The Shills’ Chorus: ‘I Know a Guy Who Knows a Guy Who Was Shot in Vegas’

One of the common tactics in staged deceptions are flurries of comments in which the poster claims to know somebody who knows somebody who was killed or injured during an event. Typically, they’re at least two or three parties removed. The names of “victims” are rarely if ever mentioned. The claims are incredibly scripted and repetitive. And now we learn that “50-60” at the Thousand Oaks shooting also were at the Vegas Harvest 91 massacre. [see Thousand Oaks Shooting: The Things We Are Asked to Believe].

This post provides a collection of such comments. One might wonder why large numbers of these commentators feel compelled to use a forum like Reddit’s r/Conspiracy to run with this. The following is a sampling of 39 of them, just about Las Vegas and just from Reddit’s r/Conspiracy sub-Reddit. Many, many more can be mined elsewhere.

The mathematical odds of dozens of people posting the same general narrative to a specific little corner of the internet and sub-Reddit must be millions to one — if not billions. Note also that some of these posts have a high number of up-votes, typically a sign of brigading. I’m convinced a high percentage are these scripts generated by computerized bots.

Clearly, this is an absurdly disproportionate number of people affected personally by the Vegas event, but many also think there’s a real false-flag conspiracy involved. So even though many “question the official narrative,” they harass and insult those who question the basic claims that people were shot — as if every other detail is possibly a lie, but there’s no way anyone would ever fake a shooting. It’s highly suspicious that the staged deception theory is the nonnegotiable point in these narratives. Manipulative.

They combine this with standard gaslighting, questioning the motive for the staged-deception theory.  They create a straw-man argument revolving around why actors would be in on it for no apparent motive or reason. The answer is that these are false personas, or cutouts: people who aren’t real — just like most of the shills. See Miles Mathis Exposes Fake Personas in the Las Vegas Shooting.

Did Rochester Institute of Technology Class of ’07 Grads Provide Fake Personas for the Vegas Shooting?

Our ‘Theory’ Confirmed: Social Media is Largely Faked

Editor’s Note: Credit to /u/joe_jaywalker for assembling the links to this list.

7Seraphim7 5 points 

Listen this theory that nothing happened is kind of a little sketchy. I know of someone killed there with 2 degrees of separation from myself. I know of many people that can be verified this way since I live in Southern California. That being said, if you’re looking to start an actual discussion you could have a different approach than being inflammatory and baiting in the way you ask this question. Unless of course your goal here isn’t a civilized discussion :).

Cigarette5mokingman[S] 2 points 

Once again, I live in Vegas, and I personally know someone who buried a family member. People died. Except this as fact because it is. Other very shady shit went on that night which is not being addressed by the media. Unless perhaps you’re only here to disrupt the conversation.

goingtocalifornia_ 0 points 

I literally know a girl who was shot in the eye. She’s recovering albeit very slowly. How do you explain that, exactly? Of course stuff is being covered up but your assertion is wrong.

rake16 1 point 

Just gotta say, I know someone who was there and she saw people that were actually shot and dead.

She talks about it a little bit on the news as well. I can promise you on this one, people were actually shot, the only debate at this point is motive and who was behind it. Both of those are totally open for discussion.

Plomagliojr 1 point 

My wife and the mother of my son was there. She was injured and she was treated. Most of these “theories” on this site are interesting and creative but this is plain silly.

AnonDocs[S] 5 points 

Oh fuck off people died my best friends old roommate is almost dead, people who live in southern California or Arizona or Vegas know enough people who actually have a life and go to Vegas to know people who were affected or close to that shooting. It was real, it was a false flag.

polkadotgirl 12 points 

I actually do know somebody who died in it. In my community. A real person. Vigil. Funeral. Everything. I think it was still a false flag but real people died.

brooksandretti 3 points 

I know someone who’s in the hospital! The bullets were real, everything else is up in the air


If you’re suggesting that the Las Vegas shooting didn’t happen, you’re wrong. I personally know someone that was killed. I’m not going to be able to prove it so you’re going to have to take my word… or not I really don’t care.

Daddydante88[S] 5 points 

I rock my tinfoil hat with pride. I don’t trust my government or any of its agencies. I believe wholeheartedly that there is a lot of possibility that the story we are being told is not true.

