Highly Revealing Synchronized Videos Emerge of Las Vegas Shooting (Note Important Shooter Audio Analysis Update!)

This image looks highly staged by the photographer, much like the way old news photogs would place a teddy bear on the burned out rubble of a home in order to evoke maximum emotion effect. PHOTO: Steve Marcus/Reuters

Editor’s Note: This a rerun combination of our two of our Las Vegas Harvest Festival shooting analysis. Unfortunately several of the revealing videos has been scrubbed into the memory hole. However, there is still enough to work with here for serious researchers to appraise the event.

An incredibly revealing synchronized video emerged comprised of various key video clips of the Las Vegas event compiled from different eyewitness observers. The first one I’ve dubbed the “blondie video” in reference to the couple filming and speaking. The girlfriend is blonde. The narrative of this couple is important to the discussion, so we will repeat that here and cover their whole 5-minute, 40-second sequence from start to finish. These were key eyewitnesses.

Watch the “blondie video” below first and separately, because it provides reference points. Then view to the synchronized videos below it. This is because the audio is important and is hard to pick up in the synchronized videos. I have avoided Youtube whenever possible and located the “blondie video” on Live Leaks. Fortunately, the synchronized video is also from Live Leaks, which means it has a better chance at being preserved. Still, I don’t recommend procrastinating on sharing this.

In the “blondie video” at minute 1:38-1:45, which is well into the event and after the third burst of gunfire, the boyfriend/eyewitness states, “You hear the sound of the pops? That means they’re not real close” (as they stand in the middle of the alleged kill zone). The gunfire bursts up to that point were at 0:08-0:18, 0:55-1:05 and 1:23-1:33. The couple is unconcerned to the extent that they stand up and hang around filming the whole scene for three minutes before leaving. There was another burst of gunfire at 1:54-2:01. Check for yourselves, but I see no clear evidence of any casualties and certainly zero evidence of a mass-casualty event.

It is not until minute 2:40 that you see many people filing out. Some are moving quickly and running, others strolling calmly. At 2:48, enough attendees have left that you can observe a large patch of ground. Nothing is there, no bodies, no blood.

As the stampede out gets rolling, the boyfriend spots something different, and at minute 3:35 he says, “Holy shit, I think she’s really hurt.” This does not preclude staging, as they could have wounded-actor props and enhancements lined up along the exit that real attendees would witness.

At minute 4:50, after witnessing the critical moments, he says, “I hope everybody is alright,” which implies he never viewed any casualties other than maybe the one at 3:35. At 4:47, his girlfriend, the blondie, proclaims, “Whoa, that’s the must fucking fun we’ve had in three days”– hardly an indication she had just witnessed a mass-casualty event. A few seconds later at 5:02, they duck from gunfire, and he says, “That’s close!” Does “close” mean from inside the festival?

“Blondie Video”

Before turning to the synchronized video, here is the view from the stage fence looking back toward the crowd. This is just two minutes long, good quality and covers the first four gunfire bursts. Where’s the carnage?

Now, for the synchronized video: At minute 0:34, the lights were turned on, illuminating the crowd. At 0:41, somebody starts filming the second synchronized video. This vantage point is close to and I think a bit to the left of the “blondie” couple. You can only hear a male vocalizing expletives on this one.

He scans the same general crowd at a different angle than “blondie.” He films until minute 2:28, which is after the fourth gun burst. Perhaps about 200 rounds were fired up to that point. You see no signs of hits, agonizing screams or casualties. Some are still standing up without a concern in the world. Others are crouching, some are hugging the ground. There is nervous buzz among the crowd but no screams of agony or signs of carnage. To a thinking person, the collective crowd is not even remotely witnessing a mass-casualty event.

At minute 3:35, a third and new video (for me) starts. The lights are on, but it’s darker, so perhaps some lights are turned back off versus the “blondie video.” The vantage point is higher and in the bleachers. At 3:47, a male says, “It’s not a real gun”. He’s arguing about it with a girl. The argument between them goes on until the end of their sequence at 6:20. This is not about witnessing a carnage but about what precautions to take and whether to leave their location.

