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Blaming the Absurd on White People and Heterosexuals

A brief published  by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control in 2016 claimed that Southerners’ “racism” and “homophobia” may be causing high HIV rates in the South, where instances of infection are disproportionately elevated among African Americans and homosexuals. Then, moving from the sublime to the ridiculous and with contorted logic and mental gymnastics, the corrupt CDC blames “stigma” for high infection rates, not risky behavior.

The CDC claims that one of the ‘factors driving the Southern HIV epidemic’ could be the apparent bigotry of Southerners. ‘Issues such as homophobia and transphobia, racism, and general discomfort with public discussion of sexuality may be more widespread in the South and can lead to higher levels of stigma,’ the CDC claims. And increased levels of stigma — according to the CDC brief — ‘may limit people’s willingness to seek HIV testing, care, or prevention services.’”

Shame on you, whitey and straight people. Yet, this very same agency, the CDC, has other studies out about sexual behaviors that point to something altogether different. The citation is here [see pages 9, 10, 24 and 29].

Note for fuzzy thinkers: Our deductive reasoning is that heterosexuals, as a rule of thumb, have sexual contact with other heterosexuals and homosexuals with other homosexuals. Bisexuals come in contact with both genders. In our open-source research on homosexual rape of heterosexual men or vice versa, we conclude it is not that common except in prisons.

Fraudulent agenda, scam

In a study of college students, the question of rape was asked. The results show that homosexuals are raped 329% more often than heterosexuals. The prevalence of having been forced to have sexual intercourse (aka rape) was 7.2% (median) among heterosexual students, 23.7% among homosexual students and 22.6% among bisexual students. If there is a rape culture epidemic involving heterosexuals, it sure isn’t being reported or showing up in the CDC study data. Among homosexuals and bisexuals though, it is another story.

The CDC study was extended to include dating violence. It assessed having been hit, slapped or physically hurt on purpose by their boyfriend or girlfriend during the 12 months before the survey. The prevalence of dating violence was 10.2% among heterosexual students, 27.5% among homosexual students and 23.3% among bisexual students. Those who had sexual intercourse with four or more persons: 11.1% among heterosexual students, 29.9% among homosexual students and 28.2% among bisexual students.

More serious drug use was also heavily skewed toward homosexuals and bisexuals in the study. Use of any form of cocaine (e.g., powder, crack or freebase) one or more times during their life was reported at 4.1% among heterosexual students, 22.3% among homosexual students and 17.7% among bisexual students.

The prevalence of having ever used heroin was 1.8% among heterosexual students, 17.7% among homosexual students, 9.6% among bisexual students.

Use of inhalants, such as sniffing glue, breathing the contents of aerosol spray cans or inhaling paints or sprays to get high one or more times during their life (i.e. ever used inhalants) and sexual identity: 7.6% among heterosexual students, 26.1% homosexual students and 25.9% among bisexual students.

Per American Addiction Centers: “The gay community is the largest consumer of “party” drugs. Though crystal meth is by far the most popular party drug, a lot of gay men and women combine their meth use with other drugs. A few of the substances commonly combined with meth include Special K, Poppers, Viagra, GHB and Ecstasy.

Read “The Story of the Poppers Plague and Homosexual Lifestyle”

One of the most concerning trends in the gay community is “speedballing.” When someone mixes sedatives and uppers — drugs with opposite effects — the results can quickly throw body systems into chaos.

Thanks to social media platforms like Grindr and Tinder, gay sex parties have become extremely prevalent. Party hosts often advertise that guests will be treated to free meth and anonymous sexual escapades. In many areas of the nation, these parties have become a regular occurrence.

After a year of evaluation, the “results showed that meth users had a lower ratio of CD4/CD8 cells — immune cells playing an important role in HIV — indicating less resilience of the immune system.”

Takeaway: Hate to burst your bubble, perv justice warriors (PJWs). We have causa proxima data and evidence that a significantly higher number of homosexual students — relative to heterosexuals — are rapists or are being raped (by a factor of 3.29 to one), are violent towards partners (2.70 times), are promiscuous (2.69 times) and have serious drug use issues (seven to 10 times, depending on drug). The data points to a rape-violence drug subculture among homosexuals, yet where is the protest?

