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Anomalies and Contradictions in the Barcelona ‘Vanado’ Terror Attack

Source; E-Press Photo- final repose of the vanado-mobile

Editors Note: This is the last of this week’s staged deception events series. We started with the event in Orlando, followed by Paris and Nice and Berlin. Readers and researchers now have five staged events in one spot to examine in their totality.

The Barcelona narrative is that a member of ISIS drove a van 500 yards (seven blocks) at 50 mph into crowds, killing 13 and wounding more than 100. I have examined photos available via internet search and most are of stampeding crowds. Innocent people are easy to trigger in this day and age. They can then be utilized for photo opportunities – and do NOT have to be in on it.  Per usual, a few staged “eyewitnesses” are trotted out for interviews. There is no video or CCTV of the van itself running along this swath of death and carnage.

But there is a revealing video of casualties along the vehicle’s path. Let’s examine the downed people one by one. You will see that the ISIS van must have had super tornado-like abilities (vanado) in order to cut right through obstacles and dart from one side of the promenade to the other.

Examining the video below: notice about half the run time is spent filming the pavement in the street. This is very typical in these events. To my eyes when the camera pans to the people involved their images are filtered and blurred.

  • At minute 00:01 we see an alleged down individual laying right next to a motorbike and a thick tree trunk. Perhaps 10 meters to the right is another thick tree. How could a speeding vanado hit a pedestrian in this location without wrapping itself around one of those trees? In all of the following observations, note that the van driver would have to deal with curbs as well.
  • At 00:14 we see a baby carriage and some shoes laid out on the ground, but no visible bodies. Again, the location is right next to a shielding tree. How did vanado avoid a major collision with it?
  • At 00:22 a short distance away we see another downed individual located between two closely placed trees. In between and right next to the individual is what looks like a solid metal trash receptacle. Same question: How did vanado avoid the trees and this receptacle?
  • At 00:36 the vanado hit another pedestrian. Again, not out in the open but right next to a tree with a thick trunk and a large solid utility pole. Again, how could vanado hit this person and not be stopped dead in its tracks by the other obstacles?

  • Minute 0:42 really takes the cake. Vanado hit another individual right in between two tree barriers. But incredibly, another person is laying on the opposite side of the sidewalk near the newsstand. This is a screen capture, but the image is a bit clearer in the video. Yet a third person lays out in the open.

Vanado must have gone to a category F5 at this juncture. This is an epic driving feat in the annals of terroristic vehicle attacks to maneuver the vanado mobile into position to hit three people spread out in these locations plus deal with multiple barriers and obstacles. It is right up there with the Nice vanado attack.

And once again, we have now traversed some distance down Las Ramblas. People should have been well alerted that they were in danger. They could take evasive actions, perhaps using the trees and utility poles as an interdiction screen.

In this next video we see the same basic pattern and demonstration of one-for-the-ages vanado terror driving. One person is behind a tree and others are spread across the entire width of the promenade. One would think a tornado came through, not a poorly maneuverable van.

Shades of Mason Wells, the Daily Mail tells us that an Australian woman survived her third terror attack at Barcelona.

5 Comments on Anomalies and Contradictions in the Barcelona ‘Vanado’ Terror Attack

  1. From UK truther lady Aangirfan, ‘Barcelona False Flag’ –

    « Pupils from London’s Jewish JFS school were in Barcelona on 17 August 2017 when the van attack took place … 17-year-old JFS pupil Rebecca Herman says that ‘a chance meeting’ meant she was not walking on Las Ramblas at the time of the terror attack … Rebecca Herman and seven friends were due to dine at the Maccabi kosher restaurant near which the attack began … She said: “We meant to go but we were delayed. We met an Israeli event promoter on the beach. He kept talking to us so we were running late.”

    « A Chabad representative told The Jerusalem Post that the Chabad institute is located close to the scene of the attack.Rabbi Meir Bar-Hen, Barcelona’s chief rabbi, told Channel 2 news in a telephone interview that he was informed by police that the terror attack was not directed at Jews. »

  2. If the complaint(s) which form the motivation for the Barcelona event, was a general Spanish complaint, then perhaps it’s capital Madrid would have been a more appropriate target, like it has before in 2004 as part of the “Al Q” paradigm.

    So, as ever, we have to ask : Why Barcelona ?

    Here is one of the reasons, perhaps the main reason why Barcelona was chosen as the venue for this crime :

    On April 19, 2017, Barceona City Council voted to uphold it’s right to join the BDS movement and boycott Israeli goods, ensuring that procurement policies exclude companies that profit from Israel’s human rights abuses.

    Barcelona votes to be free of Israeli apartheid

    20 April 2017

    More than 50 communities across Spain have declared themselves “free of Israeli apartheid.” Albert Gea Reuters

    Barcelona city council passed a historic declaration on Wednesday upholding the right to boycott Israel over its violations of Palestinian rights.

    The motion condemns Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land, calls for the immediate end to the decade-long Gaza blockade and ensures that the city’s public procurement policies exclude companies that profit from Israel’s human rights abuses.

    It also admonishes Israel for its intransigence in the face of repeated warnings from the international community to stop its illegal colonization of Palestinian land, according to the Catalan daily Ara.

    The council recognizes “nonviolent campaigns promoted by Palestinian and international civil society for defending international and human rights law in Palestine” – a clear nod to the BDS movement.

    The city joins dozens of Spanish municipalities which have declared themselves “free of Israeli apartheid.”

    A coalition of Spanish and Catalan boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) groups welcomed the vote.

    “We celebrate this victory because we believe it to be a great step forward in raising the awareness of the role of local government in the defense of human rights and in breaking the complicity that inherently bolsters apartheid and the occupation of Palestine,” the groups state.


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