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The Non-Existent Trial of British War Criminal and Monster Frederick Lindemann

Consistent with our recent articles and podcast on the British ruling-class pederast warmongering cesspool comes yet another persona in despicable hidden history: one Frederick Lindemann, the first Viscount Cherwell (1886-1957). Lindemann, dubbed “The Professor,” served as an influential adviser to fellow reprobate Prime Minister Winston Churchill. See Churchill as Neocon Stooge. Lindemann and Churchill were close friends and remained so for 35 years, with Lindemann visiting the PM in Chartwell more than 100 times from 1925 to 1939.

During the war, Churchill, whose reliance on Lindemann was often called to question, reportedly said to a member of Parliament, “Don’t you know that he is one of my oldest and greatest friends?”

The two met almost daily for the duration of the war. It was said Lindemann wielded more influence over Churchill than any other civilian adviser.

It was also said that Churchill had an attachment to homosexuals, and so much so that even The Daily Mail ran a revealing article concerning a book that speculated he may have been a low-sex-drive closet queen. Homosexual Brendan Bracken was one of a trio of devoted Churchill henchmen during the 1930s and ’40s. The others were the intelligence officer Desmond Morton and the aforementioned Frederick Lindemann. Both of them were bachelors, and Morton — who arranged for his papers to be posthumously destroyed — was reputed to be a homosexual. Eddie Marsh, Churchill’s personal secretary was homosexual. Lindemann was a lifelong bachelor.

Both he and Churchill disliked women. The only difference was that narcissistic, anti-social, asexual Lindemann also disliked men and humanity in general.

The Jewish Oxford Chabad Society claimed Lindeman as one of their own; however, David Irving‘s second book on Churchill claims he wasn’t. His father was from Baden, Germany (home for many crypto Frankist made men such as John Jacob Astor), and emigrated to England. Lindemann spoke with a German accent, and was nicknamed behind his back as Baron Berlin. Ironic given the role Lindemann played in bombing Berlin back to the Stone Age. With a dark triad psychopathic persona, perhaps he was Luciferian enough to be a Sabbatean-Frankist and brought in on special assignment? See Tim Kelly and Russ Winter Discuss Sabbatean Frankism’s Impact on the World.

Whatever the case, Lindeman came straight from the Aldous Huxley school of real supremacist racism (versus contrived racism). Lindemann believed in the chosenite theory, meaning that a small circle of the so-called intelligent and the aristocratic should run the world, resulting in a “stable society” that they could milk and lord over.

Lindemann said “placid content rules in the bee-hive or ant-heap,” and that “the outcome would be a perfectly peaceable and stable society,” that was “led by supermen and served by helots.” (Helots is Greek for slave.)

Lindemann was a major proponent of kleptocratic run eugenics and held the working class in contempt. Biographer Mukerjee Madhusree in “The Most Powerful Scientist Ever: Winston Churchill’s Personal Technocrat” concludes — in referring to Lindemann’s lecture on Eugenics — that Science could yield a race of humans blessed with “the mental make-up of the worker bee. … At the lower end of the race and class spectrum, one could remove the ability to suffer or to feel ambition. … Instead of subscribing to what he called ‘the fetish of equality.'”

The silver-spoon Lindemann made no secret of his contempt for social and intellectual inferiors and, according to an acquaintance, “looked upon poverty as a fault.”

In the public realm during the 1920s, as labor tried to gain a little traction against big-capital plutocracy, Lindemann produced copies of Churchill’s anti-labor keep-them-on-the-plantation tomes in the newspaper the British Gazette.

In the 1930s, Lindemann got into the armaments lobbying business and advised Winnie when the latter was out of government by leading a campaign for rearmament. Lindemann was central in the recruitment of a number of German-Jewish physicists, primarily from the University of Göttingen, to emigrate to Britain for military work. During the war, Lindemann’s crackpot scientific ideas undermined the vital work of Sir Henry Tizard and his team, who developed all the important radar technology.

Madhusree’s “Secret War: The British Empire and Ravaging of India During World War II” points the finger squarely at Churchill and Lindemann for the Bengal Famine of 1943. These demons of die-offs licked their chops as four million starved. [See “Winston Churchill and the 1943 Starvation of 4 Million in Bengal”] Lindeman lobbied to cut Indian Ocean shipping 56% — and for a extended period. While there was mass starvation in Bengal, Britain’s stockpile of food and raw materials by the end of 1943 was a record 18.5 million tons.

