Heat Dome, 2nd Wave Lockdowns and Mass Evictions Loom

Just when we were anticipating a long, hot summer, a triple-whammy “heat dome” of high pressure will blast 80 percent of the continental U.S. with temperatures over 90 degrees over the next few weeks. Another 45 million people will be facing highs in the triple digits.

“The heat wave will be very long-lived, lasting multiple weeks in some areas with only a few days of near-normal temperatures during that span,” Jeff Masters, Ph.D. and founder of the popular site Weather Underground.

This follows on Buffalo’s longest streak of 90 F days and Miami’s hottest week on record. The National Weather Service is warning about “excessive heat” starting this weekend, noting that “heat indices are likely to be over 110 degrees” in the South and Southwest. It spreads further North from there.

Heat domes occur when the atmosphere keeps hot ocean air trapped, as if it were under a lid or cap. Thus, with high humidity, the heat index registers an even higher effective heat.

This super heating is going to trigger frequent and more explosive hurricanes, perhaps in the mega storm category. Water temperatures particularly in the Caribbean are already running 1-2 C above normal- intensifiers. This will move even higher going into August.

All of this comes as government leaders threaten renewed Covid-19 lockdowns in these hot states, trapping people indoors, many without air-conditioning. California is going back into lockdown this week.

This, combined with alleged scamdemic outbreaks, will halt the economy dead in its tracks as the population shelters from heat and Covid-1984 scare tactics. The issue with Covid is not its reality but the pervasive fear instilled in the workforce.

See “GM Cutting Third Shift At Missouri Plant After Workers Fail To Show Up Due To COVID Fears”

Meanwhile, nearly one-third of U.S. households – representing 32 percent – have still not made their full housing payment for the month of July, according to a survey from online rental platform Apartment List.

“Delayed payments in one month are a strong predictor for missed payments in the next,” Apartment List says.

Accordingly, some 28 million people in the U.S. are facing eviction and homelessness in the immediate future. The number that could be evicted in the heat is anybody’s guess.

Rent deferrals and eviction moratoriums are ending in quick succession, and the $600 per week federal unemployment supplement runs out at the end of the month. By the end of this week, courts in at least 39 states will begin eviction lawsuits against people behind on their rent. On July 24, the CARES Act moratorium on evictions will expire.

States that have already lifted the moratorium have seen a dramatic spike in eviction cases. In Memphis, Shelby County courts faced a backlog of 9,000 eviction cases when hearings resumed last month. In Milwaukee, eviction filings spiked 15% since the city’s moratorium was lifted, according to data from the Eviction Lab.

A spike in Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations prompted Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to roll back the state’s reopening plans last month, but eviction hearings are moving forward on Zoom.

A quarter of New York City apartment renters have not paid their rent since March. A new state law prohibits evictions while social-distancing rules are in effect. With greatly reduced cash flows from landlords, the city is bracing for hundreds of millions in delinquent property taxes. Mayor Blasio has already outlined 22,000 city job cuts, if no federal relief is provided.

“During pre-pandemic times, Tucson was already a Top 25 evicting city, with a filing rate more than 3% above the national average,” according to the national Eviction Lab, Princeton University’s nationwide database of evictions. On July this city’s moratorium ends.

There is push back against this material crisis. One could easily argue that all the racial tension was a distraction away from evictions during a pandemic and heat wave.

Additionally, 20% of Americans missed their mortgage payment the first week of July. Under-capitalized banks and lenders will need to increase loss reserves as soon as this week’s earnings reports.