At minute 3:48, we hear a short gun burst. At 3:53, there is another short burst. To me, these sound close by. From 3:56 to 3:58, there is another louder close-by burst.

Between 4:10 and 4:25, good views are offered of the alleged killing zone, but where are bodies and the carnage?

Then at minute 5:02, listen to a short burst. It sounds nearby. This is the same time as in the “blondie video” when he says, “That was close.”

At minute 5:04-5:15, we get the first long burst heard since 1:54-2:01. At 5:35, a low, muffled burst starts up in the distance; but then at 5:40 a sharper, closer report begins that goes until 5:45. It overlaps the other muffled reports. Be sure to listen to this! 

At minute 5:30 to 6:15, we still hear the guy and girl in the bleachers arguing about what they are witnessing. And looking at their film, there is once again no obvious evidence of a mass-casualty event. At 6:15, the male with the bleacher view even says, “Seriously, I don’t know what’s going on.” Really? There’s supposed to be hundreds of casualties by now. At 6:20, this video goes off.

Update: The following audio analysis is from minute 3:48 to 6:55 and picks up three separate weapons being employed. Are a couple shooters inside the festival fences employing close-range ambushes?

Several other on-the-ground eyewitnesses were reporting the firing as fake. Good views of the bare ground starting at minute 3:00 — no bodies. The money quote is the girl scanning the whole scene from a higher vantage point. At 3:55, she says, “I really don’t see anyone actually injured.

In June, 2018 Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department released new footage of the Route 91 “massacre.” The vantage point appears to be from the rooftop of Mandalay Bay, and the camera is conveniently pointed directly at concert site. This looks like it could be CGI again. Pay special attention starting at minute 2:35, when the crowd has largely dispersed. Where are the hundreds of casualties? Fifty-eight died, more than 500 were wounded by gunshots and more than 1,000 suffered trampling injuries, according to Pinkerton law firm. Really? Judge for yourself.

The Gunman inside the Festival Theory

An eyewitness to the event named Gayle called into the Michael Savage Show. She revealed that she heard nearby short burst firing inside the festival and near her location in the vending tents. She then claims to have come across a woman who had been shot in the stomach. In her view and from her vantage point, such a wound could not have been sustained with a shot from the Mandalay.

Winter Watch Take Away for October 5, 72 hours Later

My initial reaction to the triage footage from yesterday’s article was that those were real dead bodies. Yes, I realize the stagecraft exists to create this, but I was really taken aback. This is rare for me in my close scrutiny of what I consider to be staged deceptions. Usually the body staging is a complete farce. The behavior of the individual filming that segment did strike me as contrived. The open question I have is this: Were those attendees killed in place near the stage by the short bursts from inside the festival, could they have been picked off in the confusion or were they killed offsite by the black ops and then dumped and posed there?

I don’t get the memos as to why the Crime Syndicate may have gone with this real Gladio death route, but perhaps it was felt that some reality was required as opposed to the cartoon fakery normally employed. If this next video is fake, it fooled me, but the rest of the staging in the festival was an epic fail.

Note from Torchy on October 5 at 5 p.m. EST

Found a couple things worth reviewing/pondering. In watching the synchronized compilation video, I noticed something strange at minute 4:11 and captured it in the following image. In the upper left corner, we see what looks like a police officer running away from the scene a mere four minutes after the first shots were fired. He has a gun belt, but what’s odd here are his black knee-high (rubber?) boots. Seems inconsistent with super hot Vegas. I searched images of Vegas police to see if this is the standard uniform and found nothing. Hit man dressed as cop?

Then, while skimming the latest on Bitchute, I came across a video in which someone claims that in one of the bystander videos you can see a shooter in the crowd dressed as a security officer in a yellow vest. Jump to minute 6:30 of the video. Here is unfortunately another short life video of this segment.