In addition, somehow the same agency (CDC) that did this very study feeds the SJW and PJW lies and deceit to blame white and/or straight “bigotry” for the HIV epidemic among homosexuals. You can’t make this shit up.

Read “World Health Organization Warns Gay Men Are at Risk of Untreatable Super Gonorrhoea: ‘The Situation is Pretty Grim'”

6 Comments on Blaming the Absurd on White People and Heterosexuals

  1. “A brief published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control claimed that Southerners’ “racism” and “homophobia” may be causing high HIV rates in the South, where instances of infection are disproportionately elevated among African Americans and homosexuals.”

    Stigmatization of the South has been going on for a very long time in America. As James Kennedy states: “The current campaign to stigmatize Southern heritage as detestable has its genesis in the decades before the War for Southern Independence. In 1787, Patrick Henry warned Virginia and the South about the danger of forming a union with the people of New England. Patrick Henry predicted that the North, being the numerical majority, would control the Federal Government and use the Federal Government to extract tribute (taxes in the form of tariffs) from the South. Patrick Henry was joined by other Southerners, such as George Mason and Rawlins Lowndes who warned of the danger of a union with the North. From its very beginning, the United States has been a nation divided. The division was not one of slave states vs. non-slave states but a division between a commercial society vs. an agrarian society. As explained by Southern scholar Grady McWhiney, the war was a conflict of, “culture against culture.” Southern scholar Francis B. Simkins observed that had slavery not existed the North would have “conjured” another moral rationale for invading the South.”

    Kennedy then goes on: “Post-war, the previously prosperous South became the North’s impoverished political and economic colony. This fact, repressed and hidden in standard American history, has been noted by numerous Southern scholars and writers. Paul K. Conkin noted that the post-war South was, “Impoverished, politically impotent, a dependent colony of the North,” Thomas D. Clark and Albert D. Kirwan noted that “outside capitalism” had colonized the South, while Andrew Nelson Lytle boldly declared, “If the South could be broken politically, it could be forced into a position of economic serfdom, depending on those who would control this strongly centralized government.” In a 1938 Federal report on Southern poverty, the Federal Government acknowledged that the primary reason for Southern poverty was outside ownership and control of Southern resources. What is the primary goal of all empires? To gain access to other peoples’ resources.”

    The South has been Americas “red headed step child” from the very beginning. And as Kennedy proves, the Union freed no one in the south, and made virtually all Southerner’s slaves. As Russ’s article proves, the slander goes on to this day, and as the old saying goes, “never let the facts get in the way of a good story”.


  2. The attack on mans nature is designed to usher in a nihilistic/relativistic answer the the life long question; What is man?

    This site gets it: We closed the Gold Window in 1973 and then opened China up to the one world order in 1976. trade imbalances could be mitigated as the GOLD would not shift from West to East…Just paper contracts redeemable for consumable energy (OIL)

    Now the door shuts and the Gold Window looks to open 50 years later 2023 in the form of “THE GREAT RESET” …Even numbers ?????

    “There are two aspects: unifying the political message and dividing the population through fear.

    A psyop, or psychological operation, has gained a bad reputation even in military circles. Seen as a one-off tactical operation it is directed at a targeted audience and has limited use in major adjustments such as the forthcoming monetary replacement.

    Instead an ongoing — resilient in military parlance — mental reframing was needed, using several layers of control.

    The preparations for psychological manipulation go back 10 years to the MINDSPACE document — though historically way back through Tavistock to Huxley and MK-Ultra and back to Wells and thence to Dee, Bacon and the author known as Shakespeare.

    More recently 😉 wartime levels of propaganda were laid in Feb 2019 at the British ambassador’s residence in Paris where the two country’s SIN teams (science and innovation) met to coordinate the use of behavioural science in health public policies.

    Their language hints at their ambition — just read between the lines: innovative science and healthcare, and how to use behavioural manipulation to produce to “produce the most effective evidence based policies.” It’s not hard to read that as the ideological driving of medicine, leading the public to accept unpalatable solutions to an ageing population such as euthanasia.

    The strategy is aggressive: Divide the population, using social issues as a wedge to slander dissidents or to promote causes that can be hijacked to further government policies.

    Linking “the pandemic recovery, climate change and racial equality” to fight misinformation, as Harvard professor Joan Donovan told Microsoft-NBC in late August.

