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How the Shill and Truth Suppression Game Works

9/11 brought out the factions battling out the various bones of contention. I happened to notice the handiwork of one of the players in the “anti-conspiracy theory” game, one Brent Lee.

Mr. Lee with a straight face put up this declarative tweet.

Yes, Mr. Lee no 9/11 conspiracist will show you this because the photo was taken in 1972 when the Twin Towers were under construction and the steel beams settings were unfinished.

See Incredible Vintage Photograph Shows Sun Shining Through World Trade Center Towers in 1972. 

The article notes: This stunning photograph from 1972 shows the World Trade Center towers under construction and without interior walls, allowing the sun to pass right through them. 

I dispensed with agent Lee in two tweets.

Naturally the way the matrix sistema works Lee’s tweet went viral garnering 6.9 million views and counting. Clapping monkeys reposted 6,270 times and rendered 42k likes. Brent Lee has 19,100 followers on Twitter.

I on the other hand received- after 1/2 a day- 34 views and 1 like on the WTC core photo and 21 views on the 1972 photo source where I revealed Lee’s deceit.

There is no doubt that truth tellers end up being lost cause black pilled from this shilling suppression skullduggery and being forced to talk to walls. I hardly put my posts on X anymore and am no longer that hard working on my writings. I did have a good run however, still visible on the site.


24 Comments on How the Shill and Truth Suppression Game Works

  1. True Story Russ Thanks. Can’t say how the algorithms worked on that one, but it sounds suspicious. There is of course no Brent Lee. Lots of flags up and out yesterday. Dunno how this thing got turned into such a big deal, buildings go down all over the world all the time and what happens in JYC doesn’t usually fuss anyone I meet. The kids probably couldn’t find it on a map. It’s been turned into a big effing emotional deal that’s supposed to be some ecomotional nationalistic Rubicon item they never shut up about same as jkf. Bores me to tears.
    On the other hand, a personal friend of mine accused me of being “antisemetic” and directed me to watch a film his “friend” in Chicago made. I see it won all kinds of awards at canne but I switched it off after a few seconds of scary music.

    • there has been a large up tick in ‘Sympathy for the Jews’ 501c3 or support group ads all over the internet lately. Look at all the movies coming out from the ’empire of their own’ , they are all jew focused and on the streaming apps. The sob story is in high gear because they know people are turning away from their lies.

  2. As prior to 9/11, I too was a blissful fool. Since then, I’ve opened “rabbit holes” one after another. Recall the “Spanish inquisition”? Yes, the one the kosher media has suckered most into believing was an evil church looking to vicitmize all who were not “connected”?
    Actually, it was one of the more major attempts of some still loyal monarchies to protect their people from the swndlers called “Jew”, (Over 100 times [many MORE THAN ONCE] they were chased out and BANNED for their money habits and execution of young Christians for their blood sacrifices in most European nations)
    Remember the term; “Marrano” as it is important later on.
    For the above stated reasons, Spain had given Jews a specific amount of time to either embrace Christianity or LEAVE.
    Being very sly and treachreous, most opted to “convert” to Christianity but were, in secret, still worshipping via their TALMUD. The church recognized this for what it was and sent out groups of versed church members to question these “Crypto-Jews”. After asking them predetermined questions regarding dogma, they discovered most of what is (still) known as “Marranos”. Columbus figured into this treachery as well. (His fellow Jews slaughtered many indigenous indians which is why people are beginning to see the turd and his backers for what they were). I encourage you all to do your own research into this with a tacit warning;
    Make certain you circumvent the Jewish owned media as “media” includes the writing/publishing/dissemination of TEXT/”HISTORY” books.

    “It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not ~ they will be killed.” ~ Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg

    “We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”- Jewish Banker Paul Warburg, testimony before the U.S. Senate, February 17, 1950

    “We have exterminated the property owners in Russia. We are going to do the same thing in Europe and America”
    (The Jew, December, 1925, Zinobit)

    As Christians/Muslims, we should NOT hate anyone – However, as our creator made clear in His teachings, the truth will set you free.

