False Flag Being Rigged for 2018 Super Bowl? Dicey Stuff Going On

Workers installed seats at U.S. Bank Stadium, the new home of the Minnesota Vikings, in April 2016. PHOTO: Star Tribune/Richard Marshall/AP

This week there was a change in the companies handling security for US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, which will be the site for the 2018 Super Bowl to be held on Feb. 4. The new company taking over is G4S Secure Solutions. The company claims to be the world’s leading security contractor with operations in more than 100 countries and very lucrative contracts with the U.S. federal government, including the Department of Homeland Security. They are headquartered in City of London.

Additionally Cathy L. Lanier, former chief of police for D.C., was appointed to NFL security in September of 2016. Lanier unexpectedly resigned in August 2016 after the Seth Rich case escalated. Lanier’s role in the Rich case is more complex and beyond the scope of this article, but researchers can follow that trail here.

One of the leading companies involved in “crisis management” simulations (providing crisis actors) and exercises, is Crisis Cast. It lists G4S as one of its top clients. This is a screen shot of those clients that has now been removed [source].

SMG, which runs venue management for US Bank Stadium, also manages events at Manchester Arena, the site of the Ariana Grande concert “bombing” on May 22. SMG’s clients may be found on their website. 

Lax Security at US Bank Stadium from the Outset? Ideal Situation for a False Flag?

At US Bank Stadium, operator SMG abruptly terminated the contract with provider Monterrey Security one year into its three-year contract for sloppy record keeping, as well as inadequate training and background checks, officials announced Tuesday.

In moving to deny the license renewal, Minnesota Private Detective and Protective Services Agency Board chairman Richard Hodsdon said Monterrey had “hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of individuals performing security functions” who weren’t properly trained or licensed to perform the jobs under Minnesota law.

The report even included a photograph of a felon wearing a Monterrey uniform standing on the field, checking security credentials, during the Vikings game against the New York Giants game last year. That man, Ricky Pouncil, was sentenced to 13 months in an extortion case involving a man who was having an extramarital affair and killed himself.

Opportunity to hard wire the whole stadium with explosives? May be an fiat accompli?

The Twin Cities offer plenty of potential Super Bowl false-flag patsies due to the presence of about 25,000 Somalis.

Background on G4S the New Super Bowl Security Company

G4S was contracted to provide security for the 2012 Olympic Games in London, but it proved a rough experience. Reports said the company was only able to provide a portion of the 10,400 security guards it promised, forcing the UK Ministry of Defense to deploy additional troops to compensate for the shortfall.

G4S’ previous claim to fame in the conspiracy theory space was its role as the employer of alleged lone shooter Omar Mateen, who carried out the Orlando Pulse massacre shooting on June 12, 2016. G4S come under scrutiny for “clerical errors” in their security assessment of Mateen as an employee. Mateen worked for G4S for nine years and up to the night of his alleged death at Orlando Pulse. Ultimately, the company was fined $151,400 for use of false psychological forms.

Meanwhile, there are work crews on site repairing about 30,000 square feet of metal panels at US Bank Stadium. Listen to the reporter at minute 1:40 in the video below state that the question of who is paying for the repairs is a mystery. Why is that? The stadium is heavily tax-payer funded, and they’ve made other cost disclosures throughout the process.

Also note the major use of glass in this stadium, which was finished in summer, 2016.

TNN Takeaway: Rancid as hell. Wouldn’t want to be anywhere near the Super Bowl in Minnesota. Be prepared for an event large enough to change the whole equation.

Here is a scene of Tom Cruise in the movie “The Last Super Bowl.” Predictive programming?

23 Comments on False Flag Being Rigged for 2018 Super Bowl? Dicey Stuff Going On

  1. Las Vegas is a big event and I will need more analysis and looks to comment much. Now they are claiming 50 dead, 200 wounded. That would require some serious shooting skills to hit that many from that distance (nearly 500 m) with a crowd scattering.

    5 rounds per second on bumpfire 200 seconds or 3:20 minutes = 1000 rounds from nearly 500 meters? But you could hear long pauses between bursts. I say no way.

    • The bullet drop at 500m is insane. He’d have to be aiming feet above his targets with such heavy bullets.

      • Inflicted over 600 casualities from 500 meters and 32nd floor yet:

        “Not an avid gun guy at all…where the hell did he get automatic weapons? He has no military background,” gunman’s brother says.

    • And the guy on left side of the frame – he is not looking at the man on the ground, but vaguely just stepping forward. One common feature of these fake events is the boredom these ‘extras’ ooze. And the nonchalant, slow moving bodies.

  2. Here is audio of firing. Sniper fired three bursts at 0:06-0:16, not again until 0:52-1:02, and 1:20-1:30, nothing until end of video at 2:02. Thirty seconds of rounds from 500 meters could not kill 50 and wound 200. There was ample time for people to scatter if they saw others going down.