Yet with that said I do have to disagree with you, bullets were flying. People died. I’m going to avoid giving out too much information about my personal life but, my employment leads me to work in a lot of people’s homes. One of my regular customers is a 55 year old woman who was at the Jason Aldean concert in Vegas when it happened. She showed me the blood on her shoes and pants. It wasn’t hers she didn’t get hurt.

Also, there is pictures, there is footage. I won’t post them here but go spend a little time on /pol/ it won’t take you long to see them.

Predator04 2 points 

I have 5 friends that have passed away from this. There has been deaths for sure. Hoax not even. False flag? Yes

JakeElwoodDim5th 8 points 

This guys a fucking dickhole. Notice, all he does is say its fake, and then expect you to prove to him that it’s real.

The burden of proof is on you, u/joe_jaywalker , asshole. I’m two degrees removed from someone there. It happened.

u/joe_jaywalker -You’re stupid enough to believe that they would put together a more elaborate set-up than a fucking top-budgeted hollywood movie when simply shooting people is not only exponentially simpler, but actually possible.

i’m really starting to think this “hoax” narrative is being pushed by an element in Deep State in order to discredit those of us who insist on looking into this event.

marflow75 1 point 

My bosses sister was killed and her husband seriously wounded. I worked with him the night of October 1. Woke up the next morning to the news of the shooting, and then news of his sisters death. He was off work 3 weeks and isn’t the same since he came back. So I’ve seen first hand the effect. My mother has a good friend who was working the event. I’ve heard firsthand her story. So for that to be a hoax those two people would have to also be getting paid off.

Next I would ask what PROOF do you have that it didn’t happen. And your position that the burden of proof is on me doesn’t work.

And then finally, to what end would a hoax be effective? Who would benefit from that? In what way? False flag, yes. Hoax, no.

tterb0331 3 points 

No need to show me examples. I’ve personally seen plenty of gunshot victims. How could you have THAT many “actors” and keep things so quiet? How do I have a friend from the military that was childhood friends with one of the people that died at the concert? Is this just an “actor?” And where does he go now that he is “dead?”

Most people here aren’t arguing the fact that this event did in fact happen, and people really did die. We are trying to figure out how it actually went down, who was behind it, what was the motive, etc...

warrhamster 1 point 

Yeah. I guess anyone can say anything anonymously on here but I did know someone who died there. False flag conspiracies kind of get to me because it’s hard on the people who lost people during them. I don’t think they work either. I live in a small town in the south and they’re never gonna take our guns. Not easily anyways. It was probably a bad idea to even click on this thread. As for my favorite conspiracies, I like more out there stuff like hollow earth, Antarctica stuff, and alien stuff.

TheEstherCutie 7 points 

You didn’t attend my friends funeral…. You might be sadly mistaken there…. if you go into my history you will find the link to our invite and also talking with someone else who felt it didn’t happen.

This hit too close to home for me. I am someone who thought sandy hook was a fake. And now… here I am missing my friend, Brennan Stewart’s presence. He didn’t have to even talk to you for that smile to light up the room.

I remember he was a grade ahead of us. He gave me my first pooka shell necklaces. Good guy. Rip.

FWIW… I don’t blame you for thinking it may not have happened because I have been there with sandy hook and I’ve seen the crisis actors. Maybe it happened with both in Las Vegas?

Maybe… innocent people did die but crisis actors were there to tell a different story. After all, witnesses are dying.

Just food for thought not an attack. I don’t want to let the loss of a friend and my beautiful home dictate how I treat you.

We are all here to ask questions and that’s the point of the sub. So…. that’s just my food for thought.

Shiftyze -2 points 

I don’t think Sandy Hook is legit but I do believe people died in this massacre. I work with two people who were concerned for friends and family that week, getting different details. Then I have two Xbox Live friends who talked to me about it. It happened, we just don’t know the motive.

FlubberNutBuggy 2 points 

4 Canadians were killed there, including 3 from the province I live in. One of those victims, Jessica Klymchuk, was a single mother of FOUR children, school bus driver and teachers assistant and well known in her small community of around 2000 people. Are you really, seriously trying to imply she was somehow in on some American conspiracy? There are really no words for how deluded that is. You think she abandoned her life in some small town that is not even in the US, abandoned her children and her career in which she spent most of her waking hours helping children? Based on what evidence, and what motivation(tentative to wether you think she was willingly involved)?

