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Was the Death of Kurt Cobain Faked and His Career a Psyop?

‘My mother encouraged me to be artistic. It was written in a contract at an early age that I would be an artist.’ – Kurt Cobain (1967-1994)

In 2015, the docudrama “Soaked in Bleach” was released, a film that reexamines the alleged suicide of Kurt Cobain on April 5, 1994. The official account has discrepancies big enough to drive a truck through. As a result, there are many Cobain fans who believe there was a plot that did him in, carried out by wife Courtney Love (CL). CL seemed to be scripted and expressed many inconsistencies throughout the film and in subsequent actions. That was the perspective of Tom Grant, the private detective who was hired by Love to locate Cobain, shortly before his body was found.

A viewing of the film is recommended to get the background. Wikipedia has a useful page up on this subject. Winter Watch’s original article on the matter is largely based on “Soaked in Bleach”. But as you will see we no longer favor the murder theory.

Winter Watch noted at that time the complete blackout of evidence showing an actual deceased individual. About all that was ever shown was a diagram (first photo below) but no actual scene photos other than the iconic photo of Cobain’s right foot and hand, with a detective crouched over him taking notes (second photo below). Do a photo Google search of “Kurt Cobain death” and all you will find is the simulation from “Soaked in Bleach” and nothing else supporting a real death scene.

The diagram shows that a shotgun was laying over Cobain’s body pointing to his head. The police said there was “no exit wound” and that the body “looked neat.” His syringe box was found propped near his body on the floor, with the tourniquet inside and the syringe injection needle removed. A key argument of the so-called “conspiracy theory” holds that the perps botched the suicide setup because Cobain had at least three times the lethal dose of heroin (by injection) in his blood system AND the wherewithal to “self-administer” a coup de grace by shotgun to his mouth. In reality, that level of heroin would have immediately incapacitated him. There were no legible fingerprints found on the shotgun.

Seattle Public Access host Richard Lee acquired a video that was taped on April 8 (the day “Cobain” was found) from the tree outside Cobain’s garage, showing the scene around Cobain’s body. Lee claimed it showed a marked absence of blood for what was reported as a point-blank shotgun blast to the head.

As we see over and over in our modern age of deceptions, the public is supposed to accept a narrative instead of convincing evidence of a dead body or casualties. This begs the question: Instead of murder or suicide, could the whole thing have been faked?

  • Cobain’s body was cremated and his ashes tossed into a creek. Thus nothing remains in which to perform DNA tests.
  • Incredibly, the shotgun was not checked for fingerprints until May 6, 1994. Cobain was found April 8, 1994. According to the Fingerprint Analysis Report, four latent prints were lifted, but they were not usable.
  • Shotgun was turned over to Love and melted down.
  • Although some of Cobain’s friends and family support the suicide narrative, others are perplexed by the method and violence used. They say the real Cobain, if suicidal, would have left it at heroin overdose. Cobain’s grandfather, Leland Cobain, publicly said that he believes Kurt was the victim of murder and not suicide.
  • Case was ruled a suicide the same day that the “body” was found.

Winter Watch readers already know what we think of police and authorities in staged deceptions. It does not take a whole police force to run these operations, especially if there is a larger intel psyops involved. All it takes are a few key police officers and officials, Nobody else gets close to the operation. Indeed retired Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper and Cyril Wecht, the former president of the American Academy of Forensic Science have serious issues with the so-called investigation and want the case reopened.

Dr. Cyril Wecht on Kurt Cobain’s Death

Even though he was missing for over a week, and friends and detective Tom Grant were searching for him, he was not located until April 8, by a service technician, who stated the body looked like a mannequin.

Then, just as “Soaked in Bleach” was released, Seattle police claimed they had several more rolls of film to release. A full 21 years after the supposed suicide, Seattle homicide detective Mike Ciesynski declared, “I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at that (undeveloped film) because there were some conspiracy theories that … we (SPD) were hiding the film.”

So we looked through the new photos expecting that it would provide additional evidence of the scene and lo and behold it showed nothing but an effect and an impression. This is right up there with the 27-minute nothing burger released by the Broward County Sheriff in the Parkland event. Sorry, but this doesn’t fly for a thinking person. In fact, this little nothing burger trick has shifted us more into the fake camp.

Update: Par for the course and although the photos show little- You Tube has put up a “protect delicate flowers” hurdle and requires that you provide personal information that you are an adult to watch this. Your call- however our impressions stand.

