Something Happened at the Berlin Christmas Market — the Question is What

PHOTO: Daily Beast/Twitter

Editors Note: We’ve been updating and revamping our 2016 posts on four staged deceptions events during that year. We started with the event in Orlando, followed by Paris and Nice. We will now add a fifth, Barcelona tomorrow. Readers and researchers now have five staged events in one spot to examine in their totality. These renewed posts are necessary primarily because thought police at YouTube have memory holed much of the visual evidence necessary to employ the Trivium method to an analysis. This, in turn, trashed the earlier posts. As a work around, we have been able to relocate the evidence on alternative sites so as to avoid YouTube censorship.

It’s alleged that the 25-tonne vehicle moving at 40 mph (65 km per hour) left a 150-foot path of devastation as it tore through Berlin’s Christmas market [see map below] at 7 p.m. local time on Dec. 19, 2016. Per usual, a “Muslim” was involved. He was first described as Pakistani and then Afghan. This time, at first, the story was that he survived and was captured. There is also a strange story about a dead Polish driver in the cab of the truck, although the details are sketchy.

What To Look For

Obviously, to stage such an event, the area would have to be cordoned off to regular Volk. In Nice as we discussed, the crowd was panicked and left beforehand. This would be a smaller-scale operation and version of Nice.

Also, this is why CCTV footage is absolutely necessary. If CCTV is withheld (as in Nice) or seems altered or usually blurry, that’s an immediate red flag. CCTV footage should permit anybody to piece this together and, in fact, close the case and quickly shut up skeptics and doubters. Therefore, there should be zero justification to withhold it. No CCTV footage is online for Berlin either.

Despite numerous eyewitnesses in over two years since this event, once again few images have emerged — except one, which we dub the  “grand finale” eyewitness aftermath video [covered below].

First Round of Questions

The principal issue is how does a rather massive truck get past pedestrian bollards off of Kantstrasse and move through the narrow section of the market without hitting or damaging the kiosks? According to the diagram below, the truck hit on the right side of the kiosk (stands) corridor. Reconcile this when you watch the grand finale video.

Source: Daily Mail

This next photo shows the final resting place of the truck. It was able to make a sharp final swerve back onto the street without hitting the kiosks at the end. Quite remarkable to say the least. You will get a close up in the grand finale video.

Here is another angle of this quite long truck, so you can appreciate its scale and size.

With the major exception of the MUST SEE grand finale video at the end of this article, there are very few online photos of the truck’s path that I can locate. But the next photo does show the aftermath within the kiosk area. There are a few boards scattered around and one eating stand tipped over but, again, remarkably unscathed. The kiosks somehow survived a massive 25-tonne truck along this path as well. Clearly, judging from the windshield, the massive truck hit something and at a high angle, but what?

In the Christmas kiosks path, 12 were killed and 56 injured. The area was enclosed enough that one should see concentrated bodies and injured. The scene is oddly — and, in fact, very oddly — subdued. There are almost no photos of the aftermath. In this one, we also get a look at the kiosks. There is shadowy debris on the ground, but the kiosks ad eating counters are largely standing and unscathed, with lights on and goods nicely laid out. One would be hard pressed to picture a large 25-ton truck plowing through.

source: Indian Times
Source; AFP News Agency

Who forgot to knock over tables in the direct path of a huge 25 tonne truck? Super magic truck did appear to clip a kiosk on the right side on the big hairpin turn while missing a table in the middle of the corridor. Really? A complete violation of the Trivium law of non-contradiction.

Daylight the next morning: how did he miss the large kiosk and Christmas tree at the beginning of the rampage? According to the Daily Mail aka Fail schematic above- the truck came in on the right side.

source: Der Spiegel

The Grande Finale: An Aftermath Video for the Ages

The final video almost looks like it slipped out and may very well be from a real eyewitness who wandered on set. He walks right up to the resting truck. You get a complete surveys from all angles. This remarkably revealing video may not be up long, so save it.

You will see the unscathed kiosks, and the lights still up including some lower level strings. How did the tables at 00:01:10 (on left), 00:01:20 and 00:02:05-00:02:10 make it unscathed? There is even an untouched tree in front of a kiosk. Hundreds of people are still on site, casually milling around. There are a few people sitting or laying on the ground — but 12 dead and 56 injured? Look for yourselves. The scene definitely doesn’t corroborate the narrative or “eyewitness” accounts.