22 Comments on Heat Dome, 2nd Wave Lockdowns and Mass Evictions Loom

  1. I have been pissed off about this psyop since it started. It’s been a pretty transparent money panic. I feel for those who’ve lost their sole sources of income. My second job, about 30-40% of my income, is gone for good. I’m still lucky to have my primary job, for hopefully a few more months. Not confident past that. Of course if the rest of the year is canceled, hardly anyone will have jobs. A part time position at taco bell will be coveted. One thing that has really irked me since this started has been the obtuse behavior of many who are just fine canceling the rest of this year. I credit laziness for this attitude. These degenerates, many getting paid much more than they ever earned thanks to a purposefully wasteful and arbitrary bailout, are happy as clams, expecting another bailout round. They still haven’t grasped the concept that they’re being bribed into poverty. Second round or not, bailouts will end, and jobs for these huddled masses will be exceedingly hard to come by. Unless of course this is part of the plan to usher in universal basic income. The people I’m describing would be all for it, just as they were for the bailout. In reality, these bailouts resemble pilot programs for a UBI. Perhaps that’s the play here, besides bankrupting the USA?

    • Think about the bailout trillion$ announced almost immediately — one would normally think detailed planning is needed to disperse that amount of money (found under some mattress apparently) effectively so that it will accomplish the stated purpose, and that such planning would take a significant amount of time — so it seems the bailout (at least) was planned in advance.

      Perhaps that’s the play here, besides bankrupting the USA?

      When you can print/conjure into existence as much of your own money as you want, which re the USD appears to be the case, it’s impossible to go bankrupt — a possible consequence is the decline in value of the USD vs other currencies, but that has not happened (yet) — the truth is, at the moment the market sees no alternative to the USD.

      • It is the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency that keeps the US together. It allows for a continuous, virtually unlimited continuation of additional dollars in the system – as long as they are quickly exported overseas before significant inflation is apparent. Trade deficits, military spending, organized crime and foreign aid are vital to the process to pump dollars overseas. Cheap Chinese imports help moderate inflation. But if the dollars aren’t needed by non-US users, the system backs up, the dollars are stuck here. If no one spends, they do no good. If they are spent, there is high inflation that cannot be hidden.

      • True to a point, but let’s see how the banks react when the govt. passes reparations for blacks in the trillions…after all, they can’t force it all out of white taxpayers. Which leads to me wondering if when these blacks get all these reparations will they then stop getting food stamps, welfare, free healthcare, free college, and the rest of the free stuff they get (that is, the ghetto blacks, not all blacks get free stuff….) And then what about the Native Americans? Will they get half the USA like the Creeks etc. got half of Oklahoma? Bwahahahahahahahahahah! And will Mexico get back Texas? (Or will NFAC get it first?)

  2. During the 2008 meltdown, I got caught with big credit card debt I couldn’t pay. I had these collection people calling me constantly and they had me so beat down I was in a panic and thought about bankruptcy. Then, when I saw the big banks, the ones harassing me, getting bailed out, I flipped. I then looked forward to these calls and with outstanding balances in the $thousands I would offer these people 73 cents saying that was the best I could do. I remember one women practically became unhinged. I loved it. I looked forward to these calls so I could taunt these people. Since then, I closed all my credit card accounts, worked my way back and today have a credit score of 812. I’m thinking of doing it all over again. Big credit card debt and then playing with these people when they call. Remember it ain’t money they are giving you. The real money is when you pay them back.

  3. The link between the COVID 19 and the heatwave you write about is that COVID 19 could have been a last minute, last ditch attempt to collapse the world economy and cut carbon emissions. Even if most commentators here don’t believe carbon emissions change the climate, the people running these things do and that seems to be the intent. Its also much too late given the lag between industrial activity and environmental effects. The important greenhouse gasses are releases of methane at this point.

    The BLM riots were a completely separate PSYOP and were likely planned years ago. My guess is that the original plan was an entire summer of riots, followed by the impeachment and removal of Trump. But the impeachment process was moved up first, which makes no sense, but the issue was that the timing of the scam was completely disrupted by the COVID 19 scam.

    • Interesting speculation.

      First, it is very difficult to understand what our rulers – “the people running things” – believe. If you have been reading here, the answer seems to be some peculiar cocktail of satanism with associated flavors and historical strands.

      I don’t think they “believe” in climate change. I think, rather, they agree with me: climate change is about power, not about climate.

      As to “BLM riots”, I think you always have to add mirrors, mis-directions, double games.