Why Would Kurt Cobain’s Suicide Be Faked?

A false theory about Courtney Love was that she was just a lucky groupie. In reality, she was a key factor in launching Cobain’s success, which somehow happened overnight once she entered the scene in 1992. Kurt Cobain was described as rather lazy and often drugged. Many think Love wrote the necessary lyrical hooks into some of Nirvana’s songs. In addition, the emotion of Cobain’s death created a cult from which Love and her organization have benefited. Additionally, the Cobain brand as a commercial enterprise expanded, and he became an icon in death. Love received lots of promotion and protection from media and Hollywood.

Courtney Love’s estranged father, Hank Harrison, was the manager for another counter-culture icon: The Grateful Dead. In a rather over-the-top manner, Harrison rails on Courtney.

So we submit both Cobain and Love are lifetime actors playing a role in the cultural wars. Love is the proto-personifaction of hyper-dog-eat-dog feminism and is a self-proclaimed “bitch.” Her motto is shown at left. Other contributions to the culture include, “The most sick and twisted bitches I know, are the ones I am proud to call my friends.”

Kurt Cobain on the other hand was portrayed as a weak, cowardly male who checked out on his young daughter. Naturally, Love weighed in on the pile on with this doozy (and more) at right.

Some lyrics in Cobain’s music seem to speak of an obsession to commit suicide, which led to a flurry of copycat suicides by Cobain’s fans. The suicide worked as trauma-based brainwashing for many in Generation X.

Perhaps the most revealing messaging came at a eulogy Courtney Love gave for Cobain. It was hostile and rather anti-male. She read from an alleged letter from Cobain in which he comes across as whiny, weak and a bum and not a good representation of manhood or fatherhood. Love angrily calls Cobain a slacker and a quitter and used profanities against him in front of his shocked fans.

Cobain’s suicide note read by Courtney Love + talking at candlelight vigil

A contributor at Reddit, Miss Lizzy, wrote a post (now deleted, but captured by WW) describing how she was a Nirvana fan at age 13, but now that she is older and wiser she can see the negative counter-culture agenda. Note that Cobain was an early embed of the practice of males wearing dresses and not conforming to gender roles.

The theme of all of his music encompassed these points:

• Life sucks, but there is nothing you can really do about it/emptiness (I hate myself and want to die/Smells like teen spirit)

• Broken-heartedness (Heart Shaped Box, You Know You’re Right)

• Depression (Something in the way, Every Nirvana Song)

• Do drugs to get a temporary high or break from life (Dumb, On a Plain)

• Women’s issues (rape, abortion, etc.) – (Pennyroyal Tea, Polly, Rape Me, Been a Son)

• Fun, Meaninglessness, Pointlessness (Drain You, Molly’s Lips)

• Feeling like an outcast/anti-conformity (Lithium, In Bloom, Come As You Are)

“While we likely seek out music that is a reflection of who we are, I still do not appreciate the hidden agenda of “abortions are great” and “men suck” behind this depressing grunge music I once loved. Feel free to listen to Pennyroyal Tea, which appears to glorify abortions if you do not believe me.”

One of Cobain’s songs, “Mr. Mustache”, seemed to speak out against machismo culture. Cobain considered himself a feminist, and according to GoMag, “In an interview with PBS, Cobain pointed out how society treats women unfairly, again referring to his childhood experiences: “Because I couldn’t find any friends—male friends that I felt compatible with—I ended up hanging out with the girls a lot. I just always felt that they weren’t treated with respect. Especially because women are totally oppressed.”

Look, I am not against Cobain being a feminist. As I said, his feminist positions appealed to me at the time. What I am saying though is that Cobain seemed to condemn masculinity in his music, as if masculinity is “inherently” wrong. The point is the younger version of me may have not been picking this up. Instead, I was thinking how cool it was that he advocated for women; still, I was not taking in the undertones that “men and masculinity suck.” It might be important to note that Cobain himself was a bisexual, which was pretty radical at the time.

Today, many men feel attacked simply being men or having masculine qualities. This demonization of men did not start with Cobain, but he certainly contributed to it. Kurt Cobain wearing dresses.

