Shoes in Staged Deceptions and False Flags as Both Calling Cards and Black Magik

Scene outside Ned Pepper Bar "mass shooting," Dayton, Ohio. PHOTO: via Twitter

Ole Dammegard is an intrepid researcher of staged Gladio II deceptions. He is subject to site attacks and censorship and is another individual who needs our support. His member-area research can be availed here by subscription. He has a closed Facebook group folks here might want to join and network. I participated before I made the decision to drop Facebook altogether.

Ole spotted something I’ve mentioned often on these pages: the existence of out-of-context photos of abandoned shoes at staged events. He feels these shoes are calling cards. I’ve always felt the staged images are forms of black magik, as it puts anybody laying eyes on them in a position to have to defy logic to accept them as real. If you accept them as real, you enter the trance.

Ole goes into some detail as to just how widespread the shoe calling card is — surprising even me. He thinks the Crime Syndicate may also have been using shoes as a mind-control trigger for some time. Ole believes these are made in Israel-Masonic psyops. I would say such imagery is certainly being used for some manner of social conditioning.

A basic Google search of the phrase “Freemason shoe” produced the following result, as well as numerous other entries:

Masonic Shoe: The Masonic shoe, which is also called the Blue Slipper, is symbolic of a physical confirmation of a spoken deed. To unloosen one’s shoe and give it to another person was the way of confirming a contract in ancient times.

Masonic Lodge 400 discusses the masonic shoe:

The best explanation of the Masonic Shoe is that it is “symbolic of a physical confirmation of a spoken deed or act.”

“Now this was the manner in former time in Israel concerning redeeming and concerning changing, for to confirm all things; a man plucked off his shoe and gave it to his neighbor: and this was a testimony in Israel.”

During the ceremonies of your Entered Apprentice Degree, you were instructed about the above passage of scripture from the Volume of the Sacred Law. The deed or act mentioned in this passage is meant to signify both the confirming of a contract, as well as the commitment to carry out the terms and conditions of that contract without fail. This symbolism, as far as Freemasons are concerned, is intended to express the sanctity of the contract made between yourself and the Lodge where you have taken your vows.

The Masonic Lodge of Education site tells us this is Judeo-Masonic symbolism (calling card) and even ancient Greek in origin:

Is the Masonic Shoe a Masonic symbol?  Yes.  But, once again, we find that the Masonic shoe is another Masonic symbol which did not originate with Freemasonry, but which was taken from traditions of antiquity as documented in the Holy Books.

The reference to the shoe in the First Degree is symbolic of a Covenant (a promise) to be entered into.

Ruth 4: 7-8: “Now this was the manner in former time in Israel concerning redeeming and concerning changing, for to confirm all things; a man plucked off his shoe and gave it to his neighbor:  and this was a testimony in Israel. Therefore, the kinsman said unto Boaz, “Buy it for thee.” So he drew off his shoe.

Pythagoras to his Disciples (in Greek) translated as: “Offer sacrifice and worship with thy shoes off.”

The Druids practiced the same custom whenever they practiced their sacred rites.

We dealt with the incredulous and ridiculous story of one Mason Wells surviving three terror attacks and ending up with a shrunken head in our post “Mason Wells from Brussels Blast: Head Shrinks After Miracle Recovery.” “Mason” has a book out called “Left Standing” and a calling card right on the cover shows him with his left foot shoeless.

August 5, 2019 Update: Dayton, Ohio, Ned Pepper Bar

Update: Stagecraft crew setting up the Ned Pepper scene?

March 14, 2019 Update: Christchurch, New Zealand Mosque Attack

Further reading:


In the 2017 New Year’s terror attack on an Istanbul nightclub, The Reina, 39 people were killed and dozens injured by a lone gunman. A large pile of shoes was photographed inside. Where are more obvious items like cell phones and purses? And not a drop of blood. Does this make any sense?

The next image is from the Westminster Bridge “terror attack.” What conceivable and plausible reason would there be to remove this man’s shoes and leave him nearly barefoot on a damp pavement?

Read “Perpetrator In Westminister Attack First Misnamed, Then Left Unidentified”

PHOTO: International Business News Times

Again, in London, with the “victim” flayed out in an unnatural position on damp pavement with one shoe removed. If you we attending to this man, would one of the first things you do involve removing one shoe?


In the Barcelona “terror truck attack,” imagine you are untrained and trying to assist this person. Would you take their shoe off and lay it under a foot where the ankle appears fractured? If so, why?

Read “Anomalies and Contradictions in the Barcelona ‘Vanado’ Terror Attack”

PHOTO: 1220 AM New York

Westminister Bridge: One of the most unnatural photos of a “dead body” ever. How tall is she? Three meters? How did she even get there? And, coming back to our topic at hand, where are her shoes?


Ultra-bizarre indeed. One lone shoe stands on its sole in the middle of a London pedestrian bridge as “forensic guys” pose.