Is this something? Is it nothing? You decide. But before you do, consider Neon Nettle’s story in which multiple witnesses claim there were multiple gunmen dressed as security guards.

… Mr. Hodge also confirmed that law enforcement was aware of more than one shooter as he saw them shoot and kill one of the gunmen, who was dressed as a security guard, in the corridor outside of his hotel room. …

Another Australian witness says she and her husband were sat in the bar of the Luxor Hotel when they saw a heavily armed man dressed as security guard ran through the hotel being chased by the hotel’s real security team.

Speaking to Australian news outlet Courier Mail, Wendy Miller from Cooroy, on the Sunshine Coast, described the moment she was caught up on the attack when the “man of interest” ran past her.

“We managed to make our way back to our room…” she told The Courier Mail. “We are in lockdown.“Our door is deadlocked and a chair against the door.” Ms. Miller said the man sprinted through her hotel after coming off an escalator from the Mandalay Bay. “The man that they [security] were chasing was wearing a security jacket like them,” she said. …

Update 5 a.m. EST on October 6

Here is raw video of thousands streaming out of a Festival exit. One apparent wound at minute 2:24. At 8:10, a straggler shows up with an gunshot wound to his forearm and side. This was posted at Reddit. Out of 200 comments, not one person asked the obvious question: Why were there only two walking wounded among the multitude exiting the field? The level of out-of-the-box critical thinking is almost nonexistent.

Yet another young man under fire sitting in the crowd, repeating at minute 1:00, “It’s not a gun.” And a second one at 1:46 in the second video: “It’s not real gunshots.”

Pulp Fiction taxi driver footage also removed from You Tube and recovered here.

Update on Saturday, October 7, at 7 a.m. EST

New video has emerged. It’s useful evidence. It starts on the far side of the venue away from the Mandalay. The filmer has a steady Go Pro camera and film quality is good. He makes a quick exit soon after the firing begins. There are no signs of anybody hit before he leaves. In the whole sequence, he films a rather orderly exit of a large crowd of thousands of attendees. There is only one indication at minute 8:05 of someone down — but from an undetermined cause. As time lapsed, I looked for signs of walking wounded in the multitude. No signs of that or of anybody crying out in pain.

October 8 AM Update: You Tube mirror so may not stay up. Scene at emergency room. Walking wounded, some on stretchers, but some wounded being hauled in butt down, a no-no. No blood visible. People just laying down on floor. Strangely lacking in EMT. Do they just turn everything over to the patents. No THAT many patients there to just lose control of situation? Protocol is odd to say the least.

Unfortunately You Tube again. Most are taking cover at fence, some taking off. No screaming in pain. At 0:24 center screen you can see one large person (or two) out in the open lying still. However when the film scans back to this location at 1:00 he (or they) are gone. No clear evidence of casualties in this clip.

Police officer with head cam in the Festival. Starting at 0:25 there are three single reports as fence tarp moves.

October 9 Update: Crimson King has offered an interesting theory that can be read in comments below. To summarize, he points to a short list of Truthers and more respected Alt Media who claim to know individuals wounded in the shooting. This includes Truth Media Films, SGTreport, and Joe Biggs. Crimson holds that in the set up to the event, individuals who are third parties removed (brother of a friend of my cousin and the like) can be compromised or paid off to hoax the truther. I even take it a step further because I think there were actual targeted individuals. This means the “brother of a friend of my cousin” was actually inflicted with a wound as part of a special psyops. This is an issue to be aware of.

Read: The Shills’ Chorus: ‘I Know a Guy Who Knows a Guy Who Was Shot in Vegas’

Another new synchronized video and includes crowd exits. You Tube so may not last- can’t locate on Live Leaks

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  1. It was posted on Zerohedge that George Soros shorted MGM stock days ago and guess who owns Mandalay? Big calls for gun control in the local paper this morning, no surprise there. One writer had the chutzpah to reveal that 2 local legislators actually voted against Israeli-backed anti – BDS bills. Too bad they’re connected to Goldman-Sachs puppets. I’ve also reached the conclusion that many of the spotlight people who appear to be anti-zionist are fake, Talmud allows this as long as the goyim are duped in Israel’s favor.