29 Comments on Was the Death of Kurt Cobain Faked and His Career a Psyop?

  1. I never got what made Nirvanna so big. Recently, I went back and listened to an album of best hits and decided, “Nope, I was right then and he still sucks. However, I get the possibility he was assigned stardom at an early age. Sounds like, at minimum, his parents were a secret society connected couple

    • One thin I noted with some heavy psychedelic drug taking is there is a latent femininity men are taught not to portray and much of their “man” behavior is taught as well. Not sure what Colbain was implying but I bewlieve Jews are showing us now how true that is. Men are learning feminine traits with positive reinforcement and women are learning male traits. It was all forcasted by Norman Leer in a failed late night soap opera called “All that Glitters”!

    • Same here…..i was always a bit behind….on purpose, to the new “trends” in pop culture as a young adult in those days (now I’m off the radar completely….lol…having checked out of normism decades ago), so it was maybe a year or two after they “took off” until I actually borrowed a cassette from a buddy to check their music out. I was rather astounded…..”this is what all the hype is about”? It sucked………

  2. Most artists, entertainers, actors etc. have mental issues. They often have a history of substance abuse, relationship issues, inability to manage money and legal troubles. Perhaps this is why they are overwhelmingly leftist. In fact, it seems the ones with the worst problems are the best performers.

    • If he’s dead, they did some kind of switcheroo. I like Mathis a lot. But I don’t always come to exactly the same conclusions. Nor do I think h expects us to. He’s a towering genius, however at showing how the magic trick is done. Courtney Love’s family are a pack of sociopaths and she’s likely under the impression she’s the prime mover when she’s merely a tool. And not the sharpest.
      It’s long undestood that Billy Corgan, another of her associations wrote all the lyrics to her songs. But maybe someone else wrote all of it; someone in the basement at Langley.

  3. I missed the whole Colbain phenomenon (I guess it’s called interior exile) but with reference to your methodology, I note again the term “lifetime actor”. You have occasionally employed it – I think to the Timothy Leary circle and the LSD victory party video – some of those guys were said to be lifetime actors.

    But what are you suggesting? Was Cobain “living his fantasy” – “on a mission” of a self directed and self determined sort. Or did individuals or entities (with perhaps intelligence services connections) develop his character, his persona even and then “run him” ? In short, if Cobain’s life was a play – who wrote it? Cobain or the CIA?

    I wonder who the lifetime actors are in the “gender revolution” – I can’t say (I’m in exile) – does anyone know?

    But if you were running a “cartoon world” you would probably want to populate it with some, perhaps not many, lifetime actors. Makes perfect sense!

  4. Wow, haven’t heard of this one before. I wasn’t a follower of Cobain, but I’m absolutely fascinated by all the fakery and staged deceptions. I actually think they faked Elvis’s death–I listened to a radio show of someone who was in the south when it happened, and they said they had all the goodbye Elvis memorabilia out way to fast given the nature of the supply chains at that time. That’s probably why they put those “Elvis sighting” stories in the tabloids to taint/mock anyone who didn’t buy the official story.

    Also, I’ve looked into the whole idea of Paul McCartney being dead and his place being taken by a look alike and I’m pretty sure that’s what happened. I was especially convinced after reading the article by forensic scientists who studied the dimensions of his face in the early years compared to later years and determined that they do not match. Fetzer and plasticmacca have done lots of work on this. This, though was not a faked death, but one that was covered-up with the placement of an imposter.

    Thanks for your great work. You should drop links to your site in the comments at zerohedge–there are a lot of awake people over there. That’s actually what brought me to your site–someone dropped a link to your ponerology article. I’m in the comments section over there, so when something comes up that you have touched on, I’ll try to remember to drop a link. Thanks for all your work on exposing the relentless fakery and deceptions.

    • I saw a video supposedly made well after 1966 and 1970 when Beatles broke up that had McCartney playing his bass with his RIGHT HAND (that is, plucking the strings with his right hand) when as all Beatles fans know, Paul was LEFT HANDED. Left handed bassists have the neck at their right side. In the video, the bass faces the left side so the bassist was right handed. This is the best proof McCartney did not appear in that video as “McCartney.” PLus the into to the Sargent Peppers album opens with “Billy Shears.” Meaning “Billy Shears” replaced McCartney, likely. And didn’t George Harrison AND Ringo admit this in the early 2000s?

      • There’s a lot of weirdness involving McCartney but videos can be and often are displayed reverse/mirror image.

  5. All the world’s a stage,
    And all the men and women merely players;
    They have their exits and their entrances;
    And one man in his time plays many parts

  6. At age 22 when Nirvana slouched into the spotlight, they were an alternative to the awful hair bands like Poison and just about everyone else. The music sucks, all of it, but it was a relief to see rock music sanded down to punk roots after all the Avon/Mary Kay styling of the times.
    30 years later the music still sucks. It sounded better in college near a keg.