From the aftermath of Las Vegas Harvest Fest automatic weapon event: Why would someone just toss nice flagged boots to the curb? Obviously this is designed for emotional effect.

Read “Highly Revealing Synchronized Videos Emerge of Las Vegas Shooting (Note Important Shooter Audio Analysis Update!)”

PHOTO: Huffington Post

We see lots of Nike brands, including this pair spotted outside the Bataclan theater in Paris after that inexplicable “attack.” This is fall weather as shown by the leaves. The date is Nov. 15, 2015. Who would run out of the theater and just leave their shoes on the curb? Then there is the added emotional effect of a bloody shirt. This is trauma-based programming.

Read “Blast From the Past: Deceptive Imagery from Paris Attacks”


At the Nice truck “attack” in 2016, we see a downed individual with a shoe removed. The loose shoe next to his body doesn’t even match the shoe he is still wearing. And look how enormous and out of proportion the black shoe is. Unless you are emotionally traumatized, this scene makes no sense.

Read “Observations on the Nice Truck Attack: Little Adds Up” and “Reminder: French Authorities Ordered Destruction of CCTV Images of Nice Terror Attack (UPDATE)”

Four loose shoes (circled red) in the iconic photo of the Charlottesville alleged car attack. For those who have never seen how choreographed this was, I have saved the enhanced video clip below. Notice at minute 00:00:55 that the black acrobatic guy in the photo is seen jumping down from the hood of the truck without his right shoe. Also notice at min. 00:03:04 that as the driver of the car reversed and backed down the street, that a shoe astonishingly drops off of the crushed front bumper. I think VERY few people have seen this video, even among my readers.

Read “In the Wake of the Series of Hate Hoaxes: Time to Reexamine the Charlottesville ‘Car Assault’. Was it a Staged Deception?”

Red shoe at 00:03:04 is dangling from “James Fields” Challenger as he backs down the street at C-ville.

Notice inexplicable shoe on pavement at lower right.

And the 9/11 Memorial Museum displays. Wouldn’t you know it, an assortment of shoes.

Last but not least, playing it forward: Global activism group Avaaz placed more than 7,000 pairs of shoes on the lawn in front of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., last March as a symbol of the number of lives lost at the hands of boogeymen since Sandy Hook.

PHOTO: ABC News/Reuters

27 Comments on Shoes in Staged Deceptions and False Flags as Both Calling Cards and Black Magik

  1. Anyone who’s been to the museum at Auschwitz knows that one of the first displays you’re met with is a glass container full of ‘victims’ shoes.

  2. I love Ole’s work and think he is one of the best when it comes to exposing all these deception’s they are trying to sell us.

    I also find it strange people like Ole have never questioned the fact that it is very possible the JFK assassination was such an event. I must confess I never considered it until I read what Miles Mathis and Tyrone McCloskey had to say.

    Real quick, two photo’s which clearly show two different cars were used that day. Photo one Shows Jackie crawling over the back seat after JFK had suffered the fatal head shot(strange there is not a drop of blood anywhere in the photo, JFK body looks like that of a mannequin). Is Jackie showing us her shoes?

    Photo two is a picture of the presidential limo of the aftermath. Back seats are completely different. You will have to scroll 3/4 way down the page to find the image.

    Both photos are used by main stream media and are said to be the actual assassination photo’s. Go to google images and type JFK assassination and you will be able to tell there were multiple cars used on that day.

  3. The film, ‘Wag the Dog’ is all about a fake war and a fake hero named Schumann. The shoe theme is prevalent there also.

  4. Another thing about the Charlottesville hoax that has escaped the notice of most viewers – the car that first appears at 1:32 in that video has an applique padded vinyl roof like a 1970’s Chrysler. It’s not a convertible – there are no four door convertibles. It’s a padded vinyl roof, so the stuntmen could avoid injury.

  5. Have you heard of David Paulides, former San Jose detective, author of the 411 missing (non-fiction) books and others (branched out to urban missing and missing worldwide.)? I would guess you have.

    He’s had great interviews on Coast to Coast available on YouTube regarding his research into missing persons, and the cases, imho, are very unsettling.

    I only bring this up because of the cases he’s studied — he has pretty strict criteria — there are very few common threads in the clues — he analyzes the cases as a police detective would.

    But one common thread, notably, many of these bizarre and frankly awful disappearances are associated with missing shoes, usually one missing shoe, iirc, often placed close to the body.*

    *Some cases are resolved with the person being discovered (alive).