    There is a parallel with the subversive strategies of U.S. NGOs in Cuba and Nicaragua, and the transition economies of Eastern Europe, where the causes of ethnic minorities, people with disabilities and LGBT rights are exploited to increase social divisions and drive a wedge between the people and the government, as Alan Macleod wrote in MintPress News.

    As for government, the Lockstep coordination of politicians is also made possible by military communications. In Britain, former prime minister Theresa May rolled out the Rapid Response Units that allow concerted messaging across NATO.

    The military increasingly is “international by design”. Communication systems have been redesigned to be outward looking so that allies can share situational awareness. Land environment tactical communications coordinate between military headquarters.

    It is clear that the Covid response is, in part, managed through the military and that includes the Lockdown and the suppression of civil rights. As Sen Malcolm Roberts said in Queensland, desperate governments increasingly resort to military force.”

  3. If homosexuality is such a stigma, why do celebrities “come out” to jump start stalled careers?

    It’s likely that negroes homosexuals in the south like elsewhere, live in predominantly urban areas. These cities are usually run by negroes, including the public health departments. I doubt that a negro homosexual ever encounters a stereotypical redneck.

    And are we to believe that the negro churches whose valiant civil rights struggles were are frequently reminded of and often led by perpetually horny preachers who back every other liberal cause are enforcing heterosexual norms on their congregations?

    No, it sounds like we have typical negro dysfunction accompanied by the pathology of the typical homosexual.

  4. Russ,

    I wanted to take just take a few paragraphs and talk about your dad! Two weeks ago, when you you were on ‘Operation Scorpio’ with David and Giuseppe, you mention to Giuseppe, “I’m sure glad my dad isn’t around to see any of this!” Giuseppe replied, “Yup! Tex Winter!” I was absolutely stunned! Here I have been reading, listening, or commenting on your site these last 4 or so years and I did not know Tex was your dad!

    Beginning in 1984, I made a somewhat serious commitment to start preparing to coach, scout, or do video in the NBA in some fashion because I was a Laker fan and I had a huge man-crush on Pat Riley. Anyhow, I started recording games on VHS and by 2002(when I ended), I had hundreds & hundreds of games. I studied game-film constantly to the point it use to drive my parents and roommates(later)crazy. I stopped in 2002 because I started to become disillusioned with game, plus, I was maturing in my knowledge of geo-politics and secret history and understanding how the pro sports leagues influenced and distracted people.

    I read books on/by John Wooden, Red Holtzman, and I eventually read your dads book on the triple-post offense after taking some time to find it. I first became familiar with your dad when he was brought in to the Bulls by Jerry Krause in 1985. When the Bulls started winning big in ’90-’91, your dad became a steady image on TBS or TNT when games were on. As the Bulls succeeded, I remember how much of the success was pointed at your dad and what the triangle did to that team.Also, your dad one one of the most knowledgeable basketball historians right up with Hubie Brown.

    Anyhow Russ, your dad made a big influence on me and I in part bring this up because, I just lost my dad a few months ago. It still hurts as I loved my dad to the moon. Dads can be quite special! Your dad was quite special! He understood how basketball was a vehicle for life.I remember your dad once talking about how work and love were where we should most give of ourselves. He did both himself and had a wonderfully long career and lifetime.

    Now I know where you get much of your intelligence from Russ! Your dad was simply awesome and touched a lot of people along the way. Don’t know if you’ve ever seen this video, but it’s Steve Kerr, the head coach of Golden State, who obviously played under your dad from ’95-’98 with the Bulls. This was the press conference after Warriors practice the day after your dad passed. Kerr begins the press conference by bringing up your dad. Kerr exemplifies all the players that played for your dad in all of their appreciation and gratefulness to what he taught them, not only about basketball, but about life!

  5. White people of Britain are nothing more than inbreeds,drunkards and scum.
    John Mann Labour MP.

    It is in the Jewish interest ,it is in humanities interest that whites experoence a Genocide.Until White children are burned alive ,white women raped,mutilated,murdered and all white men who have not been slaughtered watch powerlessly as their people are terrorised :only then will mankind be on a more equal footing,ready to discuss white privilege and the aaapparent chip on the shoulder that minorities have.
    Jewish Rabbi,Ishmael Levitts.
    ⁣⁣⁣White Genocide quotes

    Moscow-run rabbinical conference brags of Jews ‘bringing the corona virus vaccines into the world’

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