    • Everybody should watch brother Eric Paddock in the right column video.
      This is right out of the Sandy Hook school of acting. It strikes me as the same team. I suspect ole Steve is on a beach somewhere laughing as Eric performs as front man.

      • There is one thing that seems to elude poor people. I mean, people who make less than $1 million a year or so or even higher than that. There are services and doors that are opened with that kind of money and power that our ruling class abuse daily. Fake a death, buy off the county mortician or DA, pay a witness off, have a Birth Certificate created or changed, pay a media outlet to run a positive story on you or a negative story on someone else, do a favor for a media exec. People riding in coach eat crap daily while those in first class are served grey poupon. I don’t mean this in an egalitarian sense but in a ‘service’ business meaning. Think of things you are capable of doing with your current savings and income. You are in a given bracket of spending flexibility. Now think about what someone with 10 or 100 times your spending power can buy, how many people can be bought off or influenced. Gives a better frame of thinking on how the deep state, ruling elite and American-NKVD operate.

        • Gambling industry employees are pointing out, that the story that Stephen Paddock was ‘earning millions gambling’ is quite absurd … anyone truly winning large amounts over a longer term, is blacklisted & escorted out the door of casinos as soon as they appear

          Which means that Paddock’s money was likely spook gov intel agent money laundering, money is overall in greater part ‘lost’ at the casinos but the ‘won’ portion becomes clean & usable by an alleged ‘private citizen’

          If Paddock was a gov intel asset, it would be important for the false flag managers to signal to their other hundreds / thousands of intel assets that Paddock is alive & ok somewhere under a new name, not put to death as a patsy … they wouldn’t want their other stooges to get nervous

      • Indeed, Paddock’s bro seems too hysterically insistent the gov story is true. Stephen Paddock seems more & more totally a spook outfit guy. Worked for defense contractor Lockheed as an accounting auditor, then he mysteriously has a charmed life as a millionaire from alleged gambling plus rental property ownership … Paddock’s two aeroplanes are tracing into registry with a company called Volant, Virginia Pentagon Defense Contractor like his 1980s employer … once a spook, always a spook. It’s not that easy to be a non-loser big gambler, that is likely CIA spook money he was spending all those years.

        The story of the two dozen weapons in the hotel suite is really ridiculous. Any shooter, novice or experienced, naturally seeks to avoid confusion in any real shooting situation … Frigging no one would bring in two dozen different guns needing lots of different ammo, to a place where they would need to be hidden from cleaning staff, let alone be used in a hot firing situation where time was essential. Just a few guns all using the same ammo, rotating them when they got too hot or malfunctioned.

        Now they’re trying to sell a shite story the guy was a many-years-in-secret gun collector of this arsenal, cheesus.

        • The purpose of the two dozen guns gambit is to pass a ‘deadly arsenal’ law, so that anyone who owns more than one or two guns can legally be raided by the Israeli-trained police.

      • I grew up with Jews and have observed their mannerisms for 6 decades. If Eric Paddock isn’t Jewish, then I’m a Chinese waiter.

      • I may misunderstand your point, but I am a bit surprised you seem prepared to be convinced by that last video – surely there are farcical elements: first who is the narrator / visible hand – NOT an EMT – EMT would be in gloves – so, again where are the EMTs ? 4+ minute video and still no sign of any “official” presence even arriving in this mass kill area – where are they?

        “He’s got a head wound” – “Where’s the head wound?” – — powerful weapon – and you have to ask where the head wound is? Just how many times could that be an appropriate question for even an amateur EMT to ask in a mass kill zone?

        I am a wimp – I don’t go out and look for this stuff – but the probably sanitized combat videos I have seen suggest that even a few casualties produce an absolutely grim scene of shrieks and cries and yelling and fear – I am just not hearing that here – don’t just about all the victims here seem conveniently asleep?

