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Trudeau Invokes War Powers Act Against Freedom Convoy: Bank Accounts to Be Shut Down, Assets Frozen, Crowdfunding Labeled ‘Terrorism Financing’

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By Chris Menahan | 14 February 2022

INFORMATION LIBERATION — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday elected to turn Canada into a totalitarian dictatorship by invoking the “Emergencies Act,” a successor to the War Measures Act, giving himself the power to trample over the rights of Freedom Convoy protesters and treat Canadian citizens worse than terrorists.

Whereas Trudeau took a knee for Black Lives Matter, he’s throwing “liberal democracy” and the “liberal democratic values” he has championed his whole life under the bus to crush a popular worker uprising against bio-medical tyranny.

As I predicted two weeks ago, the Trudeau dictatorship is declaring GiveSendGo a terrorist financier for helping raise money for the truckers.

Banks and financial service providers can now freeze or suspend the accounts of anyone they suspect of supporting the truckers, without a court order.

Trudeau is planning to enslave tow truckers to force them to tow Freedom Convoy protesters. […]

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