In his memo to Churchill, Lindeman explained his Malthusian logic and suggested that the Bengal famine arose from crop failure and its high birthrate. He failed to mention that the calamity also derived from India’s role of supplier to the Allied war effort or that the colony was not being permitted to spend its sterling reserves or to employ its own ships in importing sufficient food. In reality, Britain should have been the first to starve, but it was being sustained by food imports that were six times larger than the one-and-a-half-million tons that the government of India had requested for the coming year.

In March 1942, Churchill’s war cabinet adopted the “Lindemann Plan” whereby terror bombings of German civilians became official policy.

Historian AJP Taylor remarked, “There is an almost universal belief that Hitler started the indiscriminate bombing of civilians, whereas it was started by the directors of British strategy, as some of the more honest among them have boasted.”

Earlier in the war, Germany endured a solid five months of bombing of its cities and civilians before responding in kind.

J.M. Spaight, CB, CBE and Principal Secretary to the Air Ministry (RAF) conceded, “Hitler only undertook the bombing of British civilian targets reluctantly three months after the RAF had commenced bombing German civilian targets. Hitler would have been willing at any time to stop the slaughter. Hitler was genuinely anxious to reach with Britain an agreement confining the action of aircraft to battle zones.”

A side note on the May 14, 1940, German bombing of Rotterdam: Wikipedia gives a reasonably accurate account. This was not a terror bombing. The Dutch army had fortified the center of the city and provided fierce resistance. Most civilians evacuated. This bombing was entirely military.


Working-class homes were preferred by Lindemann to upper-class because they were closer together, and so a greater incineration-per-incendiary bomb could be achieved. German working-class houses were targeted in preference to military objectives, the latter being harder to hit. Factories and “military objectives” had long since been forgotten, except in official bulletins, since they were much too difficult to find and hit. Middle-class homes had too much space around them, he explained. All cities and towns of over 50,000 could be destroyed or at least brought to ruin.

If you were to get on a city bus tour today of Berlin, you would see that the plush pre-war Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf neighborhoods were largely spared, as the rest of the city was razed. When one goes through German cities today, it’s clear that the older working-class neighborhoods were wrecked in WWII, while many upper-class areas were spared.

Civilian deaths from British and American bombing of European cities are estimated to have been around a million, and some 61 cities were turned to virtual rubble, while some 60,000 civilians were killed in the U.K. More bombs by weight were dropped on the city of Berlin alone than were released on the whole of Great Britain during the entire war.

With the use of a favored Anglo-American-Zio plague upon non-combatants, phosphorus [see “Mad Dog’ Mattis, White Phosphorus, the Siege of Fallujah and Endless War Crimes” and US Terror Bombing of Japan], the majority of the men, women and children indiscriminately killed in the air war had perished from the inhalation of poisonous carbon-monoxide gas. If they avoided that, they were cooked in shearing heat.

Unspoken in discussions is that many foreign laborers in Germany were killed in those air raids. Many of the bombs dropped upon German cities contained a perfidious mechanism that, rather than exploding immediately upon contact with the ground or with buildings, were designed to explode hours or days later, thereby causing harm to survivors when they had emerged from their bomb shelters and cellars. They also caused serious danger to the fire fighters and rescue personnel, sometimes killing them or making their duties virtually impossible.

The fire bombing of Dresden on Feb 13 and 14 of 1945 (near the end of the war) was totally about terror. Dresden was a hospital city for wounded soldiers. It had 600,000 refugees from Silesia, which doubled its normal population. Not one military unit and not one anti-aircraft battery was deployed in the city. Churchill had asked for “suggestions how to blaze 600,000 refugees.” They came close.

Civilians killed in non-military Dresden air-raid shelters.

The strategy of targeting civilians was kept from the public, and airmen in the know were severely sanctioned for talking about it. Lindemann produced false data from a study on the psychological impact of Germany’s Birmingham Blitz and Hull Blitz on the local population. All those who disagreed with his views were arrogantly dismissed as “perfect fools.”

In reality, such terror bombing hardened resistance. For example, Germany’s greatest solder, Michael Wittmann, specifically mentioned revenge for the terror bombing as motivating him to perform super-courageous, unprecedented fanatical feats of arms during the battle of Normandy – see video in the post. In his astonishing career as a Tiger tank commander, Wittmann had Americans and Brits in his sights even more so than Russians.

As the war wound down, Lindemann enthusiastically supported the infamous Morgenthau Plan, which Churchill subsequently endorsed. Cooler heads prevented its full implementation. It centered around depopulation, forced German labor outside of Germany and de-industrialization. Germany was to be made a agrarian international zone to be governed by a consortium of international security organizations.