        “Anyone who’s hit need an EMT?” – Again, how often could this possibly be an appropriate question to ask in a mass kill zone.

        And not too far in the distance there’s a sizable group of people still having a good old time.

          • This entire video stands out to me (along with parts of a few others) as “off.” Notice as soon as the band exits the stage a guy can be seen aggressively pointing to the right side of the stage. The lights are turned off, and it’s completely dark however the “camera man” continues to try and film that exact area and we see people pointing in the same direction? As the lights go down it appears that a man in some sort of black (tactical/swat gear?) comes up into view briefly behind the speakers, then nothing can be seen though the crowds attention seems to remain focused there?
            But what really jumps out to me is the behavior of the blonde girl to the cameras immediate right. As soon as shots are first heard she is standing upright and looks to be filming the Mandalay Bay instantly. Then throughout the rest of the video she never really “ducks” or squats all the way down like everyone else. She remains standing occasionally bending a bit at the waste, while the whole time either filming the MB or texting? She’s not observed talking to the group around her at all? Yes she leans in a bit but doesn’t seem to have any verbal interaction with the people around her. I’ve been to hundreds of live shows and it’s just not common for girls to hangout in the front row solo like she appears to be doing. There seems to be a super brief exchange between her and the guy with a cowboy hat that was a row or two behind her at the start of the video. After that she tucks her sunglasses inside her shirt (?) and they hop the fence. Him first, and we don’t see where he goes (which is odd), then she follows a little bit later. This is super sketchy to me.
            She jumps the fence and can be clearly seen running straight ahead, as in the only place to go is UNDER the side of the stage. It’s clearly blocked off or there’s no designed path where she runs to. There is a walk way that has openings down a good way to the right. But she doesn’t go to the right, or the left for the matter, she’s last seen starting to cut into the darkness of the side stage dead ahead? This seems so wrong to me. You never jump the fence and head back stage like that. Never. It’s always off limits at all times. Under normal circumstances security is basically there for the sole purpose of not letting you head that way. It’d be very unnatural to head “in search of safety” in a place that you’ve never been allowed to enter or that would be totally unfamiliar like that in my opinion. And remember she wasn’t hunkering down when the shots were being fired at all. She was as brazen as anyone in the area, so panic/protection as a reason to run blindly alone into the dark unknowing abyss of under the stage doesn’t “feel” right here at all to me.
            Purely speculating, but a possible staging spot for actors for the post show and photo ops? Also at the very end of the video there seems to be an out of place “fight” going on between a guy at the rail and another guy on the other side in the “moat.” Again, the guy on the other side isn’t dressed in any security, event staff, or law enforcement clothing. I’ve been to hundreds of concerts and festivals and the number one thing that NEVER happens is fans or ordinary people hoping that fence that separates the “floor” from the stage. I can’t tell you how wrong this whole scene feels to me. I’m telling you something is going on here. It’s not natural.
            One other speculative observation overall, It’s a country fest so the presence of cowboy hats certainly shouldn’t be strange, however does anyone else notice that in the widely spread videos the guys that seem to be on camera/talking/yelling instructions/just around the filmer doing “stuff” overwhelmingly have cowboy hats on? I realize that sounds incredibly dumb, but as you watch the videos that are up and stay up, see if you notice the disproportionate amount of light colored cowboy hats on the “scene.”

    • Per ZeroHedge, Jim Murren, MGM / Mandalay Bay CEO … member of a USA gov ‘Homeland Security’ advisory council … sold 85% of his stock share holdings before attack … and the company involving George Soros / Michael Chertoff, the OSI / Rapiscan ‘naked body scanner’ outfit, has a big post-Las-Vegas-massacre payday exactly as predicted on 4Chan

      More re the huge sales of stock by Jim Murren & other executives of MGM Resorts, owner of the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay hotel:

      From 5 to 12 September of 2017, « approximately 6 million shares of MGM were sold by officers and/or directors of the company, totaling approximately $200 million in proceeds to sellers. Included in this group is the selling of approximately 450,000 shares by MGM CEO and Chairman James Murren (a seller of size since late July) and who appears to have sold more than 85% of all holdings. We also see that MGM Board member Grounds William Warwick sold 176 million shares of his MGM stock … [Las-Vegas-related] stocks began their moves on 9/11/17, just one day after the 4chan post.

