Instagram to Block Anti-Vaccine Hashtags Amid “Misinformation” Crackdown

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By Emily Birnbaum | 21 March 2019

THE HILL — Instagram said Thursday it plans to block a slew of anti-vaccine hashtags amid an ongoing crackdown on medical misinformation on the platform.

The company, which is owned by Facebook, shared its plans after media outlets inquired about anti-vaccine misinformation continuing to spread on the social media giant’s platforms.

Facebook three weeks ago unveiled plans to combat anti-vaccine content, including a pledge that it would no longer promote anti-vaccine posts on Instagram’s search and “explore” features.

The Atlantic and CNN on Thursday reported that Facebook and Instagram’s search functions still recommend vaccine-related misinformation, including groups and hashtags that associate vaccinations with autism, a claim that scientists and experts have categorically debunked. […]

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  1. Boy the Pharma industry sure is thin skinned. Why all the huff if it is just fake news and vaccines are 100% safe…
    *The Science is Settled

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