    RAW VIDEO: Moment Gunman Opens Fire In Las Vegas pic.twitter.com/Sz3PaSnxfW— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) October 2, 2017


    • Other people on the ‘Mandalay Bay Las Vegas False Flag’, are Ian Greenhalgh on Veterans Today, & Aangirfan on her site

      We have more-amazing-than-Oswald ‘lone gunman’ shooting of ’58 killed, 515 injured’ from 100-metres-plus up, with military guys saying it is multiple-shooter & at points machine gun fire, not fire from a mid-60s-age world-weary gambler with few gun skills

      In Las Vegas we already have 50% of a ‘False Flag Checklist’ complete

      #2 Concert advance warning ‘You will die’
      #3 Eyewitnesses speak of gunfire differently than official story
      #4 MSM quickly names ‘shooter’
      #5 Shooter is amazingly deadly in unusual scene with almost no background / training
      #6 Shooter killed quickly
      #10 No obvious motive
      #11 Immediate calls for gun control
      #12 Crisis actor hiring call preceded event

      A full False Flag Checklist, a bit adapted from Veterans Today:

      1: Drill at the same or nearby time & place
      2: Foreknowledge / advance warning expressed in some way
      3: Eyewitness conflicting accounts
      4: MSM quickly name & demonise a patsy
      5: Patsy has no military training, yet shoots / kills extremely fast & accurately
      6: Patsy quickly killed, ‘suicided’, or as if drugged / mind-controlled
      7. Driver licence or passport of killer(s) conveniently at scene
      8: Shooter manifesto / social media ‘hate’ etc quickly ‘uncovered’
      9: Evidence conveniently destroyed / unavailable
      10: No obvious motive for massacre, shooter bio mundane
      11: Immediate calls for gun control, surveillance etc
      12: Fake ‘victims’, crisis actors called / identified
      13: Victims killed, witnesses present in multiple events
      14: Victimes & families have elite or theatre / acting backgrounds
      15: Interviews show little / inappropriate emotion, even snigger / laugh
      16: Victims / families score payoffs / ‘fund me’ riches

    • The targets of ISIS have been absurd from day one. Almost comical. If the ‘turrorists’ truly wanted to destroy america why no blow up a bridge or destroy a giant fuel holding tank or sabotage a pipeline (all of which mysteriously have been immune just like Isra-hell)? These ‘random’ shootings at concerts or baseball games or what have you cater to such a narrow area of focus that they are only mentioned as targets by the Lying Scum Media then low and behold the turrorists spring an attack there.

  3. The Usual BS. This incident shows how poor the public memory is. How many times can the average schmo see these things and not start to recognize patterns?

    1. no one of any consequence is shot
    2. Absolutely no motive.
    3.. Crisis actor hovering over dummy on the ground, in this case a plastic love doll.
    4. No evidence of anyone being shot.

    How many times can they see these things before calling bullshit on all of them?

    • If a staged deception it is really massive. A lot of normal looking crowd footage that is convinicing for a change. Not really seeing the mass casualities but lots of eyewitnesses lined up, not small time stuff like before.

      The ability of this shooter to inflict this kind of damage is very dicey. Brother says no training, no guns. But could he be a mentally ill patsy for pros? I could hear multiple reports going over the other. Two windows smashed out in Mandalay, why? Witness describe same. If a real Gladio event that would mark a horrific change from the hoaxes. Maybe a hybrid with real casualities and exaggeration of magnitude.

  4. …LONE gunman or not, why would ANYONE want to shoot innocent people, who didn’t offend them, personally?

  5. I have a friend who says she knows a bunch of people who went to that concert, people she went to high school with in the 80s. Two friends lost sons. I was kind of telling her it could be a staged event and then she drops that. I believe her that is what her friends reported. Just hard to argue with that. That’s more of a social comment, not a dispositive statement.

    • This kind of third party reporting from honest people is common. It can be a reaction to the trauma that somebody knows somebody who know somebody-etc. However If they can offer me background and proof that these lives were lost there and not just word of mouth, that I can investigate and confirm- I will donate $5,000 towards their burial expense.

      • I’d like to see the FB posts myself (I’m assuming that’s where the information was relayed) and any more positive proof. Anything is possible if you have a large enough social circle, where people could claim something like this as a sort of Munchausen by proxy claim to victim status and sympathy, even though that is too weird for me to contemplate. (I’m going to be damned for speaking ill of the dead and their mothers.) Though knowing her pretty well, that is precisely where her friends would go to a concert (which proves nothing I know).
        Well, I will pass on your offer assuming I can do it without risk of getting my head bitten off.

        • It was via text. The texts read weird (Im not impugning her — my friend). To paraprhase the text: The first friend couldn’t find her son, then she was told later he was deceased. Then the second one waited all day and found out later he was dead. Very strange just that snippet of not even seeing their kids get shot. Well, maybe you go to concert with your kids but try not to hang out with them.

          • I believe the toll is exagerated, but I haven’t ruled out a hybrid Gladio event on this one. I hope not as that would be a horrific turn of events from the staged deceptions. New post going up shortly.

      • Off topic, but the background picture for the homepage, is that the Ukranian Insurgent Army?

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