      « MGM CEO James Murren was appointed to the Homeland Security National Infrastructure Advisory Council by President Obama in December 2013. »

      Huge profits post Las Vegas have been in the USA ‘naked body scanner’ business, with a 16% jump in the stock share price of OSI – Rapiscan, involving big investment & participation by George Soros; plus the rabbi’s son, former US Homeland Security chief involved in 9-11, Michael Chertoff; & also … Deepak Chopra.

      From ‘Getting Rich from the TSA Naked-Body Scanners’ by Raven Clabough: « Who is profiting from TSA’s use of the body scanners? The shameful answer: George Soros, Michael Chertoff are profiting from the naked-body scanners by way of the company Rapiscan. After the undie-bomber attempt on Christmas 2009, Chertoff went on a media tour promoting the use of these scanners, without disclosing that he was getting paid by Rapiscan, one of the two companies currently contracted by TSA to take a nude picture of you at the airport. »

  2. If 550 people had actually been shot, you would see at least 100 go down in these various videos. I looked at videos for 20 minutes and did not see ONE person shot. Not one single person!

    As for helmetcam dude, that video could well have been shot weeks earlier.

      • There is at least one person that I have heard about and have friends that knew her and they really think she is dead. And I don’t think that her family would lie about it either, as they have no political affiliations and are very honest. So I’m confused. Most of it seems like a hoax…but it’s hard to ignore the few deaths that seem genuine.

    • Where were the bullets landing also? the cop video where it hits the tarp is coming ‘from’ the crowd not from the hotel even.

  3. The whole event is alive…literally crawling with the numerological maggots of kabbalah and itz gematria. Numbers quoted in the local jews paper … 42 23 22 58 26 19 … etc…. It represents the sound of the perps laughing.
    Small example…. Route Harvest…RH… initial gematria …18 8… or 26 decimal… 42 in senary the number 58, the balance of 100 quoted endless in the media. By +x of 42 and 58 is derived the number 1948…. 91….. +x….. 10 9… or 19… also out of 42 and 58…… 34 is the senary representation of 22 000… or 22.
    3 Dashes… 3 D …. 34.. By +x of 34 66 is derived 1948.
    The ridge angle of the Great Pyramid to the base and vertical is reputed to be 42 at the base and 48 at the apex… 42 degrees of 360…. 4×2 is 8 … 3×6 is 18… 18 sum 8 is 26…. or 42 in the senary…. Others now claim that (((THEY))) built the pyramid.
    42 is important in the distractive scribblings known Parasites guide to the galaxy.

  4. Nice finds Torchy – I’m not a ballistics expert like most people on the internet. But I wonder if the security guard/shooter in the video is firing some kind of stun/flash grenade device – crowd is clearly panicked and running towards the shooter – is his fire part of that effort to get the crowd panicked? – Is there too much flash for a typical pistol round?
    Not sure I’m prepared to trust the neon-nettle site – way too click-baity – but there do seem to be multiple sources of these multiple shooter reports.

    • Jason Aldean the singer at the Las Vegas shooting massacre, has a tattoo on his arm copying a 1996-issue Illuminati-tied deck of cards associated with other false flag events … The tattoo copies the ‘Las Vegas’ card in fact, a Jack & Ace, or 10 / 1 – October 1 attack … J & A being also the singer’s initials … Jason Aldean ran off the stage when the shooting started & did not attempt to give any warning to 30,000 concert-goers listening to him … photo of Jason’s tattoo & the card side-by-side: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a4dca78c775b97567780f367a563aca31b202a1e2a180e99994054af59ec72f5.jpg

      • I noticed his behavior as strange as well. As if he was waiting for the sound queue to run off stage as if something happened. He didn’t have the general confusion behavior as everyone else. I think he is in on it based on all his appearances and testimony given this past week.