NOTE: If the following video is scrubbed from YouTube, it can be viewed at Liveleak here.

Dash-cam Video Explains the Stagecraft and Wizardry

A released dash-cam video should bring the whole preposterous story down (see below). It only requires a  minute to examine, and then compare it to the narrative.

Oh, and naturally, we are spoon fed the standard fare that the “terrorist” left his ID in the cab of the truck. How convenient.

“Washington’s Blog recently had a piece assembling survey data from USA, showing just how difficult is the uphill battle for truthers — and why an article’s title is the most important part.”

Key findings:

  • About 60% of people read news headlines and nothing else
  • Only about 14% of (USA) people, or one in seven, fully read four news articles in a month, whether “mainstream” or “alternative,” which somehow qualifies them as “active news customers” (!)

This practice of extreme laziness opens the way for Crime Syndicate scams, which are now being illustrated for you in spades.

The truck when it stopped was lighter metallic colored. There is color in the other objects in the cam footage. Only the truck is very dark and black. We see yet more violation of the law of non-contradiction.

Now, compare what you just saw with your own eyes to the following headlines the Crime Syndicate (CS) runs to sell this video. Incidentally, the Associated Press (AP) and Reuters are at the top of the Crime Syndicate media pyramid. Their storyline is widely disseminated to the mockingbird media.  Applying the Trivium method of who, what, where, when, why and how, and the proper versus Orwellian use of language, does this sleight-of-hand video show this surreal black truck “plowing into” or “crashing” into anything? This is how all these declarative narratives work.

lying- verb:  an assertion that is believed to be false, typically used with the purpose of deceiving someone.

Daily Express headline:

Irish Independent headline:

Business Insider headline:

From the Daily Mirror:

14 Comments on Something Happened at the Berlin Christmas Market — the Question is What

  1. All true and more. FOX showed side by side videos of the truck . In one we had near daylight which is highly unlikely this time of year at 10pm in Germany. Supposedly they were in real time. The right sided video was clearly night time but had that eerie, pink, disco lighting that blinked off and on like flashing lights. There were no guards around the truck and several people just strolling past it BEHIND THE POLICE TAPE. Lots of parked ambulances with flashing lights and only 1 incident of someone being carried out on a stretcher. Lots of police and other agencies dashing about but no one was doing anything. Word is that Merkel and Germany are not playing the game anymore. She’s planning to deport tens of thousands if she can round them up. This looks like an inside job so Merkel will use it to justify something. Latest word is that the truck was Polish and so was the driver who has not been apprehended, but someone else was! The other passenger died. I guess we’ll be watching Poland- second or third for political trauma between the Ukraine and the Balkans.

  2. So if the truck went through the market, passing by about 5-6 kiosks (per side) it must have entered from the bottom left corner, from the left side of the lower left hut visible here with the picture title:”Overhead: This is a clear view of the path the lorry took through the now-destroyed Christmas market in central Berlin”. This is somewhat different from the map.

  3. Am struck here by the wider context, in that this Berlin event is one of 3 ‘terrorist’ events all at the same hours that Donald Trump sealed his electors-voting victory as USA 45th President … all 3 of the events having anomalous aspects associated with intel-&-security-service stagings

    One was the shootings by the mysterious masked ‘lone gunman’ at the Zurich, Switzerland Islamic centre, who was able to quickly disappear like we now hear the Berlin lorry driver has disappeared … Are there security cameras perhaps monitoring a major mosque in Switzerland’s big city & global banking hub of Zurich? Swiss tend to be pretty thorough …

    And then we have the first assassination of a Russian ambassador in nearly 2 centuries, in Ankara, Turkey, with both the killing, & the shooter shouting his Islamic agenda, on globally seen video

    In the Ankara shooting the gunman was strangely able to flee the scene … no security present? … but a blood-stained ‘corpse’ quickly turned up on still image in the same clothes, the shooter described as from Erdogan’s nemesis Islamic group, the followers of Fethullah Gulen … Veterans Today almost instantly suggesting ‘false flag’ there run by Israel with Erdogan … Erdogan’s people suggesting CIA & co …

    • To me the Russian ambassador thing looks very theatric. As points out, the wound appears fake, there is no blood splatter, there are no bodyguards or other security etc. Also the journalists / cameramen look and act illogically – your natural reaction after the first bullet is not to take further pictures, etc.

