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Flash Mob Looting ‘Will Continue’ Across Country: Former Police Commissioner

By Tyler Durden | 27 November 2021

ZERO HEDGE — Flash mob looting is now a ‘thing’ in major US cities. First it was San Francisco Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Yves Saint Laurent stores. Then it was a Walnut Creek Nordstrom – followed by a Canoga Park Nordstrom in Southern California.

According to former Philadelphia police commissioner Charles Ramsey, large groups of people storming high-end retail stores is ‘here to stay’ and is going to get worse.

“This is something now that I really unfortunately think is going to spread,” Ramsay told CNN in a Thursday interview, adding: “Right now it’s in California, but it will spread, there’s no question about it.”

The former official said he saw a similar pattern in Philadelphia a few years ago when groups of up to 20 teenagers and young adults would run into department stores and grab as many items as the could. For reference, a group of around 80 people ransacked the Walnut Creek Nordstrom[…]

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  1. JOETUS & V-P Commala’s apparent Free Crime Zone Policies (supporting drives to Defund our Police, their massive early releases of career felons, & Human Trafficking (via his open borders) on US are forcing local businesses to close. He’s releasing the wolves on US, enough for Amazon to corner the national sales, service, & logistics markets (Made in China), just in time for Christmas.

    JOETUS is, without a doubt, the Worst US President in History – Pure Evil to the Core.

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