Harry Dexter White: An Enemy Within

Harry Dexter White addresses the Bretton Woods conference. PHOTO: via Philosophy of Metrics

The Franklin D. Roosevelt administration opened the flood gates to a cadre of Jewish leftists with alien ideas and positions, including warmongering. As subsequent history borne out, many of them were traitors, moles and spies.

Such was the case with Harry Dexter White aka Weit, a pro-Soviet, dedicated communist, master manipulator and schemer. White (1892-1948), born in Boston, Mass., was the seventh and youngest child of Jewish Lithuanian immigrants Joseph Weit and Sarah Magilewski.

In 1934, fellow Jew Jacob Viner, an economist working at the Treasury Department, offered White a position. White accepted and over time became increasingly important in monetary matters. He was a top adviser to Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau and an active apparatchik in Roosevelt’s Jewish-occupied government.

Morgenthau soon appointed White to act as liaison between the Treasury and the State Department on all matters pertaining to foreign relations and made responsible for the Exchange Stabilization Fund. In many ways, Morgenthau was dependent on White.

According to Morgenthau’s son, White was the principal architect behind the Jewish-constructed Morgenthau Plan, an infamous post-war revenge program designed to permanently weaken Germany’s military capabilities. As authored by White, the plan took entire industries out of Germany, eliminated its armed forces, took away it’s working population as slave labor, and converted the country into an agricultural community. The process was designed to decimate Germany’s economy and its ability to “start another war”.

A version of the Morgenthau Plan that was limited to turning Germany into “a country primarily agricultural and pastoral in its character” was signed by Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill during the Second Quebec Conference in September 1944.

Someone within White’s department with access to details of the plan leaked it to the press. Even White himself provided an advance copy to Soviet intelligence. Public protests forced Roosevelt to publicly backtrack.

The Morgenthau Plan was a propaganda coup for Joseph Goebbels, who used it to encourage German troops and citizens to fight harder. Gen. Omar Bradley, among others, noticed “a near-miraculous revitalization of the German army.”

In the end, Morgenthau and White still manage to influence subsequent economic revenge and Allied-occupation policy. Gen. George Patton, while military governor of the American sector of occupied Germany, stonewalled it. Patton also addressed in private letters to his wife what was transpiring:

“There is a very apparent Semitic influence in the press. They are trying to do two things: first, implement communism, and second, see that all businessmen of German ancestry and non-Jewish antecedents are thrown out of their jobs.”

“No one gives a damn how well Bavaria is run. All they are interested in now is how well it is ruined.”

“I have been in Frankfurt for a civil government conference. If what we are doing (to the Germans) is ‘Liberty, then give me death.’ I can’t see how Americans can sink so low. It is Semitic, and I am sure of it.”

A pro-Patton observer named Mason wrote, “The Daniell-Bevin-Morgan plot to destroy Patton was successful because Bernstein was the most powerful force in Germany in 1945 because he had the support of Harry Dexter White – (WW-Soviet spy), and Henry Morgenthau – (WW-Rothshield agent), Lauchlin Curry – (WW-Soviet spy), David K. Nile -(WW-Jewish Soviet spy) and Alger Hiss – (WW-Jewish Soviet spy).”

This cadre of plotters are far and away the best suspects concerning the assassination of General George Patton.

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Listen to “Podcast: Tim Kelly, Russ Winter Examine the Widely Ignored Assassinations of McKinley, Patton and Forrestal”

In addition, a massive propaganda campaign was enacted and show-pieced, around the kangaroo-court Nuremberg Trials. It conveyed the idea that Germany was the sole practitioner of atrocities under conditions of total war. Allied hell-storm war crimes, such as the firebombing of Japanese and German cities, and the mass rapes by Russians were ignored, as was the British-inflected Bangladesh famine.

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It has since been revealed that White (code named the Jurist), as a Soviet mole and assistant of Roosevelt, was operating under a NKVD order on the behalf of Joseph Stalin to protect the Soviet Union from an attack on its Pacific flank and provoke a war between the U.S. and Japan. White agreed to carry out what Soviet intelligence described as “Operation Snow.” White wrote memorandums to Cordell Hull, who used much of White’s harsh language in his ultimatum to Japan in November 1941. Hull’s memo was virtually White’s declaration of war on Japan.