Here is a statement by her employer

So, by the logic you are trying to propose, either that school board doesn’t exist, and none of the students exist and the town doesn’t exist? Or she was in on it for no apparent motive or reason?

randomguyrandomstuff 12 points 

Dude, I’m not going to go hunt down evidence that people died for you. They did. I had met one of them several times through a family friend.

I have no issue with you believing this was a false flag or whatever, but to say no one was shot is just fucking dumb.

0xnull 1 point 

I dated a girl who was there. She was trampled and watched the woman beside her die from a shot.

runescapejesus 0 points 

Im not sure still.

Ive had my sister tell me her coworker’s friend died and my Aunt tell me a little boy she knows parents died and he came up to her crying.

This is very problematic for me. Because I know for a fact they used crisis actors for this event and that “gore” on liveleak was staged/fake. I will try to ask my Aunt some more details this Christmas Eve about what she knows.

blackbutters 32 points 

My friend got shot in the arm.

chuxarino 0 points 

My friend was shot in the arm. She’s recovering. She’s not an actress. I’ve known her family for years.

TheBigAndy 0 points 

I have know multiple people who were there. A coworker and his friend who was shot, two personal friends who escaped quickly, and my sisters sorority sister was shot. Both people lived who were shot.

cosmosomsoc 10 points 

Vegas local here. My sister was at the event and witnessed everything as it happened. A good friend was shot in the foot and is in recovery. Sisters fiancé is a first responder and performed triage for 12 hours. So…


The people have emerged, one of them is my niece you piece of shit!

walkhardd 4 points 

I saw someone i know dead in this video, you fucking retard. My little sister was there, and she’s fucked up from all this.

ThatGuyNearby 1 point 

You must not live in Vegas or know anybody that happened to be here. I knew people at the concert, knew someone that was killed, and have now heard countless stories from others that were there. Definitely nothing staged

istoleyourribeyes 3 points 

I’ve personally seen a gunshot victim from the event. As in I saw the the person, in person, with a bullet hole. I think their was probably gunshots.

coocookazoo 2 points 

My cousin that lives in Vegas actually has a friend that was shot in the shoulder.

Jhov12 9 points 

My friends sister was killed. Weve covered this

kevjay17 1 point 

Do you think all these families are lying? I know someone who was shot, are they lying?

adidasbdd 6 points 

My buddy was there, people really died. You have tens of thousands of witnesses. You people are insane

dsnuh[S] 3 points 

Hey dumbass, they did die. That attorney in San Diego that died worked with my attorney for the last year.

DrChooch 1 point 

Lol, ok bud. I guess the lady from a small town named Teulon which is near where I live in Winnipeg, MB, Canada getting news coverage of her recovery is part of the act.

If you don’t believe the shots of all the dead bodies laying around, or the accounts of people on here saying they lost a friend, attended a funeral etc…. But the ‘video’ you linked works for you then so be it.

jiveturkey17 1 point 

Yeah well it’s a bit different when I know somebody that actually had three rounds put into their back and died and it wasn’t apart of some fake act. I get this is a conspiracy thread, but damn.

giants707fan[S] 2 points 

I went to the service of someone killed in the attack. Was that a giant production to fool me too?

jollyberries 5 points 

I know two people that died actually, they went to the concert, they did not come home,

thefirdblu 1 point 

One of the victims is from the town I just moved away from, and I know people who knew her.


My ex was murdered in the shooting. Her husband dragged her corpse behind a bench under gunfire because he was unsure if she was dead or not. I went to the funeral and still know the family well. You’re a fucking moron.


I also have personal ties to this and KNOW many people died.

27 Comments on The Shills’ Chorus: ‘I Know a Guy Who Knows a Guy Who Was Shot in Vegas’

  1. “cosmosomsoc” – I know my sister, who knows a “good friend” and knows her fiance who “performed triage for 12 hours”— LMAO

    Really? first responder triage operations lasts twelve hours? how ludicrious

    • I heard it from a friend who heard from a friend who heard it from another… REO Speedwagon “Take It On The Run” comes to mind.