    • There are other videos showing nowhere this many people left in the crowd area when people started running. These bodies were brought in after the fact.

    • As chilling as the photo is, Jim Stone assumes that because the concert crowd of 30,000 has fully dispersed, the shooting must be long over as well, given crowd movement times … but the photo can also be seen as being from late in the 75-minute ‘shooting spree’, with shots still being fired, with emergency people warned to stay away until police declare that ‘shooter(s) are neutralised’

      Not to discount all the other anomalies … not enough corroboration via video & news stories of ambulances, hospitals etc

      • The crowd was no where near 30,000- as discussed in first TNN post. In the real world at this point in the timeline the Mandalay shooter’s nest would have been marked and taken out by swat team police snipers. At minimum the shooter would have been driven inside and away from shot opportunities.

        There is no way victims would just be left out there dying. EMT would have picked up and removed all bodies on the field for further evaluation and/or treatment in secured locations within the Festival. This photo fails on all counts- it is ludicrious.

    • After watching the videos, some of these people are playing dead or just laying there afraid to get up. No where in the live videos does it show these people going down from gunfire. Many are afraid women (no offense torchy) hunkering down from the ‘madness of crowds’ effect. Again, where are the near 600 injured? Were they grazed? Anyone with bullet damage wouldn’t be walking out of there.

  5. This is quite an epic thread of inconsistencies in the narrative. For once people in the crowd with more nerve than knee jerk reaction filmed and questioned what was actually happening. Only thing for the cop in long boots is he might be a biker cop/highway patrol who was on duty?

    • Or here on the GoogleTube after brother Eric Paddock’s slip of tongue seeming to say his brother is alive … casino document with date in vid clearly 6 October, 5 days after massacre, NJ casino bit with doppelgänger at 0m22s https://youtu.be/apgblKmmiMU

  6. None of these videos, NONE do you see bullet debris or shrapnel in the “kill zone”. Shooting that many high caliber bullets into dirt or tents or whatever, you are going to see dirt fly up, trash knocked around. NONE OF THAT, ABSOLUTELY NONE

  7. The liveleak blondie video has two audibly different sets of gunfire from two places.
    5:00- to end of footage.
    (sorry for all the posts, hadn’t had time to watch all these.)

  8. Here’s photo of ‘shooter’ brother Eric Paddock wearing a t-shirt, tying him to ‘Crisis Management Communicator’ who worked on, & wrote about, Pulse Nightclub gay massacre of 12 June 2016. T-shirt is for Central Florida Community Arts Florida, CFCArts com. Chair of CFC Arts board is Sara Brady, ‘Crisis Management Communications expert’, worked on the Pulse Nightclub massacre, authored a piece on media for that event, totally supporting official story. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4237e63f63733c5de6897490cf148a1a4b5fbdb252bb18f4227af6ecc391abbc.jpg

  9. I posted this afternoon and now it’s gone. Even edited a typo, so wassup with that? I know this is Disqus, so was it a glitch there?

    Crux of what I was saying is that a lot of people in truth circles are claiming they know someone who knows someone who knows someone. It’s usually three degrees of separation. My question is, if this was a fake event (which I believe it was, given the lack of visual evidence primarily), is it possible that truthers were targeted indirectly in order to create a lot of in-fighting and division? I don’t think it would be hard for them to achieve this with all the deep state funny money, buying off friends of relatives of truthers. Hope this goes through…. Thanks for all your work on this Russ and commenters.

      • Particulars? As in who else is making these claims? Well, so far I’m aware of Truth Media Films, SGTreport, and you mentioned Joe Biggs. Another was brought to my attention — a moderator named TrInItY over at GodLikeProductions who started a thread entitled “A Friend Of Mine Has A Neighbor Who Was Shot In The Butt…”. I’m sure there are a lot more — maybe we should start documenting them in order to see patterns.