    ‘I know your tribulation and poverty—but you are rich — and the blasphemy by those who call themselves Jews and really are not, but they are a synagogue of Satan.

    Revelation 3:9
    Look! I will make those from the synagogue of Satan who say they are Jews yet are not, but are lying—look! I will make them come and bow before your feet and make them know that I have loved you.

    • A GREAT BIG THANK YOU for this totally TRUTHFUL comment. I will never hate Jews, but, being a true believer in Christ, I will ALWAYS HATE THE TALMUD!

      Thanks for Rev. 2:9 and 3:9. And also remember 1 John 2:23–“He who hath not the Son hath not the Father…” Meaning, Talmudic Jews, Christ-haters, have not the Father….then again, they think they ARE the Father, they think they are gods…

      • I’m not sure if the people at the top of the pyramid are actually Jews. I suspect Talmudic and Cabalist Judaism is an ancient psy-op to create a cult of people believing themselves to be superior to all else (God’s chosen people, the only true humans) and destined to own and rule the world while at the same time believing themselves to be persecuted. Both these facts ensure they work secretly and in unison towards this “divine” goal (mending the world, as they put it.) It also gives them and their agenda shielding as they can use the “anti-Semitism” defense to exploit the empathy, morals and sense of fairness (which they themselves lack) of Gentiles to garner sympathy, support and protection.

        I have no idea if the Rothschild, et al Central Bankster crime families (and whoever is above them, if there are any) are actually Jews or just use it as a cover but I do know that pointing out that they are Jews is counter-productive as this gives them and their media and political puppets the ability to just dismiss it as “anti-semitic.” Since most people are trained or paid to react with moral outrage and dismissal (or scared not to) to anything labeled “anti-semitic” calling out their (supposed) Jewishness is counter-productive. It also helps scare their own to stay in line. We’re much better of calling them what they actually are to the world, which is Central Banksters, Oligarchs, Oppressors, Tyrants, Exploiters and monsterous progenitors of war, genocide and disease with a body count in the billions.

        Yes they are or may be Jews and their supremacist and anti-human ideology is disgusting and infuriating but we need to remember that they control the game and we need to adapt to it. We can awaken people to their evils if we play it smart. Any kind of “hate speech” only aids them both because it helps shield them and because they can, have and do use it to crack down on our abilities and rights to share the truth.

        • Great comment.

          According to Miles Mathis, the ethnicity of the hidden ruling class Elite is Jewish or rather Phoenician and “official” history was fabricated to conceal this. However, Mathis doesn’t condemn Jews in general:
          “The rank-and-file Jews are not involved in the plunder of the Earth—or not any more than your average Gentile. They don’t know what is going on any more than I did, and wouldn’t approve if they did know. I assume many of them are quite moral people, doing their best. It is only the top Jewish families, the billionaires and trillionaires, that are responsible for the plunder. The Stanleys/Murrays/Spencer-Churchills, Percys, Cohens, Phillips, Nevilles, Leveson-Gowers, Egertons, Rockefellers, Hoffmans, and so on. Yes, they hire their lesser cousins to play smaller roles, and these people are also complicit to varying degrees. And yes, there are millions of these people in government and Intelligence and the military, causing trouble. But there are also millions of mostly innocent Jews, existing far from the main lines, of lesser or broken bloodlines, and I assume they benefit as little from the current state of affairs as you or I do.”

          This is tantamount to distinguishing between the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Chinese peasants. The ethnicity of the PTB is irrelevant since it ultimately comes down to elites vs. non-elites. Also, bloodline descent is what matters in their hierarchy, not “ethnicity”. Judaism- like all religions- is structured as a secret society in which the vast majority are “useful idiots”. It’s also possible elite Jews are front-men and minions, who serve as scapegoats and deflect blame from the real PTB, who may not even be human if “Hidden-Hand” and Ronald Bernard (per this video @ 50m) are correct.

          • Great info, thanks. Nice to get something more concrete to back up my suspicion. They clearly don’t want us to know who they are or where they’re from and “Jews” is equally clearly what they want us to see and name them as.