  6. The reference to the Masonic shoe, crucial as it is, is insufficiently developed to make sense. it needs an explication. The reference is to the Book of Ruth and the shoe ends the story as the symbol of the concluding deal. Ruth is a widowed Moabite wife of an emigrant Israelite. On the death of her husband and her sister-in-law’s as well. Her previously widowed mother-in-law, Naomi, decides, on the death of her sons, to return to Bethlehem. Though both daughter-in-laws accompany her for a way, only Ruth persists against Naomi’s strong arguments not to. They arrive in the land of Naomi’s kinsmen and Naomi advises Ruth to glean the most prosperous of these, Boaz’s, fields. He notices her and makes her one his household maids, forbidding his male servants from touching her. After one party, when Boaz his fallen asleep from drink, on Naomi’s previous advice, Ruth TAKES OFF THE SHOES of Boaz and lies at his feet. When he wakes, he is so taken with desire that he quickly arranges a legal meeting where a kinsman of closer standing must be given the chance to buy Naomi’s hereditarily entailed property and provide for, “buy” Ruth. He declares that he cannot do both, says “Buy it yourself” and THROWS HIS SHOE’ in the air to signal the done deal. Ruth and Boaz are the great grandparents of David and are a significant event in the hereditary lineage of the Messiah. So much for the action, now for the analysis. Ruth & Naomi are travelers–one who is landless and one returning to her land. Travelers need shoes. Boaz is landed and in no need of traveling. Ruth, in erotically removing his shoes is symbolically offering both herself and Naomi to him. In concluding the deal which is symbolized by the one shoe, he gets that which is symbolized by two as Naomi becomes Ruth’s offspring’s nurse. Since he gets this by having more money at his disposal than his kinsman, his kinsman’s shoe represents half his own wealth–since the kinsman could have afforded Naomi but not Ruth. He gets more native land but also a claim on foreign land by getting two for the price of one. Naomi symbolizes Israel and the rest of the planet is Ruth (Ruth is not originally a Jew). Also Ruth symbolizes the Masons who, not Jews, attach themselves to them (see Ruth’s famous speech of devotion to Naomi ( “Israel”) ) and have a claim on the Messianic conquest of the planet. The Christian evangelicals are also Ruth and the Masons among them surely know this.

    • Fascinating explanation. Not many people realize that God is NOT EVEN MENTIONED in the Old Testament books of Ruth (pimping out the daughter), Esther (uncle pimping out his neice/lover to gain power for himself over the Gentile monarch, using sex to persuade the idiot monarch to massacre his own faithful Gentiles for protesting against Hebrew power), and the Song of Solomon (nothing but crude erotica pushing race-mixing). It’s all about Hebrews worshipping the Hebrew people, while pretending to worship God.

  7. The shoe as a symbol- ( bottom line is we have been conquered )

    Shoes in symbolism have a contradictory significance. They represent authority and power, but they can also represent humility, servitude. It all depends on the context we find them in. The shoe denotes supreme power and possession. ‘
    Den Pantofifel schwingen ‘ is a well-known proverbial expression marking off the shoe as the symbol of power. And another adage, in which likewise the shoe is represented as the embodiment of power The shoe thus characterizes the successful warrior. But it also denotes victory in a different battle, the battle for right and possession. A purchase becomes legal when the seller takes off his shoe and hands it over to the buyer.

    This ceremony indicates the transfer of possession to the new possessor. The shoe means possession in a larger sense : offspring, land the shoe serves as a challenge to fight and as a token of subjugation.

    To sell a person for shoes means to abandon him for a mere nothing, to tread upon him, as it were, with the shoe. The shoe as a symbol of somebody being trodden In disputes the term shoe designates an insult in the highest degree To come under the shoe or to lick somebody’s shoe exemplifies slavish subjection.

  8. When I saw the shoes the first thing I thought of was the movie “Wag the Dog.” Shoes hanging on electric wires….

  9. Could this be used as an anonymous way of getting paid after the event/riot where you produce the match for the unpaired shoe then you get the other half of the contract payment for the assignment?

  10. Russ-

    ‘Coats’ are another symbol that have been utilized by these left-hand terrorists (‘the syndicate’). The coat is used in the same way, with a Haymarket Bombing/Propaganda-of-the-deed implied, i.e. the shoe/coat which is the ‘affirmation of an idea in the physical realm/space’ is also a a defense provided by those willing to engage in the ‘risk’ of the false-flag needed to reinforce their tribe. ‘He’s got his coat on now’ (initiatory) or ‘ We may have to throw a few coats away . . .’ (expulsion) are some that have been generated more often in the past few years.

  11. I am crushed. I just learned that Chuck Baldwin is illuminati. Someone pointed out that he throws the triple six, and devil’s horn hand signs. I didn’t believe it until I watched his videos and saw all the times he threw satanic symbols. How could someone preach so good yet be so evil? But Billy Graham did the same thing.

    Someone should warn his congregants – it might be another ‘insurrection’ psyop with Baldwin leading his congregation into a trap just like Trump did.

  12. Somewhat off the topic, but shoes are often found hidden in the walls of older homes and structures. Many speculate that they are placed there as charms of protection for the home. Or, they just could be a place marker for individuals leaving a kind of calling card denoting having been there. However, could they also be part of an informal contract, indicating ownership of the structure?

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