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Orlando Pulse ‘Shooting’ Skulduggery — Smoking Guns Galore

Editors Note: We are updating and revamping our 2016 posts on four staged deceptions events during that year. We are starting today with the event in Orlando, and will finish over the next three days with Paris, Nice and Berlin. These renewed posts are necessary primarily because thought police at YouTube have memory-holed much of the visual evidence necessary to employ the Trivium method to an analysis. This, in turn, trashed the earlier posts. As a work around, we have been able to relocate the evidence on alternative sites so as to avoid YouTube censorship.

Part of the strategy of false-flag staged-deception operations is to put out confusing or unclear details. That way the debunkers can razzle dazzle and run distractions to blow the pipes of truthers. An example from Orlando is the use of the term AR-15, or “AR-15-like,” as the weapon. Now, post-facto, the alleged weapon used is shifted to be a Sig Sauer MCX rifle.

Regardless, the story still doesn’t jive. Mateen supposedly walked into the night club with an Sig Sauer semi-automatic MCX and shot 103 people. The majority of the victims were shot multiple times, some as many as 12 times, with reports of several dozen rounds fired in the air and several dozens of rounds missing. Three hours later, the shooter engaged in a gun battle with nine police officers that lasted nearly an hour.

The shooting is said to have started on a Sunday at 2:02 a.m. local (eastern) time. About 320 people were inside the club, which was serving last-call drinks at around 2 a.m. After arriving at the club by van, Mateen approached the building on foot and armed with a SIG Sauer MCX semi-automatic rifle and a 9mm Glock 17 handgun. A uniformed Orlando Police Department (OPD) officer working extra duty engaged Mateen, returning fire at 2:02 a.m. Mateen was able to enter the building, however, and began shooting patrons.

The officer was soon joined by two additional officers who also began engaging Mateen. Mateen then retreated further into the nightclub and began to take patrons hostage while hundreds did nothing. About 100 officers from the OPD and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office were first dispatched to the scene at 2:22 a.m. The shooter then called 911 (police dispatch) to pledge allegiance to ISIS.

So let me get this straight. One lone shooter overcomes three officers and, in short order, reloaded his MCX 30 times with 30-round magazines, firing nearly 1,000 rounds (or use your own estimate of what it would take) while in a nightclub surrounded and outnumbered by 320 people, managing to kill and injure a third of them. One would also know that among those 320 would be men with military experience who know about reloads and would react to a life-or-death situation. At one point, Mateen’s gun jammed. He then took a 3-hour break before engaging in another gun battle lasting nearly an hour in what was described as a “hail of bullets” with a responding SWAT team.

He would have needed at least 30 30-round magazines loaded and at the ready. If he was holding an ammo can in one hand (that weighs 40 pounds) and the MCX in the other, how did he manage to reload and fire with one hand at the same time? Either that or he had a tactical vest from hell that was able to hold 30 mags! Plus he had enough ammo to fight police for another hour. Fifty magazine clips? Seventy? This is absurd on its face.

As if Mateen wasn’t busy enough, a witness who was “playing dead” said he heard him chit chatting on a cell phone, AND took time to “ask the targets what their race was.”

Walk around any city street or most establishments in the world and you will see CCTV surveillance cameras everywhere. But in the cartoon world of false flags and staged deceptions, surveillance cameras apparently don’t exist. And if we get anything, it will be a still shot taken from CCTV. In those rare instances when rolling CCTV cameras are presented, the critical footage is stopped or edited out. Why is that exactly? The Orlando Pulse “shooting” is no exception.

One would think that out of 320 “eyewitnesses”, almost all carrying phone cameras in the modern age, that there would be dozens if not hundreds of images from this event. But I can find very few.

Incidentally, all videos that question the official narrative of Orlando have been scrubbed from YouTube; however, I’ve located an excellent archive of 50 of them on Bitchute.

All emergency transmissions from multiple sources in Orlando from midnight to 3 a.m. the night of the “event” are missing due to a supposed “database service outage.”

FBI requires all agencies to deny records requests.

It’s especially notable that the “victims” are being carried in the direction toward the club. The film footage shows no evidence of emergency medical teams (EMTs) or medical personnel being present as the destination of these milling around “victims.” Besides the utter lack of CCTV and personal video clips of any quality, there’s a distinct lack of ambulances and aid vehicles anywhere.

Nonetheless a camera was on the scene to film this. Then, as the actors walk past the camera — perhaps thinking they’re out of the line of sight — they stop, grin and Mr. Red Shoes stands up. Yes, Mr. Red Shoe is shown firmly planted on terra firma.