Another example of White acting as an agent of influence for the Soviets and the Maoists in China was his obstruction of a proposed $200 million loan to Nationalist China in 1943, which he had been officially instructed to execute at a time when inflation was spiraling out of control.

In 1938, White became the director of the Division of Monetary Research and assistant to the Secretary of Treasury in 1941. In 1945, President Truman appointed White as the American director of the International Monetary Fund, which was one of the chief institutional pillars of the postwar international economic order.

White worked actively to assist (Harold Glasser (Jewish) , a Treasury executive and NKVD spy, “in obtaining posts and promotions at Treasury while aware of his communist ties.” The entry of these characters resulted in a severe infestation of communists operatives.

White was the senior American official at the 1944 Bretton Woods conference, which established the postwar economic order. He dominated the conference and imposed his vision of post-war financial institutions over the objections of John Maynard Keynes, the British representative. At Bretton Woods, White was a major architect of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.

White was responsible for passing to the Soviets the Treasury plates for printing Allied military marks in occupied Germany. The Soviets thereupon printed currency with abandon, sparking a black market and serious inflation throughout the occupied country and costing the U.S. a quarter of a billion dollars.

In 1948, White was accused of spying for the Soviets and was called to testify before the HUAC. At the conclusion of this testimony, he had a heart attack and left D.C. for a rest on his his farm in Fitzwilliam, N.H. He had just arrived when he had another heart attack. Two days later, on Aug. 16, 1948, he died. How convenient- was White aka Weit, at only 56 disposed of before it hit the fan?

On March 20, 1945, State Department security officer, Raymond Murphy, interviewed Whittaker Chambers, a defecting Soviet. His notes record that Chambers identified White as “a member at large but rather timid”, who had brought various members of the American communist underground into the Treasury.

Senator William Jenner’s, Subversion in Government Departments Investigation-(Full report here), by the ‘Senate Internal Security Subcommittee’ (SISS), looked extensively into the problem of unauthorized and uncontrolled powers exercised by “non-elected officials” – specifically White. Part of its report looked into the implementation of Roosevelt administration policy and was published as the ‘Morgenthau Diary’ – The report stated;

“The concentration of Communist sympathizers in the Treasury Department, and particularly the Division of Monetary Research, is now a matter of record. White was the first director of that division; those who succeeded him in the directorship were Frank Coe[Executive Director of the Board of Economic Warfare and member of Silvermaster Spy Ring] and Harold Glasser [Spokesman of UNRRA and member of the Perlo Spy Ring]. Also attached to the Division of Monetary Research were William Ludwig UllmanIrving Kaplan, and Victor Perlo [Head of Perlo Spy Ring]. White, Coe, Glasser, Kaplan, and Perlo were all identified as participants in the Communist conspiracy.”
[Most, also Members of the War Production Board]

His guilt was later confirmed by declassified FBI documents related to the interception and decoding of Soviet communications, known as the Venona Project. In recent years, newly opened Soviet archives confirm the culpability of this traitor.

As early as Sept. 2, 1939, Assistant Secretary of State and Roosevelt adviser on internal security Adolf Berle (Jewish) had a meeting with defecting Soviet agent Whittaker Chambers that was arranged by journalist Isaac Don Levine. In his notes of that meeting written later that night, Levine listed a series of names, including a “Mr. White.” Berle’s notes of the meeting contain no mention of White. Berle drafted a four-page memorandum on the information that he then passed to Roosevelt, who dismissed the idea of espionage rings in his administration as “absurd.”

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11 Comments on Harry Dexter White: An Enemy Within

  1. Franklin Roosevelt was himself both Jew and Soviet agent. This is the great untold story of American history.
    Roosevelt’s closest associates were
    Henry Morgenthau, Sr. – “Uncle Henry” to the Roosevelt family.
    Henry Morgenthau Jr., Roosevelt’s Hyde Park neighbor.
    Felix Frankfurter.
    Bernard Baruch.

    You are who your friends are. If all four of your closest friends are Jews, you are almost certainly Jewish as well.

