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Sudden Increase in Excess Deaths Among Young Americans, Europeans

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In July, about four to six months after western governments instituted aggressive jab campaigns for the masses, younger populations experienced a dramatic increase in excess deaths. Death rates from Covid for those under 45 are quite low, and excess deaths are small in older populations.

excess deaths

deaths during a particular period above the usual, expected number of deaths under normal conditions, which can show the effect of something like a disease or harmful event.

Indeed, excess deaths started to appear about four months after the trajectory of Covid jabs and follow a similar parabolic assent. There is also strong correlation to the second dose. The causation is obvious to all but fuzzy thinkers.

This sets the stage for a major hit over the next several months on 2.4 million military younger personnel and 3 million federal civilian employees, who are being mandated by President Biden’s executive order to take the jabs.

Australian Navy Stats: In 31 years, there have been 317 cases of myocarditis among service personnel. From Jan. 1 to Sept. 28 of this year, there were 1,113 cases of myocarditis, a three-fold increase.

ONS mortality data for England and Wales from May 1 to Sept. 17 shows significant excess deaths, particularly among those in the 15- to 19-year-old age group. Depending on the baseline chosen, excess deaths for 15 to 19 year olds is between 16% and 47% above expected levels (see Table 1 and 2). Covid-19 deaths were too small in number to account for this excess. A disproportionate number of these excess deaths were male.

This next graph shows excess mortality in Scotland:

In the scamdemic tyranny stronghold of Australia, excess mortality figures haven’t been released for 15 weeks!

Next, we have a surge in ER admissions in Germany — for patients ages 20 to 39 in particular, as well as under 20.

If this was undiagnosed cancer or heart disease caused by lockdown neglect, you would see it reflected in the older population first, but that’s not the case.

Causation is said to be the spike proteins that are causing mitochondrial dysfunction and platelet activation. Curiously, sales of Pfizer’s drug for myocarditis treatment, called Vyndamax, are up 77% in the U.S. alone. This is no cowinkydink. I would propose there may also be causation from mask wearing injury.

Studies now show the incidents of excess myocarditis and pericarditis increases significantly following the second dose of both the Moderna and Pfizer mRNA jabs. Myocarditis is serious and accounts for 45% of all heart transplants in the U.S.

Meanwhile, on the same day the U.S. Crime Syndicate hacks approved the Moderna booster, Sweden followed Norway and Denmark in connecting the dots and halting the use of this “vaccine” in those under 31. If you are a bit older than this, you may wish to apply your own self-protection logic to your actions. US criminals are now pushing heart inflammation jabs for 5 to 11 year olds.

Yet more coverups and skullduggery:

Winter Watch Takeaway

No way to candy coat the mass genocide of young western males that is happening before our eyes. By the seventh booster, they’ll have it sorted out.

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    • I care for my parents full-time. They are both 74 yrs old. One has emphysema and Parkinson’s, the other has COPD, asmetha and high blood pressure. They are so fragile, tho they manage well considering their health. I wear a mask, just as I did before COVID, anytime I go out in public. Even the common cold is a risk for them. I have never bought into the fear campaign, nor will I take their poison jab! My parents are unvaccinated as well. But I am NO enemy to freedom loving patriots, or anyone else! Please don’t mistakenly judge someone’s willingness to sport a mask, as conforming to tyranny. Germs ARE spread through the air, no doubt. As I said the common cold is as much, if not more, a threat to my old folks and out of abundance of caution I wear masks and practice other healthcare safety habits as well.

      • You have been lied to!!! If you follow the research, it clearly shows that masks do not stop anything but possible spittle!!! You are cutting down your oxygen level to your brain by wearing a needless mask!!!

  1. ” Sales of Eliquis, for preventing blood clots and strokes, jumped 16% to $1.48 billion, while Ibrance sales edged up 4% to $1.4 billion in the quarter. ”

    Pfizer is the manufacturer – I believe the “quarter” is April-June 2021.

    gotta love that business plan! 16% revenue growth in a quarter is a remarkable outcome for just about any established product …

  2. The unvaccinated should continue to hold out at this stage. Statistical probability is that people are going to die at higher rates, and young vaccinated will be sterile. The unvaccinated are the seed for future generations.
    This is just like Star Wars where there is the resistance fighting against the Empire. That will go on till Christ comes back as he said he would on the Last day, John 6: 39,40,44 and 51.

