Joe Biden’s Latest in America’s Planned Humiliation Ritual

Observers are speculating that Joe had a poop incident. Full examination of the clip indicates Dementia spent an inordinate time attempting to sit in a chair.

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  1. My contention is that the Kabuki is pushing Biden out and by sympathy the leftist news media will start to embrace Trump. Trump will be elected (and may serve from prison). Trump will be the guy who brings down the country in a controlled demolition and be the star shabbos who implements the Noahide punishments. MAGA tards will celebrate all the way to the cattle cars and beyond.

    • We must admit that giving what’s left of the power to the so called “far right” MAGA extremists exactly when the country totally collapses will be a smart move.

  2. “Biden walks away in a stupor.
    Macron is enough of a class act to stop and engage with the old American vets.”

    Macron is, shall we say, * flexible*….
    Go search up a few video clips of this event Macron hosted at the Elysee

    June 2018
    Critics mock Emmanuel Macron as unpresidential
    for posing with risqué LGBT dance troupe at Elysée palace

    French President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to host an electro dance night at the Elysée and to pose with his wife Brigitte alongside an LGBT dance troupe has enraged opposition figures who accuse him of degrading the presidential status

    Not sure most vets would be impressed with this “man’s” judgement or character.
    He should have left the stage with Biden.
    He is France’s own version of a humiliation ritual.

    These people are not leaders.

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