Winter Watch Takeaway: Churchill and his sidekick Lindemann were monsters of the worst kind. No charges were brought and their crimes were ignored.

9 Comments on The Non-Existent Trial of British War Criminal and Monster Frederick Lindemann

  1. This is a hot button issue in the Winterwatch community and one hesitates to wade in.

    Certainly I would not want to say one word that excuses or defends these creeps. But the operative concept is “total war” and that is not specifically a British innovation. Some date total war to Napoleon’s mobilization of the French Nation for war; entirely different than monarchs mobilizing mostly mercenary forces to fight set piece battles on battlefields. Hence nations fighting nations rather than monarchs fighting monarchs in an uglier form of blood sport.

    Another hot button issue: Sherman’s march to the sea. European generals watched that with great interest. Ah ha (they said) you don’t need to engage an enemy’s military forces directly; rather you destroy their industrial plant and transportation capacity and their nation’s will to wage war.

    The carpet bombing of cities was widely discussed in the 1920s. An Italian theorist (whose name escapes me) wrote a book advocating just that. Future wars would be fought by air power and would be fought against nations not military forces. The Luftwaffe took some practice runs in Spain in the 1930s.

    Irony time: isn’t there a school of thought that suggests if Hitler had continued attacking British air forces and fields for just a few more days in May 1940 he might just have won the Battle of Britain? Rather, he abruptly shifted to attacks on London and other cities, gave the nearly destroyed British air force time to recover and failed to prevail.

    As to Dresden, there are those who claim that in Feb 1945 it was an important military staging ground for marshaling forces against Soviet troops advancing from the east to the Elbe. And, in general, there was some attempt to destroy train transport facilities in German cities. Citizens living near such were most at risk. Tho for sure, many smaller cities with absolutely no military significance were leveled. Lubeck being just one example. Ghastly loss of life and medieval architecture.

    • Total war, at least in modern times, was definitely an English invention. The deliberate and long-planned burning of Copenhagen, the burning of Shimonoseki, paying Indian tribes for American scalps, slowly starving the children of the Boers to death, the razing of Europes cities- this was and is the Anglo-Zio way of war.

  2. Give the book Aleister Crowley: The Beast in Berlin: Art, Sex, and Magick in the Weimar a whirl.

    “Lindmann who studied in Berlin wanted a world run by a small number of highly intelligent aristocrats”. (Like himself I might add.)

    • “Lindmann who studied in Berlin wanted a world run by a small number of highly intelligent aristocrats”. (Like himself I might add.)

      Sorry, but with an estimated world average IQ of (only) 82 (link #1, link #2), which is/has been declining for decades (link), meaning civilization appears to be, at least re average cognitive ability as determined by IQ, measurably dysgenic, it’s not at all clear to me that ‘one man, one vote’, the most prevalent/popular alternative, is necessarily better.

      And re current majority white countries and immigration trends:

      WHITE MAN: Democracy is the noose the Third World will lynch you with

      • eah- “one man, one vote” certainly has deficiencies, as does highly intelligent aristocratic rule. The former gives the same amount of political power to the drug addled thief as it gives to the hard working person supporting a family. The latter doesn’t correct for the reality that highly intelligent aristocrats are often immoral, kiddie buggering psychopaths who only take care of themselves. I reckon it’s a double bind situation-third position, anyone?

  3. icubud- Here’s another example of Lindemann’s mindset from “Churchill’s War”, Volume One by David Irving, page 362…
    “The Prof too harboured an Ovidian disdain for the profanum vulgus; he regarded the working classes as a species of sub-human.”
    Notes on nomenclature in this quote:
    1. “The Prof” was one of the terms that Irving used throughout the book for Professor Lindemann.
    2. “Ovidian” can be understood as synonymous with the terms “supremacist” or “elitist”.
    3. Definition of “profanum vulgus” is “common masses”, “common people”.

  4. Crowley inverted the Lurian kabbalah which is used by Christian occultists. Sabbetean Frankists and Chabad and satanists such as dugin here use a different system

  5. A great article, Russ. I would only disagree with one assertion- that Michael Wittmann was Germany’s greatest soldier. That honor belongs to the immortal Hans Ulrich Rudel, the greatest warrior of all time, in any age 2,500 combat missions flown. 500 Soviet tanks destroyed. Compared to Rudel, Achilles was a pencil-necked hippie.

  6. They made 2009 an official revision and the comission came to the conclusion 25000 were killed in Dresden, this number is now used, and anyone using older higher numbers like the real 600k are framed as rightwing, thats how it works in germany, silence the truth.

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