    As for Roosevelt being a Soviet agent- he gave the Soviets 3,900 American ships during WW2.
    He gave them half of Europe as well- British and American armies were deliberately stalled in France for months so the Soviets could get to Berlin first. Patton’s Third Army was given fuel for exactly 30 days, and then the tap was turned off when advance units were only a mornings drive from the undefended Moselle valley. September 1, 1944 was the day Roosevelt turned off Patton’s gas.

  2. Curtis Dall, FDR’s son-in-law, observed groups of Soviet visitors arriving at the White House in late March of 1933. This was only days after Roosevelt’s first term began, and long before Harry Dexter White or any other Soviet mole had been hired. In 1933 Soviet passport holders could not legally enter the country, as the US did not recognize the Soviet government.

    Franklin Roosevelt himself was the Soviet mole, that’s what historians are so reluctant to admit.

  3. quoting FDR in 1940:

    “I do not regard the Communists as any present or future threat to our country, in fact I look upon Russia as our strongest ally in the years to come. As I told you when you began your investigation, you should confine yourself to Nazis and Fascists. While I do not believe in Communism, Russia is far better off and the world is safer with Russia under Communism than under the Czars. Stalin is a great leader, and although I deplore some of his methods, it is the only way he can safeguard his government.”

    Roosevelt to Martin Dies in 1940

  4. As the above commenters note, the interlinkage of jewish bankers and communists is multi-facetted and deep. This is because the Soviets were the product of and supported by these same internationalist bankers that control the US government. The Soviets were the controlled opposition and their revolution was not a real, organic one (actually it seems that none ever was – all instigated by the illuminists). So the notion of a double or tripple agent becomes a joke – they are all serving the same freemasonic masters and the world’s (wars are) a stage.

  5. The January 23, 1939 issue of Life magazine ran a story about a Senate Judiciary sub-committee public hearing before it was to vote on confirmation of Felix Frankfurter, Harvard Law Professor nominated to the Supreme Court by FDR.The star witness against Frankfurter was Elizabeth Dilling, author of The Red Network, The Roosevelt Red Record, and The Octopus. Life smeared Dilling as best it could by calling her a “restless Chicago suburban matron”, “highly emotional”, “absorbed in religion”, and “fast-talking”, and, indirectly in a related story, a “Red-baiter and Jew-hater” (below.)

    On the other hand, in a story about hearings of Harry Hopkins, FDR’s “most intimate advisor” according to Life, (Soviet agent) Hopkins was “a man of warm emotions” who “defended his Relief record with skill and courage.” Of the questioning of Felix Frankfurter, Life said he was “a man of cool intellect” who “imperturbably…refuted charges of radicalism aimed at him by Red-baiters and Jew-haters who had previously appeared before the committee.”

    Political insiders were often found on the cover of Time magazine, as was Harry Dexter White in the above article, and could count on kind coverage by Life magazine. They also earned laudatory obituaries in the New York Times.

  6. First and foremost, we may wish to consider that the Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt was meant to complete the unfinished task list of President Woodrow Wilson. Where as President Wilson was an “outsider”, President Roosevelt (a cripple, a communist, a playboy, a mommy’s boy who acquiesced to incest in order to keep a trust fund, and a JOKE of a MAN / NATURAL BORN KILLER) was the home team boy, One could opine that Mr. White was in fact a more modern Mendel House, plain and simple.

    Yet, I might suggest that a review of the Venona Archive, could provide a second part to this thread on Mr. White:


    Posted on November 14, 2013 by zaidpub 3 Comments
    13 Votes
    “We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.” — Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001
    “I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government,” Jewish columnist Joel Stein wrote in the Los Angeles Times in December 2008. “I just care that we get to keep running them.”
    Mr Stein’s reckless candor in admitting that the Jews ran America was to cost him his job at the LA Times.
    If Americans have lost their country to organized Jewry, they lost it slowly and imperceptibly. Indeed, most Americans remain unaware that their country no longer belongs to them. They fervently believe they still live in a democracy. This was a takeover not without precedent, however. It had happened to Germany. It had happened to Russia. It has now happened to America.
    Take Germany and Russia.
    Germany, a mere shadow of what it might have been, is now a defeated and demoralized nation, thoroughly browbeaten by Jewry and terrified of their masters in Israel. Without stretching it too far, one could say that Germany has become Israel’s cash cow.
    There is nothing particularly controversial about this observation. It had occurred to Eustace Mullins over twenty years ago:
    To finance the State of Israel, which was created as a direct result of the Jewish victory over the Christian nations in World War II, Jews…now imposed enormous “reparations” demands on the conquered German people. To date, they have extorted more than thirty-five billion dollars from German workers, money which has been collected at the points of bayonets, not Jewish bayonets but the bayonets of the American Army, which has been maintained as an occupying force in West Germany for nearly four decades, solely to provide military power behind the puppet German Government which has as its primary function the furnishing of money for the parasitic state of Israel. (See here)

