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Large Mob of Looters Hit Minneapolis Best Buy, California Home Depot on Black Friday

By Tyler Durden | 27 November 2021

ZERO HEDGE — The level of lawlessness continues to surge as a rash of looting is happening across the country. The latest occurred on Friday evening when 30 people robbed a Best Buy store in Burnsville, Minnesota.

CNN affiliate WCCO said the group of people arrived at the Best Buy store in the south metro area, approximately 15 miles south of Minneapolis, around 8 pm local time and looted the store.

No one in the mob brandished a weapon, nor were any injuries reported. No arrests have been made, and thieves made off with thousands of dollars in electronics.

WCCO also reports a flash mob hit another Best Buy in the metro area on Friday. The number of flash mobs robbing retailers has unleashed a shoplifting epidemic that is plaguing this country.

Last week, Best Buy shares crashed after the company reported margin compression due to organized thefts. […]

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  1. Burnsville, what a nice place years & years ago; …in the hills there were roaming deer, perhaps even wolves & raccoons. Wonderful forests and beautiful little lakes, iced over in winter time. Many people were of norwegian, polish, german and even italian descent. Courageous and good people. Now disappeared into the undernearth, become the little people of today, just like their european ancestors of yore! Pixies!

  2. No arrests? No cameras? No security guards on the premises? Interesting! Many codes in this one and put out by fear mongering Zio Hedge. Hasn’t Best Buy been circling the drain for a while now? If this is happening surely it is by design

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