    • These “terrorists” are smart enough to out wit sophisticated defense systems and intelligence agencies but dumb enough to ALWAYS leave their incriminating identification papers and passports behind.

      Mossad job 100%

    • To add even more absurdity, the German gov’t now says they couldn’t deport the Tunisian guy from the asylum centre, because he didn’t have any ID … apparently found the ID just in time to leave it in the crime lorry … Yeah umm okay

      11 Sep 2001 passport surviving plane crash & building collapse… Charlie Hebdo shooter passport left in car at Jewish deli favoured by Mossad … Bataclan ‘suicide vest self-killer’ has passport ‘fly off body during explosion’ … Berlin lorry killer leaves ID in cab … At least they’re consistent

      Here’s French comedian Jean-Marie Bigard, laughing about the ‘magic passport’ of 9/11 & other absurdities of the official story … English subtitles, 9 minutes:

  4. Excellent series … I am falling badly behind – maybe on the weekend.

    Quickly, as to Charlie Hebdo – my take has long been: Hybrid – hoax elements/mis-direction. But those people in the office did in fact get gunned down. If you crudely mock Jews AND Muslims and sell a lot of mags doing so … someone will not be pleased and will not want your existence to continue. I will at least get back to the Hebdo update to see if there is a Winterwatch takeaway.

    In my morning’s reading, I find a Mrs Luise Solmitz (German married to a Jew) living in Hamburg, Germany, reporting to her diary on November 24, 1942: “We are already the playthings of dark and malicious powers”. My take has also long been that in 1945, some of those powers decided to continue as “dark and malicious”.

    • You don’t know Paris very well if you think the Charlie Hebdo Hoax was real. Where were all the people? At 11am on a dry winter day the streets would be crowded with people- taking Toutou for a walk, scootering to work at the cafe, heading to the grocery because it was too cold earlier. The streets are completely empty!
      Show us one just one tiny piece of actual evidence to show this hoax was real.

        • thanks for reading and your comments – no, I do not know Paris… LOTS of stuff I do not know – so, I often, personally, have to work at an extremely “mega-data / mega-evidence” level – so, you are correct I do not have “actual” evidence … but there once was a magazine called “Charlie Hebdo” – there no longer is (or did it struggle on as a shadow of its former self?) – The magazine and its editor, were, in fact, reviled by the French establishment for unflattering portrayals of Jews and Muslims in the magazine. Is there any evidence that the editor is still among the living? I’m not sure. I don’t think so.

          For sure, I entirely “get” the hoax elements – Video #1,2 etc – that’s why I suggested “hybrid” (a term I think I have seen used here).

          That shooting at the FL airport – 4? yrs ago – the shooter traveled from Alaska (stopped in at the local FBI headquarters before leaving, apparently!) – someone (not here) suggested, based on very typical early, then denied, multiple-shooters reports – that a former Navy Seal (or similar) guy was among the killed – by a trained assassin using the crazy guy as cover. That’s how the “mega-evidence” gets applied to C Hebdo.

          As a methodological guideline – “knowing what to look for” – I would suggest we “look for” more rather than less — complex alignments, interests, outcomes rather than simple. Cui bono? Well, look for multiple parties pursuing multiple interests and outcomes – many of them unexpected or paradoxical.

          Sept 11, 2001 was an inside job to provide cover for US attacks on Israel’s enemies? To instill Islamophobia in the US public? A strong case has been made for that. But what about access to rare earth deposits in Afghanistan and to the north? Indeed, I think a case could be made that 9-11 was executed precisely in order to promote Global Islam … doesn’t it kind of feel that way? To what extent were you even aware of Islam at that time – how about now, 18 years later?

          Same with the 2017 Los Vegas “shooting” – almost certainly, an alleged solitary guy shooting from an hotel tower window on the CW concert crowd below was a mere fragment (actual fragment or hoax fragment – it barely matters) of what was going on – what factions were pursuing what interests and outcomes.

          Again – “dark and malicious powers” – they are very dark, and work in very obscure ways and are very, very malicious.

          • The personas are what fool people the most. I have written much about this, but basically the Crime Syndicate can create about any fake or stagecraft they want. Anything concerning personas coming out of the lugenpresse needs to be heavily discounted in the mega-data, because it may not be data at all. The script and story-lines are also concocted. Their only purpose for the truther is to pick apart as violating the law of non-contradiction.

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