix premade pasta sauce from a jar and add it in small amounts to my own homemade from scratch to improve the taste. Adding a bit of real to the fake makes the fake taste real. Same was true for wine fraud, they’d cut a small portion of a real $1000 bottle of wine into 5 fake bottles to give it the essence and taste of the real wine and then sell the 5 fakes at the same price.

  2. If they had a solid core of actors, say 20-30 to occupy the cameras, they could easily confuse the remainder of people to make things look chaotic. I’m also sure they could equally easily find someone to kill who might be terminally ill, or that they might just want to get rid of and pay off the family, or not even these days. The Talmud allows them to kill off their own if it helps the cause. Those posts are great. What website is that? He’ll probably disappear now. I’m firmly convinced these attacks are all about security revenue streams. Heck, everything is about revenue stream. How old is Adelson? About the same as Kissinger? I bet the deepest state has sarcophagi!!!

    • I was thinking the same thing a few days ago. The rituals always require a sacrifice in blood.

    • So now there ‘may be’ a sucide note / manifesto & some selfie video … They might use that final scene from 1981’s ‘Taps’ where young Tom Cruise blasts automatic fire thru the window ‘It’s beautiful, man! Beautiful!”

      • With the ‘suicide note’ we’ll be at a full 75% of the ‘False Flag Checklist’

        #1 Nevada Homeland Security drill announced in local media
        #2 Concert advance warning ‘You will die’, warning also on 4Chan
        #3 Eyewitnesses speak of gunfire from multiple sources
        #4 MSM quickly names ‘shooter’
        #5 Shooter amazingly deadly in unusual scene with almost no background / training
        #6 Shooter killed quickly
        #8 Shooter manifesto
        #10 No obvious motive, shooter bio mundane
        #11 Immediate calls for gun control & other legislation
        #12 Crisis actor hiring call preceded event
        #15 Odd witness interviews, inappropriate behaviour
        #16 Las Vegas ‘Victims funds’ booming, GoFundMe etc

        A full False Flag Checklist, a bit adapted from Veterans Today:

        1: Drill at the same or nearby time & place
        2: Foreknowledge / advance warning expressed in some way
        3: Eyewitness conflicting accounts
        4: MSM quickly name & demonise a patsy
        5: Patsy has no military training, yet shoots / kills extremely fast & accurately
        6: Patsy quickly killed, ‘suicided’, or as if drugged / mind-controlled
        7. Driver licence or passport of killer(s) conveniently at scene
        8: Shooter manifesto / social media ‘hate’ etc quickly ‘uncovered’
        9: Evidence conveniently destroyed / unavailable
        10: No obvious motive for massacre, killer bio mundane
        11: Immediate calls for gun control, surveillance etc
        12: Fake ‘victims’, crisis actors called / identified
        13: Victims, witnesses present in multiple events
        14: Victims & families have elite or theatre / acting backgrounds
        15: Witness interviews show little / inappropriate emotion, even snigger / laugh
        16: Victims / families score payoffs / ‘fund me’ riches

        • And as frosting on the cake: autopsies and ballistics secret to protect the privacy of the families, aka Sandy hook. I think the shooting was a recording, easy enough to test the amount of drop out on the recordings to determine if it was recorded or live. Were some shot, maybe, but now with autopsies and ballistics secret, I doubt it. This is a push to ban guns to destroy Trump’s credibility with his base to insure he doesnt get a second term IMO.

  3. I wasted 20 minutes of my life looking at videos of this ‘event’ and have seen absolutely ZERO evidence that anyone was shot. It’s just another hoax, folks.

    • Me too, this is fake and low budget fake at that. I think the photos of the guns is fake as well. We will be told that in a week or two.

      • I am leaning that way, except the triage scene has me thinking some dead bodies were dropped off. They may have found some people around town they wanted to dispense with, and used this operation. LV is a cesspool, would have been a prime opportunity.

  4. “… 9:22 …. people being hauled around by untrained personnel … ”

    As I have come to understand them better, one of the definitive markers of hoax events is just that: badly injured people being moved by civilians rather than EMTs. Most famously perhaps, the man in the straw hat moving a man in a wheelchair who has just had his lower leg blown off in Boston, May 2013. Almost every time! Lots of it in Orlando – one victim was bundled roughly into the back of a pickup truck which then sped away; the two “iconic” photos of Manchester showed a young woman and a middle-aged man – both with torn pants and a slender, around the leg bandage being assisted out by civilians (the woman, I think, being helped as well by regular police officers); think I also saw a photo of a purported victim of one of the London car rammings hoisted up on the shoulders of a group of burly civilians. You just reposted the video of the seriously injured TSA guy in LA being run at high speed in a wheelchair by two police officers as other first responders look on nonchalantly. (I don’t need to use quotes do I?)

    Yet if you move a person with a traumatic or gunshot injury you can do very serious additional damage to organs which is why you can take any first aid course and hear the primary rule (for untrained persons): never move an injured person.

    I have little to add on LosVegas – hybrid – lots of people died, almost certainly – who knows who killed them or who was running them or him. – Keep an eye out on the victim list for a person or persons with a more than foot soldier national security-like background – former SEAL, perhaps – that may have been an assassination strand of the event. Pure hunch: the brother of the killer sure seems like a crisis actor – same skill set as that older guy, the neighbor on the lawn at Sandy Hook.

    Brabantian, key thought: “…the cabal is telling us, ‘9-11 truth has failed …” They are telling us over and over and over.

  5. Another absurd main-stream media story from the Las Vegas massacre, is that of “Iraq War veteran Chris Bethel staying at the Mandalay Bay just two floors below Steve Paddock”, who allegedly listened to gunfire for 72 minutes of killing people & merely tried to raise help on the phone but found “nobody answering”, Bethel staying put as if waiting to talk to his bank card provider.