      My hunch,is that a principle driver of the whole plandemic effort was to block the re-election of Trump. They knew that the surge of support expressed in the huge enthused political rallies in Sept and Oct of 2016 probably put him over the top. So, the task was to shut down those rallies. Done. Let’s emphasize the point: huge BLM rallies in, e.g. Houston TX; followed by ominous “surge” of Covid cases in TX (we know how those numbers can be conjured up); followed by MSM assurances that the BLM rallies were not responsible for that surge. See? Double games/mis-direction, etc.

      Think people are confused? Frightened? Going out to a political rally anytime soon?

      Mission Accomplished. Biden is President. In person turn out high single digits; mail in brings it to low 20s% Isn’t Democracy beautiful.

      Whatever they believe, I know they love frightening people. It must have been hugely frustrating last 20 years to see Americans consistently rank climate change at very low levels of concern. They must be over-joyed now. Just watch Bill Gates smile and giggle.

  4. Heat Dome is right. Normally here in far west Texas July, August and September is “rainy season” (December, January and February is “Freezy season”; March and April is “Sneezy season” that is allergies and cedar pollen; April, May and June is “Fire season” and October and November is a combination of all four. But with the solar minimum this year looks like last year….likely most rain will be in September and October…or is it chemtrails or both? This heat though is the reason I love fall and winter…prefer cold to heat. (but not Alaska cold!)

  5. Maybe, just maybe, this is the teachable moment many of us have so long desired: time for people to grow up and realize that all weather planetwide is ever more rigorously controlled. Including heat domes.

    Give a read to the 1996 US Air Force manifesto on this practice titled “Owning the Weather by 2025” (https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a333462.pdf).

    For those who read Spanish, here is the best summary of the situation I have found on the website Guaracielos, in which the webmaster denounces it all in her open letter to the US military – a send-up of their demonic master plan: http://www.guardacielos.org/users/1/Documentacion/Carta_abierta_a_los_militares_redactores_de_Poseyendo_el_Clima_para_el_2025.pdf

    Everything in that document has long since been patented, deployed and is an object of lucrative profit via weather derivatives and much more.

    And of course, there’s the follow-the-money moment. The owner of the majority of existing patents for processes such as SAI (stratospheric aerosol injection) is one Harvard Professor of the pseudoscience called geoengineering named David Keith. His outfit the Keith Group are funded by -drumroll – the Gates Foundation, as you can read on the bottom of Keith’s official Harvard page: https://keith.seas.harvard.edu/david-keith-and-solar-geoengineering

    A list of the patents (https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/links-to-geoengineering-patents/), now-declassified Congressional reports to the President on atmospheric manipulation and much more can be found at this website: https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/documents-2/

    I could go on and on. We’ve suffered, observed, chronicled and studied this grotty reality ad nauseum. In more open, honest countries such as China – irony intended – they boast about their triumphs and publish their failures, such as when a geoengineered snow storm caused 9 billion in damages in Beijing (https://www.popsci.com/science/article/2009-11/chinas-weather-manipulation-brings-crippling-snowstorm-beijing/). Every major power has systems, ionosphere heaters, GWEN tower similes (by which fields of nanoparticulate heavy metals are conducted wheresoever they please). Earthquakes are a common punishment by the Kakistocracy for a nation’s failure to conform to their directives.

    Grow up USA. Cut with the “conspiracy theory” drivel. You are being slaked with aerosolized poison like rain. A process which also fits the Gates of Hell’s definition of vaccines. Let it sink in: Bill Gates is Mr. Chemtrails.

    • Interesting – I have tended (without much research) to be a “geoengineering” skeptic; sure, cloud seeding has been deployed with moderate, hit-and-miss success for 50+ years … but earthquakes? – directing Hurricane Sandy to make a direct hit on NYC in 2012?? …hmmm? – “conspiracy theory drivel”?

