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Russ Winter Rejoins ‘The Event’ to Discuss McAuliffe and Jab-Induced Heart Injury

Russ Winter on Wednesday rejoined the brain trust contingent of the legendary James Fetzer, Dave Scorpio and Giuseppe Vafanculo.

This was a second-hour session that opened with a discussion of Democrat operative and corrupto Terry McAuliffe. The details of the Winter Watch post “Blaming the Absurd on White People and Heterosexuals” and the post “Sudden Increase in Excess Deaths Among Young Americans, Europeans” were covered.

There were stunning revelations from Susan Lindauer in hour one on the massive looting of Pentagon funds. To make more sense of this, Russ recommends listening to the background of this McAuliffe connection first and then going to hour one for the rest.

The show is here, and Russ’ session starts at 01:01:00.

4 Comments on Russ Winter Rejoins ‘The Event’ to Discuss McAuliffe and Jab-Induced Heart Injury

  1. hope to get a chance to tune in – otherwise, not quite OT: – I am hoping via an inside whistleblower – “leaked” suggests that:

    = =

    The private key used to sign the vaccine passports was leaked and is being passed around to create fake passes … On Wednesday, the Italian news agency ANSA reported that several underground vendors were selling passes signed with the stolen key on the Dark Web, and that the EU had called “several high-level meetings” to investigate

    = =

  2. all you need to know: the VA RINO candidate is a Carlyle honcho ! … (I had not known that) ! – at first my gut said the same as Fetzer’s – still a good thing if McAuliffe is beaten … but really? – my guess is that the repub is the guy who got set up to wax eloquent about our wonderful democracy if the Dems are successful in stealing it …. then whatever he spent on the campaign gets returned 3x in loan guarantees, tax breaks and other forms of wealth transfer – worst case scenario – he gets in – does a Trump – and keeps the seat warm for the next D.

    “Learn the way the game works, my friend” – as what’s her face – a favorite (still) U-tuber said recently

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