        It still seems rather far-fetched, but since nothing is adding up, this theory of targeting truthers seems to be one reasonable explanation. The authorities can easily find out who any “anonymous” poster is on-line. Then they could look into the backgrounds of people closely associated with the truther — about 3 degrees of separation away — and offer them a deal in exchange for lying. They could use a combination of threats and pay-offs (and non-disclosure agreements, of course) to gain the cooperation of the person.

        With the Orlando Pulse hoax, it was discovered by researchers that many of the crisis actors who were supposedly regulars at the nightclub had criminal records. What better way to gain cooperation. I’m sure they have lots of other tactics too. Sandy Hoax was another big eye-opener in how they got 100s of parents to cooperate, not just the ones who played the main roles in press conferences and tv interviews. Given the school was supposed to have had between 400-600 students the day of the “shooting,” and yet there never was an evacuation of all those kids (as proven by helicopter shots and dashcams on parked police cars in the parking lot), the only explanation left is that those 100s of parents kept their kids out of the school that day (it’s even possible that the school hadn’t functioned for years) — that’s a lot of hush money, but there’s seemingly no end to funds for sell-out traitors to humanity.

        Anyway, back to Vegas. I can easily see how they could have added this new level of confusion to the psy-op. I expect this particular event was planned many months in advance, so they would have lots of time to do the research and find individuals connected to truthers who they could compromise.

        Purpose being to fracture the truth movement even more than what they’ve already done to it with all the controlled opposition channels on youtube, and the big platforms like Alex Jones. I’ve never seen as much in-fighting amongst people.

        One last point, which I don’t think some people understand. The reason I believe it’s important to determine if this was yet another hoax is because that fact will reveal the complicity of local authorities: police, EMTs, hospital staff, etc. If people really died and were injured, these authorities have cover. Here’s an example of hospital employees lying:

        It’s a bloody mess!

  10. Military Surgeon Says Videos of Las Vegas Gunshot Victims Are Fake
    by Paul Craig Roberts

    « I am a retired general surgeon … served in a number of military hospitals in Asia and the Middle East … extensive experience in treating bullet wounds … I have now viewed most of the mainstream media reports on YouTube of the victims in hospital and I can assure you they are all actors and not one of these people is a legitimate patient. Being shot with a high-powered weapon and struck with a high velocity bullet is a very trumatic experience and indeed more patients routinely die from the trauma rather than the wound itself. Yet all these patients being interviewed in bed are not surrounded with emergency care diagnostic equipment at all, are looking completely normal, relaxed and comfortable. This is not how patients feel one or two days after being shot with a high-powered assault weapon I can assure you and even if its only in the leg it is still serious.

    « These supposed victims in hospital that have been shot. Every one of them are not legitimate patients at all, but are plainly actors … girl patients are almost uncontrollably laughing, knowing that they are lying. During one or two days after getting shot through the hip with a high powered assault weapon and after having been operated on, I can assure you no patient is ever laughing or looking like this

    « Propaganda about the Las Vegas shooting, showing President Trump actually visiting a patient in a Las Vegas hospital who apparently was shot through the leg. I can assure you, if he had genuinely been shot through the leg with a high velocity bullet as they claim, he would not, so soon after the event, be able to stand up, neither would he have the desire to do so. This is a disgrace, and one finds it impossible to accept President Trump does not know it is all a completely staged event. »

  11. Bubba, I think you hit the bullseye on this one. I have a friend who is going through the 2 degrees of separation thing- he is a hunter and outdoorsman and is active online. His usegroup [I don’t know the name of it] was targeted by this method and he thus believes the shooting actually happened.

    • Thanks. Makes you wonder if perhaps there were 1000s of people “targeted” this way via pay-offs, bribes, threats, blackmail, etc. — because it’s amazing just how widespread these “I know someone who knows someone” reports are. But when you see reports of next of kin, we only get obvious crisis actors on mainstream news who are clearly faking it. “Confusion will be my epitaph” — King Crimson

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