        • “I have no idea if the Rothschild, et al Central Bankster crime families (and whoever is above them, if there are any) are actually Jews or just use it as a cover but I do know that pointing out that they are Jews is counter-productive as this gives them and their media and political puppets the ability to just dismiss it as “anti-semitic.” Since most people are trained or paid to react with moral outrage and dismissal (or scared not to) to anything labeled “anti-semitic” calling out their (supposed) Jewishness is counter-productive. It also helps scare their own to stay in line. We’re much better of calling them what they actually are to the world, which is Central Banksters, Oligarchs, Oppressors, Tyrants, Exploiters and monsterous progenitors of war, genocide and disease with a body count in the billions.

          Yes they are or may be Jews and their supremacist and anti-human ideology is disgusting and infuriating but we need to remember that they control the game and we need to adapt to it. We can awaken people to their evils if we play it smart. Any kind of “hate speech” only aids them both because it helps shield them and because they can, have and do use it to crack down on our abilities and rights to share the truth.”

          No one gets a free pass here, none. Russ, Torchy and Others have done a great job of pointing out evils in all corners. Hate Speech is is a misnomer and even using the word is ‘giving in to them’. History is not hate speech. WW isn’t a place to fawn over Hitler as every one is open for critique and let the cards speak for themselves. When there are laws banning criticisms of ‘certain’ people but others are encouraged, it begs the question. If every G8/G12 elected leader has to bow prostrate at the wailing wall with a flat cap on their head before they are elected, it begs the question. If States in the US passed laws to make it illegal to divest your own money or personally boycott Israeli owned businesses or funds, it begs the question. Israel dictates our foreign and domestic policy, so it is kind of a big deal. Others have pointed out that the people in that country are not true semitic people, on top of that. Again, no one gets a free pass here. We are all very history driven and try to discern the author of said history if they were in a secret club with a kabbalah on the wall, picture of Marquice de Sade, or went to K-12 Jesuit school in the Swiss Alps. No one is free from critique in this world and Hate Speech doesn’t exist.

          • In this post-modern world where the ruling oligarchy decide what is or is not true or right in the eyes of masses of useful idiots, on the left and the right and in between, it does. It does because their institutions say so. Just like many today believe there are more than two “genders,” when actually there are two sexes and no such thing as “genders.” By using what they call “hate speech” we play into their hands as they then use this to discredit and demonize us and to fool people into supporting legislation to restrict or further restrict speech. We also have no need for it as we have the truth on our side as well as almost all of humanity, though most don’t know it yet. I’m sure most Jews are just as duped and hapless as most the rest of humanity. Jews are kept in the dark by their rulers, for instance by use of a language hardly anyone understands (yiddish) in their synagogs. The Jewish (Phonecian/Babylonian) elites call most Jews “lesser brethrens” and “mixed multitudes.” They don’t care much more for them than they do the rest of mankind.

            You have to decide, do you want to wake up humanity to the limitless evils of our owning and ruling oligarchy or do you want to agitate against Jews? Option one can lead to liberation, option two helps to strengthen our oppressors.

            Factual critisism of Judaism can be beneficial depending on the forum and depending on your level of knowledge. Most of humanity, including Jews) would be appalled by the horrible anti-human actual hate speech of the Talmud and the Cabala. Calling out Jewish people, however, is exactly what the rulers want us to do. It only aids them.

            Play it smart. Educate, enlighten people about our demonic ruling oligarchy and their countless, relentless and ongoing crimes against humanity and avoid causing division or giving the enemy ammunition. Very few would support them, serve them or comply with them if they knew the truth. Whether or not the oppressors are Jews is irrelevant to the greater truth and stubbornly going at that angle is only detrimental, true or not, true or not. The truth that can unite us all.

            And, to me, it seems quite obvious that the whole Jew angle of the ruling oligarchy is just a cover and a deception.