  3. Just my opinion–many claim the you-know-whos are doing what they are doing vaxx-wise to wipe out the white/Caucasian race. My opinion? It isn’t because Europeans are white or because Americans/Canadians are majority white–it’s because Europeans and North Americans (as well as Mexicans/Central Americans/South Americans) are majority CHRISTIAN! And we all know who are the biggest haters of Christ, right? Satanists, and certain sections of other religious groups…you know the religious groups I mean.

    • Hard to figure this out! – you may be partly correct – but then we have Israel as one of the most “ambitious” among the global vaccinators – in terms of % (jewish) population vaxxed – as well as rigourous vax passport adoption etc – and now boosters – I heard that essentially the entire population was reverted with a flick of a switch back to the reviled class of “not fully” !! –

      West Bank and Israeli Arabs approx 25% vax rate of the Jewish pop …

    • After reading a 2 year old WW article ‘In Plain View: 1979 Meeting of Promoters of LSD’, it made me wonder how many boomer world, federal, state, & local celebrity politicians, ‘authorities’, ‘experts’, musicians, entertainers, big techers, religionists, ‘educators’, financiers, medical doctors, media talking heads, etc & their descendants, have dropped acid in their life time & fully approve of today’s cartoon/clown world-control. The jab might kill the body but LSD & all ‘psychedelics’ can kill the soul & spirit.

        • I believe LSD got flicked because too much of a Good thing my expose the mafia world we all live under. No medical harm was ever reported from this sustance unlike the poisons dished out to the billions these days.
          The business plan today is the Lifer Customer , keep that sucker sick!!

        • “Psychedelics do not kill anything”- tell that to all the dead who jumped out of windows on them. And what “window of perception”, pray tell, do psychedelics open? How is one to know if said window is demonic? I reckon anonymous doesn’t believe in such things… People who are proponents of psychedelics are quick to proffer their benefits in having ‘spiritual experiences’, but never explain what spirits they’re experiencing. In my observations, most widely known psychedelics promoters possess a new age/occult type of belief system in which they are their own gods. They also usually have intelligence connections. Consider Terrence McKenna. McKenna became a fixture of popular counterculture with Timothy Leary once introducing him as “one of the five or six most important people on the planet.” McKenna spoke on a wide array of subjects including shamanism, metaphysics, alchemy, language, culture, self-empowerment, techno-paganism, artificial intelligence, evolution, extraterrestrials, science and scientism, virtual reality and aesthetic theory or art/visual experience as information. So he’s championed by none other than Timothy Leary because McKenna championed the same satanic garbage that Leary did, albeit repackaged slightly with McKenna’s demeanor and ways of speaking, it’s still the same garbage. It’s also preposterous on its face, the notion that man should just wade into the ocean of the unseen, when he can’t even put/keep what he sees in a decent order. The very people who benefit from this disorder of mankind are the same people delivering the “psychedelics are good” message. Beware of their snake oil.

          • I believe they do have medicinal qualities. There are true studies showing beneficial use of LSD to overcome addiction to certain chemicals, etc. All of which were done under very controlled conditions, and strictly controlled small dosages. I think it’s like fentanyl, beneficial when used properly and deadly when abused. I would argue alcohol should be a controlled substance as well. Many ppl who do illicit drugs for the first time, are under the influence of alcohol. It too is beneficial/deadly. As for the rest of your post, I mostly agree! 🤓

  4. The WHO’s definition of sudden death focuses on sudden cardiac death, sudden cardiac arrest and SUD. Their definition describes sudden death as a witnessed sudden, unexpected death within 1 h of symptom onset or within 24 h of having been observed alive and symptom free.18 Although this definition is broad in defining the circumstances of death, studies that use the full definition, including the time restrictions, are prone to systematic exclusion of many victims.

  5. People that believe in the virus myths must also hang glitter balls on indoor trees around Dec 25th every year. The medical scammers read Big pHARMer Syringe Merchants have with their $B’s almost conned the entire world. There is simple proof that confirms this Galactic Fraud, it’s called a Biome. Each and every child inherits one from their mothers.
    This mass of trillions of life forms forms the basis of Life long Armour against all form of pathogens if Nurtured correctly. Feeding it sugars, pasta, white bread, white rice, sugar soaked drinks etc will create massive pathogenic flora which will begin disease states.
    Moderate all processed products and slowly include Iodine, Selenium and Mg into your daily routine. Iodine is lethal to all pathogens, 100% lethal.
    95% of all people today lack the above minerals big time. Slow disease, get food savvy.

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