    In December 2009, the Israelis demanded another billion euros from Germany ($1.4 billion). The survivors of the Holocaust, surprisingly, seem to increase in number with time. This prompted Norman Finkelstein’s mother to ask somewhat cynically, after she had been cheated out of her reparations money by the rabbis who administered the Holocaust Fund: “If everyone who claims to be a survivor actually is one, who did Hitler kill?”
    Mullins is not exaggerating when he says that the American troops foisted on Germany after World War II were in fact an “occupying force”: an army moreover acting on behalf, and at the behest, of organized Jewry.
    It was the Morgenthau Plan, specifically designed by the vengeful Henry Morgenthau as a collective punishment against the German people for the crimes of Hitler, that was to turn post-war Germany into “the largest concentration camp on earth.”


  8. In 1949, while I was visiting Ezra Pound who was a political prisoner at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital,
    Washington, D.C. (a Federal institution for the insane), Dr. Pound asked me if I had ever heard of
    the Federal Reserve System. I replied that I had not, as of the age of 25. He then showed me a ten
    dollar bill marked “Federal Reserve Note” and asked me if I would do some research at the
    Library of Congress on the Federal Reserve System which had issued this bill. Pound was unable
    to go to the Library himself, as he was being held without trial as a political prisoner by the
    United States government. After he was denied broadcasting time in the U.S., Dr. Pound
    broadcast from Italy in an effort to persuade people of the United States not to enter World War
    II. Franklin D. Roosevelt had personally ordered Pound’s indictment, spurred by the demands of
    his three personal assistants, Harry Dexter White, Lauchlin Currie, and Alger Hiss, all of whom
    were subsequently identified as being connected with Communist espionage.

    It was several years before details of this staggering episode
    began to filter out into the light of day. A Senate investigation
    into the scandal confirmed the fact that, in spite of widespread
    protests and warnings about the consequences of such a move,
    Harry Hopkins, Henry Morganthau, Secretary of the Treasury,
    Averell Harriman, the U.S. Ambassador to Russia and Harry
    Dexter White, the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury who was later
    exposed as a Russian agent, were able to exert enough pressure to
    see that Russia got the plates. P174
    Harry Dexter White was handsomely rewarded for ‘services
    rendered.’ In 1945, he was promoted to Assistant Secretary of the
    Treasury and in 1946 he was appointed by President Truman and
    confirmed by the Senate as U.S. Director of the International
    Monetary Fund. In 1947, when his name was linked with proSoviet activities by Whittaker Chambers, he submitted his resignation from the International Monetary Fund. The following year,
    under oath, he denounced Chamber’s charges as “unqualifiedly
    false.” He claimed that he had never committed a disloyal act.
    Two weeks later his funeral was held at Beth Israel in Boston; he
    had died of a heart attack.p176
    In November, 1948, Whittaker Chambers produced five rolls
    of microfilmed documents. Among these were eight handwritten
    pages that revealed American military secrets. The handwriting
    was identified as that of Harry Dexter White.