            Also, I’m not looking to stifle anyone’s speech or saying anyone or anything should be protected from critisism, I’m saying that tactic helps them to stifle our speech and to demonize us. By all means, say what you please.

  3. Trying to spread truth through social media is a lost cause. Anything truthful will be buried by trolls, NPCs, bots and algorithms while Globalist and controlled opposition narratives are amplified. We’re better off trying to reach people in real life. I’ve found it effective to use little nuggets of uncontroversial, self-evident and easily provable truth about the Globalist/Corporatist crime syndicate and their system and actions when conversing with people. I consider this to be planting seeds of doubt and I’ve seen several come to fruition. There are so many conspiracy truth facts to choose from that there’s almost always opportunity to get some in. I also try to chose facts based on what I gather to be the beliefs and views of the other party/parties. As I work in IT assisting novice users in private I have ample opportunity to discredit the Big Tech companies and their systems, products and services and the dirty and evil deeds of the companies and the oligarchs behind them.

    I also find it very effective to try to convince people of the various ways that we’re poisoned and malnurished. Things like the toxic “vegetable” oils (canola, corn, sunflower and others) is easy to prove as is the use of toxic pesticides or herbicides like the glyphosate based Roundup which destroys our gut flora (vital for cognitive ability, memory, immune system, digestion and much more.) I also try to make people aware of the major health benefits of certain foods, like extra virgin coconut oil (anti oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial; highly beneficial for mind and body) and black cumin seed oil similar properties but studies show as even better in many ways including preventing/curing diabetes) In addition to helping improve people’s health and well-being this also makes them more lucid and concious and thus better able to think critically and to understand and process information. Once a person who regularily consume canola oil and similar oils (as most do) quits the effect is drastic and very positive.

    I myself noticed my waist line shrinking almost daily after I quit and also felt more energetic as well as no longer experiencing some health conditions I had just come to accept as normal, like bouts of chest pain and constipation (and that was before adding beneficial foods and supplements.) Once people realize that the government and its “health experts” have been poisoning them for decades they’ll likely no longer believe the government is looking out for their health when doing things like offering/mandating vaccines, mandating masks or implementing restrictions.

    I believe using well chosen nuggets of conspiracy truth and then, if possible, progressively expanding on that over time is one of our strongest tools at our disposal. People we help awaken personally can then awaken others, a snowball effect can be achieved. Another method I favor is bringing the truth to the streets by posting facts and memes out in public and on pinboards.

    Trying to achive public awakening through the controlled social media is a waste of time in the best case scenario and you may even find yourself psy-opped into false rabbit holes.

    Sorry I veered a bit off topic but I thought it may be helpful as those things have worked for me.

    I originally intended to post this:

    Imagine being dumb enough to take a look at that picture and go “well that explains it, the buildings (where several thousands worked) were hollow inside.” And even that wouldn’t actually explain it as aluminium airplanes cannot crash through thick and solid steel girders. It’s kind of like believing co2 emissions cause climate change or that a (supposed) virus with a(n offical) fatality rate of 0.2% constitutes a deadly pandemic.

    It’s like they’ve managed to turn millions of people into Beavis and Butt-heads and they’ve done it through Flouride (a recent large scale study shows it having negative impacts on congnitive abilities and on health,) glyphosates (destroyers of gut flora) malnutrition (toxic “vegetable” oils like Canola, sugar, synthetics, highly processed food and industrially produced crops and meat low in nutrients and high in toxins.) This, along with the reality-rejecting psy-op of post-modernism and decades of psy-ops of fear and division and pro-system propaganda, has turned masses of people into mindless drones quite literally programmable by the ruling oligarchy through their “authorities” and media.

    • Sadly, I’ve learned that only YOU can wake yourself up. I fully believed in the official 911 narrative- it’s only COVID that finally woke me up to how the world really works. And from there- it was finally easy to see 911 was an Inside Job.

      Some years back- I spoke to a mother with an autistic son and she blamed vaccines for his condition. (I have an autistic son as well.) I was polite to her but inside I snickered at her “stupidity”. Years later, I finally did the research and realized I was the idiot, not her.