        • “Unless of course your goal here isn’t a civilized discussion :).”

          My pos, below, on “Pilpul” from another topic/on another blog…but I felt the need to post in response to this comment…:

          My understanding of “pilpul” is as a tactic, describable as “deliberate quarreling in an effort to confuse/delay/distract an enemy or opponent” (or goyim)…just occured to me there is a heavy aspect of “gaslighting” in this activity.

          For “normal people”, what I consider “people with honor”, it is fundamentally dishonest,
          at a deep level.

          Another way to describe it is
          “Shit- Stirring”…..
          done by “Shit-Stirrers”.

          Some examples might be:

          Incitement to Race or Civil Wars.
          (see: George Floyd psyop,
          OJ Simpson psyop).

          Incitement to Class Wars.
          (see: Karl Marx)

          Feminism, ” Men Are Pigs” Project
          (see: Betty Friedan)

          The “Generation Gap”, the alienation of affection and trust, between older and younger members of extended families…

          The creation of the human ” Teenager”,with all the Marketing, Fads, and Rebellion that could be wrung out of them.

          ( see: Tavistock, Theodore Adorno, the Frankfurt School,the Beatles, the Stones, Laurel Canyon, Tate/LaBianca/ NATO murders).

          Gender Confusion and Dysphoria,
          and the promotion
          (and lucrative sales) of irreversible hormones, chemical dosing, and body-altering surgeries.

          Covid19 Pilpul:
          ○ Gain of Function
          ○ “The China Virus”
          ○ Zoo-notic Transmission
          vs. “Lab Leak”, Bats, Pangolins,etc.
          ○ Snake Venom
          ○ “Asymptomatic Transmission”…seriously??
          ○ In Vivo, In Vitro, In Silica: NO samples of virus presentable for examination, so how to construct a vaccine?
          ○ Wear a Mask, Wear TWO, wear THREE masks…
          …nevermind…Masks don’t work!!
          ○ PCR Testing determines CASES!…nevermind!!…phased out!! by CDC 31DEC2022…and Replaced by…>>>WHAT??!?<<<

  2. My heart pump’s purple piss for these cryin’ crisis actors. I dedicate this to all those suffering from the heart of my bottom.

  3. What’s left of US local ‘newspaper’ websites are also full of these anecdotes and stories by people who know people too. What’s interesting is that this is ‘news’ all over small town America, not just in the localities of events

  4. The British army has a special internet propaganda unit known as 77th Brigade. How many people in a brigade? Typically 4-6 thousand, so this is no small operation. 77th Brigade spends their time rigging online polls, insulting truthers, and supporting the Evil Elite’s position on every issue. A great deal of Wikipedia is produced and/or monitored by these creeps.
    77th Brigades operations cover the entire spectrum of the English-speaking internet, and I would imagine that the US government has a similar unit. I have read that the US armed forces employ as many as 80,000 people in ‘Information Management’. What they all do, I don’t know, but clearly they don’t need to use bots in these propaganda operations as they have more than enough manpower.

    • And of course the chosen name of their openly admitted shill operation is 77 – 7th July (2005) our very own false flag deluxe. Rubbing our noses in it.
      I once mused on the scale of this official shilling. Let’s say, just for argument’s sake, that there was a budget of $1 bn available (I suspect the actual figure would be much higher than that). If you paid $50,000 pa you would have 20,000 employees. Allowing for shift rotation. annual leave and so on, that would give you about 4,000 operatives online at all times. How many politically relevant websites are there? That sounds like pretty comprehensive coverage to me. Of course those are all hypothetical figures, but it does give some sense of scale. Or so my brother’s girlfriend’s cousin’s mother’s hairdresser told me.

      • Redeploy that budget to artificial intelligence with 50 sock puppets controlled by one technican. The shill commentary is often very machine like and not human sounding. Read through the examples above.

  5. Having some background related to law enforcement, I transcribed two overlapping public audio files of Las Vegas police recordings of the shooting.

    I attempted to filter out most of the initial hysteria and medical-focused events and transmissions, focusing on police actions targeted against the protagonists (there were more than one), and attempting to capture the meaning of what was communicated into plain English (rather than quote them perfectly using their specialized lingo and various call signs).