  7. A 20 gauge shotgun put in the mouth would most certainly leave an exit wound, it is simply clown world idiocy to believe otherwise. No need to delve into any other details to disbelieve this story. My 2 cents.

  8. One of the strengths of this site is the periodic recycling and reposting of articles that can hammer home specific information and always keep present and remind viewers of the method of the hoaxes, the government and media-manufactured ‘terrorism’ and its subsequent history that is important to maintain as one brings together the disparate variables that help sustain the cohesion of this fake pandemic and its consequences!

    I’m reminded of the title of one of Bukowski’s
    book of poems- “WAR ALL THE TIME!” I’m also reminded of Captain Ahab’s ,…”Swerve me? The path to my fixed purpose is laid with iron rails, whereon my soul is grooved to run. Over unsounded gorges, through the rifled hearts of mountains, under torrents’ beds, unerringly I rush! Naught’s an obstacle, not’s an angle to the iron way”

    To me, Melville, along with Jack London, are historically the two greatest American writers of all time! I’d say Melville by a nose, followed by London with Cormac McCarthy closing fast on the outside coming around the final turn!

    I apologize for the digression from the main subject of the article, but thought this would be an interesting addition! Morgoth can breathe some rarified air at times and makes some solid videos worth investing in!

  9. I moved to Seattle in 89. I heard Mudhoney on the local college music channel and realized that music had changed and that the change had nothing to do with me. I understood what the music was getting at, but punk had reached this cul-de-sac, it’s ultimate, nihilistic end.

    Heroin played a HUGE role in the Seattle music scene. There was a band called, “Mother Love Bone” which was fronted by a guy name Andy Wood. They were supposed to be the band that broke out. Wood and his band were on the cover of The Rocket, every other week or so it seemed.

    Wood OD’ed and Mother Love Bone took on a new singer (Eddie Vedder) and Pearl Jam was born.

    I subsequently moved to Olympia. It was there that Cobain and company would launch Nirvana. There was another label/movement/sound in Olympia that centered around a label called, “K Records” which produced some of the most puerile punk/pop on record. Hardly any of the artists on K could actually play their instruments well. But they were part of this insular group that supported shitty, whiney music that glorified not growing up or lippy feminist tunes of pseudo-empowerment. Girly boys of course were rewarded with attention in that scene.

    Cobain reportedly would show up at parties in town, completely wasted, tucked away in a corner.

    Love said that her father date raped her mother and that’s how she was conceived. I don’t see any reason to believe that she’s lying. There was a lot of shady shit around The Dead.

    There’s a theory that the Cobain character was killed off and became Rivers Cuomo of the band, Weezer.

    They do resemble one another.

    • Those of us who dug the 70s heavy boogie rock were all at least happy that the poodle rock/spandex/glam thing of the 80s was finally dead. It had become so obviously gay it was insufferable. So the angry grunge period was a relief on that level. We weren’t looking for satanic psyops. Or at least I wasn’t. Those things you notice later.

  10. He was a heroin using dirt bag-that’s why he died–look at his history—what a waste of space to print such nonsense.
    Who’s next? Jimi Hendrix? Janis Joplin?

  11. Popular culture is a product of Military Intelligence. Jason Everman was in the band and he was apart of a military family. He went onto special forces. Bands like Nirvana don’t just gig their local area, get lucky and make it. There is always someone connected behind the scenes that opens doors. I have no doubt that “Kurt” is still alive and he is living somewhere in the USA.

  12. I have long suspected Nirvana to be completely fabricated including every scandal, especially Kobains bizzare death. The band has some “The Who” taint to it, including family ties into the Intelligence Complex, Just look at who is Dave Grohls (whose solo carriere absolutely skyrocketed since the grunge days) dad.

  13. If you want to understand why he killed himself listen to his depressing nihilist music. Some of the songs he is known for were taken from lesser known bands such as The Vaselines, so in a sense he was also a fake. His wife didnt kill him, that’s a cruel insinuation.

  14. I always assumed the grunge scene was created to sell condo’s to software engineers who needed some “culture” to drive them to Seattle instead of NY or some other large metro area. Seattle was basically considered a sleepy mid size town until grunge blew up. Remember that rom/com movie “Singles” that went w the grunge scene it had a grunge soundtrack, seems rather suspicious looking back on it. Nowadays i’m thinking this articles hits it rather square on the head.

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