  9. It is impossible to name here all the hundreds and thousands of
    Jews who were active in the most important key positions of the
    occupation zones of Germany, secretly furthering the Soviet cause
    and doing their best to Bolshevise Germany, as propagandists, C.I.C.
    or O.S.S. agents, press and theatrical officers, city commandants,
    financial experts, etc. The files of McCarthy’s Investigation Committee tell us more about these things than the best detective thriller
    and are a most startling historical documentation.
    And as if all this was not enough, Jewish nationalism produced
    from its ranks the chief traitor Alger Hiss, who handed over 110
    million Gentiles to the Khaganovich gang at Yalta. And the witness
    for the defence, who came forward and tried to save him, was nobody
    else but Felix Frankfurter, Judge of the Supreme Court of the U.S.
    And the protector of Alger Hiss after his conviction was nobody
    else but the great senator, the uncrowned king of New York, Herbert
    H. Lehmann, father-in-law of Buttenweiser, who tried to hide the
    chief traitor of America in his flat.
    But the most characteristic feature of the treason committed against
    America does not concern the atomic bomb, the radar spy ring or
    the other spy scandals, but the active rôle of American Jews in the
    Communist movements. Here again the old saying is vindicated
    that “perhaps all Jews are not Bolsheviks but without Jews there
    would be no Bolshevism!”. The majority of America’s Jewish
    population came from countries behind the Iron Curtain. The
    greatest number of them fled to America to escape pogroms in Russia.
    America is not ruled by the Czars but by a so-called democratic
    régime. She gave the Jews everything, including even the privilege
    of taking part in the administration of the country. Yet despite all
    this generosity, the Jews were, and are to-day, actively at the head
    of all anti-American and Communist subversive movements.
    The Communist Party has been planted in America and it is led
    by the same type of people who were leaders of the Russian Bolshevik Revolution. The members of the American Politbureau, popularly
    referred to as the “Great Eleven” are, not taking negroes into
    account, almost exclusively Jews: Eugen Dennies, Henry Winston,
    John Hates, Irving Pothias, Gilbert Green, Carl Winter and Guss Holl.
    ” If a spy or a Communist leader is detained anywhere,” boasts
    the voice of Old Testament “nazism”, “he always comes from our
    ranks. Judith Coplon, the beautiful Jewish girl from Brooklyn, sold
    the most confidential files of the State Department to Gubichev, a
    Soviet agent. And we saw to it that she will not come to any
    serious harm.”
    Again we perceive the flashing coil of the symbolic serpent in
    America, the emblem of Jewish nationalism, the network of which
    covers and reaches everything. It controls the banks, house property,
    family life, State, Press, society and the trade unions.
    When the Californian Communist conspiracy was detected, the
    same well-known characters were dragged out of their underground
    hiding places by the F.B.I. The race of these traitors is stamped on
    their features. Robert H. Williams’ book, Know Your Enemy, shows
    a series of photographs of the American traitors. Under characteristic
    faces appear characteristic names. Alexander Bittelman appears in
    this picture gallery as one of the founder members of the American
    Communist Party, and the other leaders with him are: Gerhard
    Eisler, Jack Stachel, Leon Josephson, Alex Trachtenberg and J.
    Peters (Goldberger). The participants in the recent Hollywood plot
    are: “Dr. Sidney Weinbaum, Dr. Jacob Dubnov, Philip Bart, director
    of the Daily Worker, Alex Trachtenberg, V. J. Jerome, leader of the
    Bolshevik Cultural Committee (whose real name is Isaac Romaine),
    Simon, Gerson, Elisabeth G. Flynn, Alex Bittelman, Betty Gannet,
    Isadore Begun, Jacob Minden, Claudia Jones (negress), Israel Amter,
    W. Weinstone, George Charney, Fred Fine, Sid Steinberger, Louis
    Weinstock and Js. Jackson.
    The Reader’s Digest confirms that of the eleven top leaders of the
    American Communist Party, six are Jews, two are negroes, and only
    three are American-born citizens. According to the same paper,
    the most important Bolshevik leaders are: Jacob Stachel, John Gates
    (alias Israel Regenstreif), editor of the Daily Worker, Gill Green
    (alias Gilbert Greenburg), Gus Hall (alias Arvo Mike Hallberg of
    Lithuanian Jewish parentage), Irving Potiash, a Soviet Russian Jew,
    and Carl Winter (alias Philip Carl Weinberg).
    Can all this be explained away as accidental? Is it merely a strange
    coincidence that the names of those directing subversive activities in
    America are the same as those turning up on the list of leaders of
    the Soviet Bolsheviks and of Hungarian and Roumanian Communists? Is it another coincidence that the first five men to be removed from the U.S. Army for Communist activities, namely Harry