    This effort was exhausting and there are certainly errors and possibly important details I missed, but I’ve attempted to note the times relative to each statement so that readers can review them for themselves.

    This should call into question the veracity of the official narrative regarding what may have been occurring that night. Perhaps there was a lone gunman with no other violent accomplices. But for the FBI or any other agency to so quickly state with any confidence that he was a “lone wolf” is, at best, evidence of overconfidence, incompetence, and unprofessionalism.

    See the transcript here:

  6. Has anyone called the hospitals in Las Vegas to see how many gunshot victims were admitted? Did they call MASH 4077 to handle the scene? With dozens of gunshot victims showing up unexpectedly at the Emergency Room wouldn’t that be a great story of the heroic work of nurses and doctors? Never seen a one. Now we get dance class on TicToc of nurses in an empty hospital. They are our heroes.

  7. These comments contain many examples of technique #2 in the link below-“consensus cracking”. The technique relies upon containing a “very weak premise without substantive proof”, i.e. the “my friend knows someone who was shot” trick. Interesting how many feign to be open to the “false flag” aspect, while at the same time shooting down the possibility of a hoax. Talk about nitpicking- some even saying that they doubted sandy hook happened, I guess in an effort to seem open minded? That’s technique #3- “topic dilution”. And of course Reddit conspiracy in its totality is a great example of technique #6, where the entire forum is controlled by shill moderators, most likely still up only to misdirect honest commenters.
    “The Gentleperson’s Guide to Forum Spies”

  8. These deceptive techniques are being used as well with this whole pandemic scam. I’m always coming across comments where someone knows someone whose brother’s sister’s cousin’s dad died of Covid-19 because the doctor said so.

  9. Lots of bad grammar here, an indicator of bot or bogus person posting (remember the 80s video game where the voice says, “All your base are belong to us”?) And why use the term “degrees of separation” when some don’t even know what “degrees of separation” means since it isn’t used much in regular speech? (No one I know uses it). And why the insults to non-narrative comments that read like something only a shill would post? But the best indicator of shillery is the fact that (according to the Mathis article anyway) supposedly 58 people died yet the comments (and only those posted with this article) would indicate that hundreds died: according to the comments, 48 were shot or died, with most of the “people” indicated in the comments dead. I do not know how many folks posted on that r/conspiracy page but Russ said many posted. If roughly (I’m estimating) 30 died (according to the comments here) when according to Mathis 58 died–and several were Canadians (?)–then this makes me thing (I love to do the math!) that this comment page is loaded with shills or even bots.

  10. I noticed this phenomenon after 9/11. Everybody knew someone or they themselves were suppose to be in the twin towers that day. I never noticed one person mention they were suppose to be in building 7.

  11. Sounds like you’re NOT familiar with Gladio. Yes, yes, Europe not U.S., etc etc.

    But think of Vegas and other shootings as the American version Gladio.

    REAL human beings die. That’s what numerous commenters above say: that real people die, but it’s still a false-flag i.e. carried out by death squads not some random patsy. It’s much easier just to shoot people than produce a fictitious event more complicated than the sets of Braveheart or Titanic, or Lizzy Taylor’s Cleopatra.

    You folks need to take your foot off the throttle of “it’s all fake/crisis actors, Hollywood CGI, Spielberg production”, etc etc. Otherwise you risk being in the same loon category as Miles Mathis et al.

    • I have been calling it Gladio 2.0 all along if you’ve ever actually read my posts.

      Couldn’t disagree more, much easier to stage and control the message than to kill people with all the associated baggage and surviving families.

      • Look, you put out fantastic work and do a great service in the cause of Truth, even if I disagree with you on some issues.

        There are very persuasive arguments to be made for some recent events being completely staged: i.e. Boston Marathon bombing, Charlie Hebdo, Nice. However, even with Boston, it was a hybrid, because a local cop was killed after, almost certainly by death squads, and then they deliberately killed one of the brothers. Then, in a gruesome and disturbing fashion, they cut the vocal cords of the surviving one, claiming, no joke, that “he was shot in the larynx”. One has to have the IQ of a turnip to believe that.

        What really makes these events complicated and difficult to untangle for those in pursuit of Truth is the hybrid nature of more modern false-flags: i.e. on a spectrum between fully staged and real shootings. This causes much confusion and needless bickering.

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