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Poll: Two Thirds Of DEMOCRATS Want Hillary Spying, Fake Russia Charges Investigated

‘Right now she is a certified political criminal.’

By Steve Watson | 15 February 2022

SUMMIT NEWS — A poll has revealed that a stunning 66 percent of DEMOCRATS want to see a new investigation into Hillary Clinton’s role in spying on the Trump 2016 campaign, and the baseless charges of Russian collusion that followed his victory in the election.

The issue has come back into the spotlight following revelations of the Durham probe into the FBI’s investigation, which found that Clinton operatives paid a tech company to “infiltrate” servers at Trump Towers and the White House, not only to spy on the Trump team and dig up dirt, but also allegedly with the intention to manufacture a “narrative” of Russian collusion.

The poll, conducted by TechnoMetrica Institute of Policy and Politics reveals that almost three quarters of those polled who were following the story want prosecutors to investigate Hillary and members of her campaign team.

Those figures include two thirds of Democrats who were polled, twenty percent more than supported the move back in October. A total of 91 percent of Republicans want further investigation, with 65 percent of independents demanding a fresh probe. […]

2 Comments on Poll: Two Thirds Of DEMOCRATS Want Hillary Spying, Fake Russia Charges Investigated

  1. Probably because of this

    And this

    Which is all part of this, and they are complicit in selling out the US to this same kind of policy Surveillance State, Crypto-Social-Credit, Non-Stop Spying through bloated cyberpolicing using backdoors etc etc) – and don’t want anyone looking at it. Why else pivot, do a complete 180 now that there is a different regime in office? With Trump it was strongarming and some smokescreening, with Biden now it’s just stonewalling- and they’re pretend the stonewalling is ‘protecting privacy’ or ‘democrats care about’ some investigation- right. Since when did any of them give a shit about fourth amendment rights, and abuse of FISA/Patriot Act since it has been passed? They can’t fool anyone suddenly pretending like that. Not impressed with the ‘well if democrats want it investigated, it must be a bipartisan, unanimous problem.’ No. It means there is a bipartisan stonewall. So they distract with Hillary Clinton and Trump BS again, not looking at the foundation of what is going on there, while pretending it’s because they are pursuing ‘justice.’ Who are they kidding at this point.

  2. If she and he got away with this, you really think and “justice” will come for a simple act of spying on the president??

    The Clinton Count:

    Monica Petersen, a woman who was investigating the Clinton foundation for child trafficking and was found dead from “suicide” in Haiti 2/17,

    The Black guy who died the day before testifying against the Clinton’s.

    Journalist Jen Moore died under suspicious circumstances after contacting both the DHS and the FBI with allegations that former President Bill Clinton committed sexual assault.

    John Ashe the former president of the UN who was set to testify against the Clinton’s, heart attack turned into a crushed throat, he was bench pressing and it slipped.

    The murder of Vince Foster where the DNA traces on the gun were more likely to have originated with a black or a Hispanic than with a Caucasian.

    New Jersey Senator Herman “Hal” Lindsey who was scheduled to appear in several courthouses and in front of Congress to give testimony against the Clinton’s in a drug smuggling ring involving their foundation’s cargo ships the next day.

    They discovered him dead in a hammock of “natural causes,” citing a heart attack most likely brought on by the stress of the situation as the culprit.

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