    Specor[sic], Phil Weiss, Irving Specor Abraham Kotlechuk and Rheabel
    Mendelsohn, were Jews too? Could it be really just chance that
    ninety-five per cent. of those persons summoned before the McCarthy
    Investigation Committee for Anti-American activities and found
    guilty, were Jews as well? And may it not be a sense of guilt that,
    according to the Congressional Record of May 17th, 1946, all Jewish
    members of Congress voted for the discontinuation of the hearings
    of the Dies committee investigating anti-American activities? Moreover, did not Senator McCarthy inform Bernard Baruch himself that
    as all the television networks in the United States were in the hands
    of the Jews, he would not be given the chance to expose the American
    traitors by means of the television service.
    Another decisive proof of the existence of Jewish “nazism” is the
    fact that those participating in American Communist movements
    never come from the “proletariat”, i.e. from the working class or
    from destitute people, but from Jews occupying the highest strata
    of American society. The publication Red Stars Over Hollywood
    draws attention to the fact that out of those Hollywood film stars
    whose earnings amount to millions of dollars, one hundred are
    Bolsheviks and all of these are Jews. To these people America gave
    glamour, wealth and success. And despite everything they are still
    Bolsheviks, or to put it more concisely, we think they are Bolsheviks.
    These stars, led by Charlie Chaplin (alias Israel Thorstein) are, first
    and foremost, Jews, who visualise in Bolshevism the perfect accomplishment of Jewish world power, and look upon Bolshevism as a
    bulwark of that totalitarian Jewish world rule of which they themselves will be the intellectual élite.
    The 3,500 American professors who took part in various Communist demonstrations also belonged to the storm-troops of this Old
    Testament nationalism. The overwhelming majority of them are Jews.
    The Communist teachers against whom disciplinary action was taken
    on account of their Bolshevik activities, also belong to the pioneers
    of this supranational “nazism”. Among them were Abraham
    Biedermann, Cellis Lewis, Citron, Mark Friedlander, Isadore Rubin,
    Abraham Feingold, David Friedman, Louis Jaffe and so on. The
    first saboteurs detained on the outbreak of the Korean war were:
    Max Schnalzer, Minton Silverman, Samuel Zakkman and Samuel
    Kerr. At this time Nathan Ostroff sold the Chinese Communists ten
    million pounds’ worth of rubber to ensure that the armies of Red
    China marched in rubber boots against the soldiers of the U.S. The
    following were amongst the first batch of the above-mentioned Hollywood Communist film stars and film producers summoned before the
    Investigation Committee: John Howard Lawson, Dalton Trumbo,
    Ring Lardner, Albert Malz, Alva Bessie, Herbert Bieberman and
    Samuel Ornitz, all of them Jews.
    World Jewry’s greatest act of treason against America is that it
    undermined the earlier goodwill and trust of other peoples towards
    America, especially in the Near East and in Mohammedan countries.
    And it is of little use for the Americans to try to find excuses. This
    was no mistake of “inexperienced” diplomacy because it was part
    of a deliberate Jewish world scheme.
    Corruption became prevalent in the State Department and later
    grew out of all proportion during Roosevelt’s anti-American activities.
    According to figures quoted by The Hidden Empire, eighty-six per
    cent. of the staff employed in the State Department was Jewish. And
    according to the McCarthy committee, 5,000 homosexuals were then
    employed in the Civil Service. Such corruption and degradation
    proved itself to be the best ally of Bolshevism everywhere. P219

    Henry the K.
    During the 1930s and the 1940s, the ADL was generally filed by intelligence groups under “KGB operation”. Its activities in the United States were largely confined to harassing, intimidating and defeating for public office anyone who publicly criticized Communism. Kissinger himself was described by Communist defectors as a longtime KGB agent whose code name was “BOR”, recruited by the Soviets while serving in the U.S. Occupation Government in Germany after World War II. His handler in the U.S., a Dr. Helmut Sonnenfeldt, also emerged as an influential government official, participating in the highest levels of government intelligence operations as a “consultant” to the Department of State. There was considerable speculation that he also functioned as a “consultant” to various other governments, but no serious effort was made to find out. Certainly Kissinger felt at home with the KGB-directed ADL organization. After the State of Israel was established in 1948, the hardline Stalinists and KGB operatives in the ADL were either weeded out or died of old age, allowing the ADL to reemerge as the official unregistered lobbyist for the State of Israel in the United States (tax exempt, of course).

    Read the other articles, you will be surprised.

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