      I have figured that if they knew how to do this stuff the planet would be much hotter – they wouldn’t need to fake and manipulate the temperature data (make the past cooler / the present warmer)

      The Keith Group stuff is perhaps just venture capital bait? (lots of question marks)

      • Horsegirl, thank you for your passion. Yes, we all need to grow up and realize that this is a major part of their plan and has been going on for decades. Bless you.

      • May I suggest you make more aggressive inquiry. If you had nominally investigated the links I provided you would never have written your comment.

        You really don’t want to spar skeptically with this issue or you’re quickly going to make yourself out to look like a troll. All the primary source documents are “hidden in plain sight” on such as NASA, the Air Force, many others. The whole “conspiracy theory” humbug about what are termed chemtrails is perhaps the greatest public hoodwink ever. This has been going on for 100 years.

        A boy scout troop could conduct cloud seeding projects. It’s that simple. There has never been any reason for all the droughts, bizarre storms and much more. The technology to avert disaster is widely known. Weather calamities are the modern form of international and domestic warfare. Government forces have been waging constant warfare with the people. Everyone worldwide has continuously been “vaccinated” with airborn contaminants for ages. All of the tornadoes, hurricanes and other disasters have flustered politics, especially Texas where the masses sought to arise against team Smirk under the Bushes and throughout the Bible Belt. I’ll give you a link to a website where you can muster your own self-informing campaign. Let me hear back from you. I will not accept sloth disguised as skepticism for an answer. So sick of people shrinking from the truth, don’t take it personally if I sound pissed. Here: https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/

        • Why not take it from the horse’s mouth? Read ‘Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather by 2025’ from the US Air Force. I gave the link above. Everything I say is backed up by their satanic wet dreams voiced in their ridiculous manifesto. Weaponizing weather is their specialty.

          • Anyone who wants to enter this dialogue – how about at least watching the first fifteen miinutes of Frankenskies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGzwOfSO4g8 You will be asking very different questions. I’m glad to answer questions having investigated and written on this topic extensively. But it’s not kindergarten anymore. If anyone is willing to do their own homework I am here to assist in research.

          • First, thank you for reading my note. I did look at some, not all, of your links. The China blizzard – cloud seeding – yeah, we know about that. The Harvard guy… hmmm, sounds like venture capitalist bait.

            My position, or starting point is simply: there are 24 hours in a day – and our rulers are very busy; no one person can track them down every ally or blind ally. As such, sometimes one (me, in this case) has to stop at meta-evidence; I offered one such data point: if “they” could control the weather, they would not have to distort and manipulate historical climate data (which they are demonstrably doing) in order to produce the illusion that the planet is rapidly and dangerously warming (it is not); rather, they would have simply warmed the planet; if they can turn enormous storms or shift the earth’s crust to produce pinpoint earthquakes surely they can do that – again, thinking at a meta-evidence level.

            I am not being dogmatic or simply dismissing your interest or research which I respect; it’s just that that bit of meta-evidence allows me to stop and go on to other issues that I have more interest in, generally cultural engineering issues. For example a culture that long abhorred body modification and the application of tattoos becomes – within the space of two or three generations – a cultural in which something like 60+% of women under the age of 40 apply tattoos to their body. I can see that happening; how did it happen? – it wasn’t an “organic” change as our host uses the term.

            We are on the same side; but we are using very different vectors in order to come to a better understanding of our (dire) situation. Geoengineering has satanic impulses but I tend to think much of it is a wet dream – to use your terms.

            “Troll”? – it’s interesting that two people have recently found my words to contain “troll alerts” – the first guy conceded I might be a clever troll!