      • EXACTLY. The Covid scam was what was required to make me fully grasp the scale and severity of the conspiracy. The same is true for millions of others, at least. This, along with other obvious and destructive scams like climate change/”green energy”/”green cities,” has made lots of people lose faith in the system. Once a person realizes that they’re being lied to; that the official narratives are false, they become ready for the truth. Once people realize that the “truths” they thought they knew are false they develop a need for real truths to replace them. At that point they can be reached and we need to do all we can to make sure they’re then given the truth and not other lies or partisan half-truths.

        I’ve experienced things changing immensely lately. People are much more receptive to conspiracy truth.

        A few examples just from recent months:

        I was discussing the drug trade with a relative at a bus stop. A total stranger joined the conversation, saying, correctly, that the governments and bankers are behind it. European governments have facilitated drug and arms smuggling by removing border controls and the Swedish (I’m Swedish) and Danish governments

        I was talking to a client whose husband was sick with cancer. I told her that the cancer treatments are terrible, to which she agreed, and then I mentioned that there are natural treatments that are effective for curing cancer (cancer is a fungus illness and easy to cure if treated as such.) She said she believed me and that she herself only uses natural medicine. We also discussed causes of illness, which she correctly identified as being do to food low in nutrients and high in toxins. We also talked about what is good to eat or take as supplements and we both shared some advice.
        She works in IT-security and said she dealt a lot with cyber attacks. She said it’s very common that attacks come from Ukraine and that she felt they weren’t better than the Russians due to this and other facts. I then told her about the US coup in Ukraine in 2015 and also asked her if she knew about Western central banker involvement in Russia, which she did. I also told her about how Putin let them freeze (steal) Russia’s assets. I told her my belief that they are behind both sides and she said it was possible. This was just a stranger, a client. She also said, pretty much, that electric cars are a scam.

        As I live in a city that’s being converted to a 15 minute “green” city, I’ve also had plenty of conversations with various people about that. I present it as fraud, sabotage and theft of tax payer money (as it is) and rarely get anyone who disagrees.

        I’ve also had many conversations on Covid, with people doubting the official narratives or even declaring it a scam.

        Fraudulent, destructive and murderous US (Globalist) wars, government corruption and corporate/banking greed and malice are also common topics.

        Due to all the obvious and destructive scams going on and the many brazenly false narratives there are people everywhere losing faith in our authorities and their official narratives and that’s our chance to provide them with the truth. And every little helps; any conspiracy fact you think may be accepted by whoever you may be talking to that you can fit into the conversation or have reason to bring up. Just don’t go to far, it needs to be believable to them where they are in their wake up process.

        • I forgot to finish a paragraf above.

          “European governments have facilitated drug and arms smuggling by removing border controls and the Swedish (I’m Swedish) and Danish governments” building a bridge linking Sweden to Denmark, making drug and arms smuggling much easier and safer.

  4. Too bad the tweet is cut off — here’s the rest of it:

    You can see quite clearly that there would have been no controlled demolitions needed for it to collapse.

    That’s quite a leap, from a sunset foto of the unfinished WTC to claiming it shows ‘quite clearly’ that plane impacts alone would have caused the towers to collapse — no real further elaboration on his part — he just repeats the standard tale a developing collapse.

    For anyone interested, in the thread someone asks him about WTC-7, and he refers to an earlier tweet of his with a short video about it:

    I watched the video, and would call it unconvincing to say the least — it describes the design and construction of WTC-7, then basically says it collapsed due to the effects of raging fires on steel, and structural damage caused by debris from the north tower — at the very end it refers to the official report on WTC-7, which no one took seriously — the narrator of the video (not sure who it is) even says “best guess” when talking about the NIST report on WTC-7.

    I think the psychological pressure of having such a non-conforming view of 9/11 gets to be too much for some people, so they effectively grasp at the straw of the official story to return to the herd — people are not lemmings, but they often seem to behave them — the word sheeple is meant to capture this, as was ‘mass formation psychosis’ during COVID — in general, women are more likely to seek and favor consensus, which is a reason you don’t want them having too much authority: they will use it to enforce consensus.