This is a news chopper flyover photo as the siege played out. There was said to be 320 people in Pulse nightclub at the time of incident, which included 30 hostages, 50 dead and 53 wounded. So where are all of their vehicles? Wouldn’t you expect to see a full parking lot with that sort of club crowd?

Here the standardized grainy dark video footage showing a vague confused scene. Again, who has a video camera that shoots images like this? Answer: nobody.

There are very few videos taken outside. Here is one that emerged. Little detail comes through. Focus in particular on the clip starting at 00:00:25. I think this is stagecraft. Can you see casualties? Not really. The film is once again blurry and grainy. It’s not up to the standard of even older-generation cellphone cameras. The second video is a night test on the older generation 2012 iPhone 4s and Galaxy s3 cameras. Of course, subsequent models that most people used in 2016 are even higher quality.

This is more herky jerky, dark, non-usable footage of an officer cam inside the club. I’ve noticed this wizardry defaults to sound and noises for effect, not vision.

This man was supposedly shot four times in the back with the MCX Sig Sauer .223S. NO SURGERIES NEEDED, RELEASED FROM HOSPITAL WITHIN 24 HOURS.

Typical Orlando Pulse “eyewitness” interview. Expressionless sobbing without tears. Does his account make any sense?

Was this old cop brought out of retirement and dressed up to pose and laugh in the background as part of the charade of a police news conference?

10 Comments on Orlando Pulse ‘Shooting’ Skulduggery — Smoking Guns Galore

  1. “victims” being carried [by civilians] … no EMT presence — very frequently in these events, that is a huge tell.

    It is extremely dangerous to move gunshot wound victims – you can change a nothing injury into a mortal injury in a second by shifting a jagged bullet edge a single millimeter so as to slice open a big blood vessel. EMTs, of course, know this.

    But not in cartoon world! Has anyone ever heard a single talking head – the legions of “medical correspondents”, etc – a single time allude to this issue?

    Please excuse one more personal reference: my mother was dying the weekend in June 2016 this “happened” – I remember being in the ICU and glancing up at the hushed and horrified 24 hour TV coverage and simply saying (just to myself, of course) “oh, it probably didn’t happen” … And I was correct!

    She survived another 20 mostly good months and actually it was you guys (and allied sites) that helped me in that way to get though a very difficult weekend taking place in the real world. Thanks!

  2. The miraculous recoveries by the supposed victims is nothing short of laughable. One reason the perpetrators are able to pull this off is the total ignorance of all things guns by western populations. This would not have been the case 50 years ago, especially in America, as almost every household had at least one gun in the house, and all the family members were trained in its proper use. People respected guns and did not fear them. Another tradition that has been totally flipped.

    By the way, there is a difference between the .223 and the 5.56 NATO round. Failure to get all the facts correct by people reporting on these hoaxes can be used against them and tend to make them look uninformed and sloppy in their research. Here is a short video on the two cartridges along with a short history of the AR platform.

  3. Well then, if Orlando cops are anything like the Zio Goon Squad in NYC, then the cops are more than likely responsible for a fair share of the overall body count and other injuries. These steroid juice heads have a tendency to shoot the fuck out of anything and everything first…emptying mag after mag….and then ask questions.

  4. Don’t worry, no one who watches the news is bright enough to make that connection. Then again, our zion owned news calls anyone at the scene a ‘victim’ even if they weren’t injured.

    • Maybe b/c the call went something like….”Hello 911…help…my name is Mateen, and I’ve been kidnapped by government spooks who are planning to set me up as a patsy in a mass shooting (like the San Bernadino Muslim setup)…***click***…..hello?”

      Also — where is the CCTV footage of Mateen buying the guns? Keep in mind that the gun shop owner is ex-NYPD and easily co-opted.

    • I saw another article that said he didn’t call 911, but actually a news station. So the narrative changed already this week. I think this was on

      • Apparently he was multi-tasking in the ***HOURS*** before his departure (to Alah, Hell, or an Island in the Mediterranean)

        – Called 911 multiple times
        – Called douche at News station
        – Spoke and texted with ‘da poe-poe
        ….on, and on, oh…and in the meantime, was walking around poking people with his MACHINE GUN and then shooting and re-shooting people on the floor to make sure they were dead

        All a farce at some level…question being, at what level

    • I read Dean Hartwell’s planes without passengers last night. One of the chapters was that the purported “last phone calls” of people on the faked hijacked flights were more likely done from people on the ground or through a FBI tech center. Then released to the media. Cell phones didn’t work back then above 2000 feet and the flights that were ‘hijacked’ didn’t have plane phones. Similar application here, someone else called claiming to be matta (whatever his name is) as matta was obviously busy having gay sex in the bathroom while shooting white people….

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