    In his valiant efforts “Bethel used his telephone to call [emergency number] 911, the front desk of the Mandalay Bay & a different hotel across the street.” But beyond that, Bethel merely looked out his window at police going to other locations.

    Did it not occur to this brave Iraq war veteran to run down & grab a manager at this very-large-staff hotel? If police lines were jammed, could not a hotel manager or this Iraq-hardened warrior, grab a taxi & dash to hail a police car, or go to the police station?

    If people are being shot to death in a plaza for 72 minutes with bullets raining down on them, is it not common sense for a squad of police to quickly enter every tall building over-looking the target area, the Mandalay Hotel being one of the biggest, as gunfire flashed from its windows in the night?

    Bethel said “Minutes are going by, & the rounds are continuously going … Changing weapons, changing calibers, You can hear the difference in the gunshots of the different rifles that he is shooting.” More interesting than the hotel telly, I imagine.

  6. One of the more incredible eyewitnesses. It is a scene right out of Pulp Fiction. Watch now as being deleted from You Tube. Not entirely sure what to make of it- could be staged, but worth viewing. She is one who picked up on the 4th floor shooting- but there is more watch all of it.

    • Check out right around the 5 minute mark. Flashes coming out of a lower window coincide with the sound of shots fired.

  7. TNN awaits the CCTV footage of this transport operation with baited breath.
    Even if they can produce footage and even if the alleged ‘footage’ supported their narrative……….we are dealing with Jews and Hollywood. So………………how can we ever trust anything that comes out of that boob tube???!!! We can never truly know.
    Wolf Wall Street (Bob in DC) says, “Do no play the conspiracy shell game. wtc-7 is the smoking gun of 9-11.” It is interesting to speculate, but try as best as we can to divert the attention of those who might now be interested…………..focus their attention back onto wtc-7.

  8. Just a comment on the triage video, all fake. No open wounds, red red blood, sorry blood turns rust brown when it hits air. Fake, fake, fake. My take is it is the same false flag team that did Boston, right down to the guy in the wheel chair.

  9. Interesting that there is some spin out there, suggesting that alleged shooter Stephen Paddock was a Hillary ‘Resistance’ convert out to get Trumpers & nationalists … This claim an interesting reverse psy-op if coming from the cabal, as a possible way to try to defuse the truthers.

    Interesting too that even half-mainstream ZeroHedge headlined an ‘official story is bullshite’ piece, by Michael Snyder, who is taking a middle line that Paddock was a real killer but seems to have had some help.

  10. Can’t help but feel concerned in advance for Las Vegas alleged shooter Stephen Paddock’s Pinay (Filipina) girlfriend, age 62 (born Dec 1954), who first came to the USA as Marilou Natividad, marrying an Arkansas guy named Geary Danley, in 1990 when Marilou was 35 (now divorced)

    Marilou Danley would be wise not to return to the USA given all the shitestorm & the dishonesty of USA’s judicial system. They’re likely to imprison her just to have her quiet & discredited from pointing out what a whole crock of bullshite went on here. Photo, Marilou Danley on the right:

  11. I notice that 2 of your featured YouTube videos have been taken down so I decided to count how many videos have been taken down, just on my YT notification list in the past couple of days. The result was… 26! (+ many more on my non notifying subcribers list).
    Some videos get reposted on a new channel but priceless sources of information in the comments sections are destroyed.

    We need to establish an independant GentileTube to take away the power of these jewish dictators.

    • 20 hours after my comment that 2 of the videos in this article have been deleted, I notice that the deleted videos have since been replaced.

      Well done TNN, most sites are too lazy to even mention that their video postings have been deleted, let alone to go to the effort of replacing them.

  12. Think about this; about 70 minutes in between first breakage of the windows and a SWAT Guy storming the room…. Where the SWAT Guys on a different radio frequency to their support (fellow officers) outside and on the ground at the venue? Meanwhile shots would’ve been heard from the interior of the hotel hallway…what’s a SWAT guy to do? clearly hotel security was on the spot at minute 1.5 informing said SWAT guy that some dude is firing multiple shots outside of the hotel and not at his bathroom tiles n shitter .What would be SOP on a situation for a barricaded shooter engaged in public mayhem? Concussion grenade? Nope..multiple shotgun blasts to the door? Nope…Wait till he runs outa ammo or develops second thoughts …Maybe…

    From another blog….
    This is something so important and nobody has said one word
    about it, the glass on these Las Vegas high rises all have sensors that detect
    pressure and immediately identify the room number in which the window sensors
    have been activated! I had a friend that stayed at the Mandalay and had a party
    in his room, some drunk idiot accidentally knocked a small person up against
    the window but not even hard, within two minutes they had security banging on
    the door asking if everything was OK and to open the door or they were coming
    in. My friend opened the door to see about five security guards and asked what
    the problem was, the head officer said that something had impacted the sensors
    on the window and to allow them to check the window, they came in and actually
    showed my buddy the small sensors within the window. These are put there for
    insurance purposes so that somebody can’t break the window and jump out to
    commit suicide after losing their life savings and having the family members
    file a major wrongful death lawsuit! There had to be coordination and multiple
    shooters based only on this one fact alone! This was perpetrated by multiple
    individuals because if they sensed a full breach of not one but two windows,
    they would have been up there with armed security and shot this man before he could’ve
    starting opening fire. Impossible for one man to do!

  13. In answer to question raised on the ability to break windows, safety glass can be used the high rise exterior facade. Glass needs to be designed by a registered engineer to withstand human impact and wind loading. This is normally achieved using a safety glazing material, much like that used in doors or on automobiles, plastic film sandwiched with two layers of glazing, very strong, but can be broken with sledge hammer.

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