            I did read your post in detail- I didn’t really add to it or intend to; it was more by way of thinking out loud. Regards –

            • With respect for your participation here, which hubby and I enjoy, I first want you to know we don’t think your some guttersnipe troll. It is imaginable that the preposterous situation of weather control is hard to grasp. Therefore may I request that you do the following: one, google around for any interviews with Bernard Eastlund, inventor/patent holder of HAARP, in which he describes precisely how that particular ionosphere heater (as well as the now countless others) can be used to cause an earthquake. His words, not mine. Two, if you will peruse ‘Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather by 2025″ (and they are far ahead of schedule), look up the scenario where they envision a bogus minion of weather widgets, phony data etc. to entrance the public into believing their rigged-up weather is merely natural. On what appears as page 8 when printing out the document (and would some of you kindly print it out for study and notes?), the “Global Weather Network” is discussed. Delve into that please and then come back to talk, even if you don’t print it all out. You really need to have a look at this. Notice all the graphics bear Microsoft credit, meaning the Gates of Hell is all over this effort. Finally please do at least look at the introductory 15 minutes of “Frankenskies” (link upthread) which is a well-done film for the most part on a generic level as well as a shocking comeuppance on the history of this fiendish pseudoscience. I can understand skepticism. I can understand time limitations. But why not take this suggestion and at least see if you can’t get fast-tracked up to speed on what happens every day over our heads. I mean I could do a 24 hour podcast on the garbage “industry” and probably not reiterate anything. So take a quick look into it for all our sakes. This needs to be understood.

            • Regretleft- your posts come off as trollish because they sometimes are. Take your first comment responding to horsegirl’s comment on geoengineering. While admitting you’re not entirely informed on the subject, which you treat as a complicated enigma(#12) you rhetorically dismiss it as “cospiracy theory drivel” (#5). Then in your second comment after she fires back, you invoke authority(#8) with jargon about “meta-evidence”, which is simply a straw man argument(#4), since you’re using one detail to discredit or bring doubts to her entire position (even though you say you’re not). That was also a fall back position(#11) you established in your first comment. Then you change the subject (#17) to the cultural issues you find more interesting, such as how women have been made to think tatoos are cool over 2-3 generations. Certainly genocidal geoengineering is a more fascinating topic than the cultural engineering required to make body art fashionable in a materialistic culture, I reckon. Perhaps you’re just a contrarian. The numbers of techniques I listed are under “Twenty-Five Rules of Disinformation” on this link. Let me know if you disagree.


          • RegretLeft, I apologize for sounding unfriendly. Your insight has been much enjoyed and appreciated here. What galls me is that David Keith – son of Satan – should be excused . Here is a video of a confrontation with Dane Wiggington of Geoengineerywatch.og that everyone should see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLwfFtDFZDpwvE5IA3cnuK50LXEBRmPJU3&v=5qEBZAE0rbs&feature=emb_logo. Here is the larger article focusing on the exceedingly evil work of Keith and cohort Ken Caldiera: https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/ken-caldeira-david-keith-and-carnegie-science-face-of-the-criminal-climate-engineering-cover-up/. Arguably these demons make people like Rumsfeld look like Bambi for all the murder done through aerosolized dispersion worldwide in the past 20 years. They have likely slain more than a billion people. Scratch beneath the surface on this issue and what sounds like an exaggerated tally in my penultimate sentence should maybe sound like understatement.

            • thanks – no apology needed or expected – this – your approach and mine – is important to you and to me – that’s just the way you sounded. More people need to sound that way (damnit!) Truth to tell, some of these “vectors” elicit an avoidance response on my part – I have just recently been able to start reading closely some of the Satanism vector material that has been posted here for numerous years. Ha! – just the sight of a beautiful human body – such a glorious gift – defaced with a tattoos is sometimes almost too much to bear – such a bambi!

              I will definitely look at the links tomorrow – I try to make the remainder of my 24 hours aversion free.

  6. Shaun Atwood was able to broadcast Maxwell’s bail hearing live on his show. I have not listened to the whole hearing yet, but it begins at about 1:05:00! Supposedly she did talk during this hearing, so we will see; she has a definitive British accent. The hearing is linked below:

  7. Imho enjoy the heat, my guess is they soften restrictions. Once it gets colder in september/october (imho) Faucis foretold second wave will come and restriction more harsh then anything we had before including lots longer lockdowns; gotta condition and programm the people towards global CV vaccine, they have to scream for it.

    In other words i would stock up for a dark fall and winter.

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