    • Obviously skyscrapers don’t just implode from “poor construction”. And if there was any element of truth to such a claim, the entire building code would have to be revised and buildings closed in the interim until fortified. That never happened.

      • I would also be a common occurance.

        I find it benefical that their narratives are almost always false on many levels so you can pick and choose which parts to focus on when trying to influence people.

        Like with the WTC:

        Home videos surfaced same day showing explosions without any planes.

        WTC was constructed with massive and solid steel beams and airplanes, being constructed with thin sheets of light metals, cannot crash straight through that. Airplanes crashing into the building would have destroyed offices and property by the facade where hit but that’s it.

        Jet fuel doesn’t burn hot enough to melt the steel beams, if the (supposed) planes somehow were to be able to penetrate the steal beam construction.

        If jet fuel fueled fire where to somehow melt the beams, why would that affect the rest of the structure below and affect it so severely that it would collapse.

        Why and how did the buildings get obliterated into clouds of dust as they fell? Collapsing buildings just collapse, they don’t get vaporized in mid air on the way down.

        And it’s even more obvious that the official narrative on building 7 just collapsing for no apparent reason is false. Some scattered fires on a few floors don’t make buildings of steel and concrete collapse and neither does fires throughout such a building for that matter. There’s also reason why it would catch fire in the first place, not that it would matter if there was. One also wonder how they could know it was “unstable” and would collapse sometime before it happened. And what’s the story on the BBC reporting the collapse about 20 minutes before it happened? Any other explanation even plausible other that that the whole thing was staged and scripted?

        Same goes for Covid, Climate change, “green” energy, “green” cities and (Globalist puppet) Putin, Russia, Ukraine and the war and many other scams and frauds. It’s all fraudulent and wrong on many levels and we can use that to our advantage.

        • Reinforced steel at that.

          And asphalt is much easier to destroy than either steel or concrete and when a jet liner crashes at high speed into that the plane is obliterated without doing much damage to the asphalt. Even jet liners crashing into fields don’t make much of a crater.

          Planes – if there were any – would break apart into millions of tiny pieces and do minor property damage; they would break windows and cause damage to the facade and do damage to offices and property where they hit. That’s it. And that’s just one part of what don’t add up about the official narrative.

  5. No one ever really explains the dust. A big feature of the collapse of the twin towers was the huge clouds of billowing dust. Where did all that dust come from?

    In a usual demolition, you see small pops of dust around the sites where explosives have been planted and detonate. This is expected, as material is being pulverized (Pulver is German for powder) at key structural points. Then when debris nears and hits the ground, you see larger dust clouds develop, but they are not very dense, and a lot of that dust is from the ground itself, not building debris.

    But in the WTC collapse, HUGE roiling dense clouds of dust envelop the towers as they collapse. What material is being pulverized? How is such a huge mass of material being pulverized?

    An answer to the first question could be: the concrete floors. The WTC had floors made of poured concrete.

    But what pulverized the concrete like that? And was there enough mass to produce such large, thick, dense clouds of dust?

    Some people question whether the impulse of the floor above coming down onto the floor below would have happened with enough force to break the structural integrity of the lower floor and continue the collapse.

    So it’s impossible to believe an upper floor collapsing onto a lower floor would have happened with such force as to pulverize the lower floor like that. Also, those huge dense debris clouds formed IMMEDIATELY and then grew, surrounding the debris as it was falling toward the ground. It wasn’t just a phenomenon of the later stages of the collapse.

    • Given the events in Maui (another impossible official narrative) I’m now leaning towards it having been done with directed energy weaponry. If there had been explosives planted throughout the buildings we would have seen explosions. However, there were no explosions at all, the buildings were just pulverized. That’s something explosives cannot do to a steel structure anyway. Its moot though if it could as there were no explosions as they fell.

      DEW is the really the only plausible explanation for this. At least I can’t come up with any other explanation that works.

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