Bay Area ‘Karen and Chad’ Couple Charged with a Hate Crime for Painting over BLM Banner

'Karen' (Nicole Anderson) says she initiated the idea to cover up the BLM banner in front of Martinez County Courthouse.

Tucker Carlson praises Martinez couple for defacing Black Lives Matter mural banner

 Fox News host brings David Nelson and Nicole Anderson on his news show

By Chuck Barney | 10 July 2020

THE MERCURY NEWS — Fox News star anchor Tucker Carlson on Thursday night praised the couple who defaced a Black Lives Matter street mural [banner] in Martinez, commending them for their “bravery” and insisting that the authorities who charged them with a hate crime “should be impeached.”

Last weekend, David Nelson and Nicole Anderson spread black paint over a yellow BLM mural displayed on the street in front of the Martinez courthouse. The mural had been sanctioned by city officials.

Nelson, who grew up in Martinez, said he has “no problem with Black people,” but is bothered by the BLM movement because “they have a hidden agenda” and “we’re sick of the narrative.”

Carlson, who has described the Black Lives Matter movement as a “terror organization” and “poison,” wondered aloud what they thought about a statue that was ripped down in San Francisco, which he attributed to “BLM activists,” and spray painted with “Kill Whitey.” …

“Why do you think you were charged with a hate crime?” Carlson asked.

“It’s because we decided to stand against an organization we don’t agree with,” Nelson replied. “… We’re being silenced. It’s a cancel culture that we’re living in.”

Nelson then called on more Americans to “band together and actually take to the streets.” He added that urgency is required “because we are starting to lose ground here.” …

Carlson concluded the interview by saying he hopes conservatives rally to their defense because their situation “is outrageous.” […]

5 Comments on Bay Area ‘Karen and Chad’ Couple Charged with a Hate Crime for Painting over BLM Banner

      • Hatred of insufficient funds, a mugger’s hatred of the ‘muggee’ having cash in his/her wallet, a burglar’s hatred of the ‘burgalee’ having possessions in his/her house, a pick- pocket’s hatred of the ‘pick-pocketee’s earned tips, hatred of those who are worth their hire, hatred towards businesses against which fraud is committed, hatred of the ‘swindlee’ by the swindler, etc.

  1. Three cheers to David Nelson and Nicole Anderson for a job well done. Anyone with a brain knows this BLM nonsense, “Karen”, and all the absurd anti-whiteness is a hate crime, a true hate crime.

  2. The city of Martinez CA is in Contra Costa County — the DA of Contra Costa County is Diana Becton, a black woman — similar to Kim Gardner in St Louis (also a black woman), she/her election is connected to George Soros, who seems to be successfully targeting these normally very low turnout elections for nonetheless important positions — you see one aspect of the importance in this particular case.

    White people should never endorse the existence and use of “hate” laws — these were designed and enacted as an important tool to harass and intimidate Whites as their country is being stolen from them — Eric Holder specifically stated before Congress that federal “hate” statutes were not intended to protect Whites from “hate” — in practice, nearly every use of “hate” law is against Whites, as here in this case — think about it.

    Compare: Prosecutors dismiss looting, rioting charges against hundreds of protesters across US.

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